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  1. Question Has anyone started getting really strange issues with PR? Since the last update I have had a few issues with my PC/PR since the latest update. Weird stuff, like black screen but stays in game. Alt Tab out and back in again is the only thing that fixes it. PTT in TS doesn't work, sometimes. I have heard people chatting about all kinds of strange issues ever since the last update. Is it me or is anyone else having weird shite going on? Skids
  2. Okay, I'm not an idiot, my ex might argue that point but FFS, could there be a game more complex, less intuitive than ARMA? This is genuinely the most user unfriendly game ever produced. Did the designers have a soul purpose to make a game so fucking complex only nerds and people without jobs having time to learn how to play this nightmare? I can't get past the tutorial where I have to add a scope to my gun! I'm told to go to the create, says grab and drop the scope to my gun but the scope is grayed out! Why the fuck would I want to delve deeper into the unrefined horror show of a poorly designed game complicated with DOC at every turn? Is game play that much better? Or is it just the better graphics everyone gets a hard on about? Sorry, but I just can't get my head around why ARMA is worth the effort needed to play. Countless hours setting up, dealing with DOC, working out the university degree needed to be a fucking medic. I'm sure I am missing something because you guys all like it so much. Can someone explain to me why? If anybody says graphics, one answer, "go pound salt"! LOL
  3. Squads claim assets, not players. So the short answer is no, there is no rule governing which player in a squad uses which asset. However, players in a squad are required to listen to the SL. Failing to do so is justification for a SL to kick a player from the squad. The SL should be fair and balanced in that role.
  4. G'day Rev, There is little doubt the player base for PR is in decline and has been for some time. The video makes strong arguments in reasoning and for me the biggest issue are new players who do not embrace the fundamental principles of TEAM play. I have played in your squad a few times and once you are done telling everyone how great you are, how you donated $1000's to Realitymod in the early years you get the squad on to the task at hand. You tell everyone where to stand, which way to look, teach them all the "exploits" like rearming from ammo bags rather than creates because the rearm time is faster, what kit they need at what time because you know what is coming and the direction its coming from. You walk them through the game, the map and layer. A new player may appreciate your guidance but it does take the "fun" out of the game. For you, it seems to me, your only goal is to have COOLINF as top squad. Nothing wrong in that but IMO this style of leadership does not improve the gaming experience for new players. It does not foster competition, it shows them that the game is predictable and in the end it becomes boring. You feed your ego and your post as I see it is all about the decline in a game and the lost resource feeding it. Your manor and intent has little to do with growing the game. Your motivation is solely based in you recognising the game you have mastered is in decline and you are close to losing out on impressing people with your "god" like sense of importance to a game. If you really want to promote the game change your style of leadership. Teach the principles on which PR was founded. Teamwork and communication. Then let them put those principles into practice and discover the game in the way it was intended. Let them to discover why PR is so much fun. If every map becomes a walk through then why bother playing? Check that over inflated ego. It stops me to joining your squad or having any association with COOLINF because nothing about it is cool with respect to fostering new players. You are all about feeding your ego and seeing your name and squad at the top of the leaderboard. my 2 cents, Skiddles
  5. That's not a valid excuse! LOL
  6. =VG= Skiddles

    Ban Appeal

    Hello Garand, Go here and fill out the form. https://veterans-gaming.com/unban-requests/project-reality/?do=form&d=7
  7. These are my thoughts on how to and how not to. What to do. First, ask yourself why? There are lots of clans already out there. What would cause someone to join yours, potentially leave a clan they have already become a member of? What is it about this clan you want to create is so special others will want to be members of it? Second, can you afford it? You will need a website with quality content, a forum so your members can exchange ideas and converse. This incurs hosting costs and on going expense. Any clan worth a salt will have it's own server. Again incurring hosting costs, on going maintenance and a considerable amount of time administering it. All of this takes time and great deal of it not to mention some knowledge and expertise. My estimate would land around $2500 annual expense and several hundreds of hours in time. Third, what are your goals and what are the goals/ideals of this clan you wish to create? What not to do. Go on a clans website asking for advice on how to start a clan. Think about it. If you intended to open a restaurant would you really go the an other restaurant for advice on how to compete with them for customers? Good chance you will get bad advice or simply told to piss off. LOL I think its wonderful you enjoy the game so much that you want to do more than just play. It is admirable but to grow a successful clan takes a lot more than love of the game. It is hard work, requires dedication, the help and support of its members by way of expertise, financial support and the dedication of core members for it to be a success. I am sure you would be very surprised to know the number of people that work behind the scenes here at VG keeping the place up to date with content, maintaining the website and server(s). There are teams of people who look after licensing, maintenance of our forums, discord and games servers not to mention the number of game admins that give up their time ensuring the community has a quality server filled with like minded players. ( keeping the trolls and disruptive types out ) Lots of clans come and go with few lasting very long when it becomes clear a clan is a lot more work than just getting a bunch of people together in one place. Hope this helps. Skiddles
  8. I will be there provided my work doesn't send me out of town!
  9. I think PvP event based is best. Keeps it special and something the community can look forward too, get excited about. Perhaps ZEE can wrap his head around it and come up with some ideas as he has done recently?
  10. Hello Masrey, Below is a listing of your actions on the server that required admin intervention. You will, I'm sure, notice you regularly break rules and as such demonstrating your reluctance to follow server rules you claim to understand. This in combination to complaints received from other players resulted in you and Wolf being placed on our watch list. When someone is on this list your actions are WATCHED by all admins with far more scrutiny and zero tolerance for infractions come into play. Everyone is welcome to play on VG provided they play within the rules and conduct themselves in a respectful manor not only to admins but other players. The ladder of which has been the focus of other player complaints about you and Wolf. You conduct yourself arrogantly and with a sense of self importance with respect to assets. You regularly report players for rule infractions while absolving yourself of your own actions. With respect to QOUTE "message seems to be that you don't like us to continue playing on your server", I would have to say yes. My job as an admin would have a lower work load not having to keep an eye on you all the time. I don't appreciate your arrogance and I am very sure the player base won't miss you either. But, this is up to you. Leave your ego at the door, play nice, stop breaking rules and we all can have a great time playing PR. Skiddles [2022-06-10 00:39] !WARN performed by '=VG= 0100011000101' on ' Masrey': Teamkilling of ANY kind is strictly forbidden! [2022-06-07 03:40] !WARN performed by '=VG= 0100011000101' on ' Masrey': Your vehicle needs 2 people to operate! Return to base now! [2022-06-07 03:40] !REPORT performed by 'R-CON LangMaster': Masrey onemannig cas [2022-06-06 22:24] !WARN performed by ' Hoops0320' on ' Masrey': Unlock your squad! You need more members or have empty assets! [2022-06-04 00:58] !WARN performed by '=VG= Zeee' on ' Masrey': Unlock your squad! You need more members or have empty assets! [2022-05-23 03:22] !WARN performed by '=VG= Whiskey-Mike' on ' Masrey': Unlock your squad! You need more members or have empty assets! [2022-05-17 18:19] !WARN performed by '=GNR= TROJANEXE' on '[U777] Masrey': You are not in the correct squad to use that vehicle! [2022-04-03 07:41] !WARN performed by ' Zviking' on '[U777] Masrey': You are skipping flags! Fall back and attack flags in the right order [2022-02-13 18:31] !WARN performed by '=VG= KaraMara' on ' Masrey': Unlock your squad! You need more members or have open crewman seats! [2022-02-10 20:01] !RESIGN performed by ' Spartanish' on ' Masrey': Are you AFK? [2022-01-28 00:51] !WARN performed by 'PRISM user m823us' on ' Masrey': Teamkilling of ANY kind is strictly forbidden! [2022-01-26 19:32] !WARN performed by '=VG= The_Polish_Guy' on ' Masrey': You are skipping flags! Fall back and attack flags in the right order [2022-01-19 21:06] !WARN performed by '=VG= KaraMara' on ' Masrey': You are not in the correct squad to use that vehicle!
  11. That was good fun! Thank you ZEE and MELON for all the hard work! Cheers
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