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  1. Considering he is talking about using the script on the VG Server, I think it is the exact place for it
  2. Pretty sure this issue is already fixed, however, if you are still getting it; turning off Cross-play fixed it for many people, let us know!
  3. Zombies was a good time, had to leave early because i had been working all day and was so tired, but thanks for running that event! Hopefully will see you in the sea!
  4. This looks SO SICK, I really hope I can make it! Thanks for sharing this with us!
  5. Not at all. I play at 1440p which is perfect with the GPU and CPU combo I have. Like I said at 1008p you will most likely get a bottleneck. This CPU is one of the newer gens, even though i5, it's not bad
  6. Perfectly fine. With my GPU specifically, you may bottleneck a little if you play at 1080p depending on the game but otherwise its really good!
  7. I’ve suggested something similar before to X0R, the only difference is we would have 1 flag to defend and they come in waves and we can build defences like HMGs to help defend against more that come. But yes yours is cool too, anything zombie would be so sick
  8. =VG= CREATOR STAGE Upload and show off your creations! It can be absolutely anything: Videos, Art, Songs, Mods etc... Here, I'll start: My Youtube Channel, I upload few videos here, trying to upload more and grow a bigger audience! My most viewed video is currently at 1,218,615 views and it's below! (totally milked Battlefield 2042 hype). Since we have a channel like this in our Discord Server, I thought it would be nice to have it here too, for our non-discord users!
  9. I can’t really tell if it is a reflection or not but the spacing between each burst looks unique on each line as far as i can tell, but I am on mobile so tiny screen
  10. Now we can't catch him in his lies!!!! he will pretend that he used this command now.... tsk tsk Stark
  11. Well PR is hard capped to 100, so it’s funny you are somehow getting 150 lol...
  12. It doesn’t matter the specs, you will drop below 60 at some point in PR. So I HIGHLY doubt you don’t see dips in your FPS. I also have an RTX and only a 6 core processor but the CPU ( @X0R let me know that PR doesn’t even use more than 1 thread so it really doesn’t matter how fast your CPU is) won’t do much for PR when it’s this old and maps are as un-optimised as they are
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