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  1. I don't exactly know which difficulty setting was on this time, but I felt that they were too extreme. One example I had was on Ulyanovsk, hiding in a pillbox. The same second I peeked my head through the windows, about 6-7 rifles would open fire at the same time. And since this pillbox was in the forest, of course I had no chance of firing back. Or another example on Khamisiyah. I was laying prone on northern part of Chemical, watching through the steel bridge towards Bunker complex. A bot waltzed into my scope picture and before I could even fire a shot, he downed me with two bullets. This was about 250-300m away. I feared the bot infantry more than the players because I know what a player usually is capable to do. Anyways, just kinda felt like sharing this. Would be nice if this went somewhere
  2. Hello, I'm Asko. I discovered PR like 5-6 years ago and I keep coming back because no other game scratches the itch that PR does. My favourite class is the medic because then I don't have to deal with shooting the enemy (and I like listening to people scream for medic while in agony)
  3. Interesting, eager to test this
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