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  1. If we can, try and impliment the little Doom Buggies BF2 had? they're quick and fun?
  2. Yeah I do agree, however, I hope they don't make it like BF2 PR guns. PR BF2 Gun mechanics are really trash. They aren't even that realistic but too realistic just isn't fun. I hope they go down Squads route and make it fun but also a challenge.
  3. Video aside, Corridor Crew make some super interesting videos. If you find CGI/Animation/Stunts for movies and pretty much anything else behind the scenes, they make super interesting videos on it and explain them so well. Love watching them.
  4. TLDR; I don't like a challenge and I suck at PVP sounds like a skill isue dude
  5. We aren't calling you a liar, we both just got the impression (from what you wrote) that there were already Admin(s) online with you at the time and had previously dealt with the player, so you could have continued to report the player to the Admin, instead of ignoring them and telling us here
  6. I appreciate the report and we will keep an eye on this player, but I am quite confused as to why you came here to report it? If Binary was in your game, and he's already taking action against this player, then continue to report him in-game and an Admin will do something.
  7. Personally this is a very disappointing mod so far. Most of the things you see are the built in tools made by the team behind Venice Unleashed, they just added some UI changes and that's about it. It's basically BF Hardcore with PR HUD (from what I have seen anyway, I hope this improves and becomes bigger than PR but I don't have my hopes up)
  8. Currently Own an Audi A3 TFSI (not my picture) Dream Car: Nissan Skyline R34 Dream Bike: Yamaha R1
  9. Yeahhhh, I love this idea. I just hope people actually want this too. Everyone complains that we dont do enough arma, so you better JOIN
  10. For anyone that likes Racing, I just uploaded a short video of a run I had. This video is mainly just to show off the games graphics because it looks BEAUTIFUL at night, but enjoy
  11. I agree with the suppression thing in a way. I do love the fact we get suppressed way more now, but across the map is pretty crazy when they have iron sights. Also sometimes you could walk into a room, and before you even see the enemy… POP… one tapped the second your nose is peaking through. Also, I love a challenge when it come to CAS, I never want it to be easy, but those quads need some changes. Now that we have man pads and infantry shooting you more, being shot through the fog (low render distance) from a quad is very frustrating. And like Kevin said, it’s even affecting infantry/armour. Other than thats i LOVE the changes (Thanks @X0R, you haven’t had any credit yet and you deserve it)
  12. Not sure if you have messed with the Quad range or accuracy, but they are crazy good rn
  13. I don’t think this should be disabled, it makes the battlefield actually feel like a battlefield. Helicopters are still VERY VERY useful and had little to no resistance from enemy Infantry. Now that they shoot stingers/iglas and LATs at them, (oh and Melons newly designed AA, aka; MG’s - which absolutely laser beam you out of the sky if you get too close) you actually have to avoid landing directly on objectives like we used to. It adds strategy and requires pilots to finally use their brain a little. As for stingers shooting before they fully lock, i haven’t experienced this yet but it’s probably possible.
  14. No not really, Bots are good but not THAT good. Maybe not every squad should get them but 1 or 2 extra would be fine. But as of right now I see no need in changing how many HATs or AA there are, seems pretty well balanced to me
  15. This has always been a thing, nothing new. In fact, I have been seeing it less
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