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  1. Rest in peace brother.

    Hope there is no more pain and suffering at where you are now.

    You will be greatly missed by all.

  2. Personally, I think it is wonderful news to read you won't be playing. CYA
  3. If you can un-tick the box that tells bots to shoot Skiddles at all costs, that would be good! (I'll try to make notes while playing of anything I find.) BTW, thanks to you for all your, Zee's and everyone else who put so much effort into this update. It is AWESOME!!
  4. Significant increase in game crashing. Maps are everything from "needs some tweaking" to "HOLLY FARK its hard !!".
  5. Great event! Thanks for your hard work ZEEE!! Skids
  6. COUNT ME IN! I'll have my party hat on and my AR sighted! Reserved spots available? downloading ......
  7. It is making progress, slowly! I am confident given enough time it will become not only viable and will replace what we are playing now. Squad is in decline, ARMA is simply way to bloody complicated. I have high hopes yet few expectations.
  8. Is it possible to include a "Noob" value that can be factored into map choices? The influx of new players means maps that 10-15 players should easily handle causes rage quitting.
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