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  1. I don't know who this guy is, but someone needs to fly a chopper really close to him all the time so that he can shoot it down. If not, at least get an AMTRAC and camp behind his position so he can yell at it. Good to have you back buddy.
  2. Back from a year-long hiatus.

    Now going back to another hiatus.


    And an unrelated pic of recent purchase.


    1. =VG= SemlerPDX

      =VG= SemlerPDX

      😍 Always wanted to get one of those! Awesome! I bet it shoots like a dream, eh?

      Welcome back!

    2. ZZANG1847


      @=VG= SemlerPDX I've never shot a gun that went through ammo like this before. The infamous "HK slap" is addicting as hell.

      Thanks for the kind words.

  3. I remember spending an unhealthy amount of hours on BF 1942 demo because it was so much fun playing on Guadalcanal, flying zeros and doing bomb runs on tanks. Then BF2 demo came out and I spent so much time playing as a commander and raining artillery on enemy spawn when I spawn trapped them...... I should've bought those games back then, given how much I've spent playing demos, but I was young and poor so it wasn't really an option for me at the time. When the BF3 trailer finally dropped, I immediately pre-ordered the game (which is the only time I've ever pre-ordered in my life) and played unhealthy amount of hours to the point where people I was playing against started messaging me on Xbox live with insults like "Do u even have life bro." (As you can see, I did indeed have no life back then lol) When BF4 came out, I was rather disappointed with the direction they were going while playing Beta, so I didn't end up buying the game and started focusing on BF2 mods. Forgotten Hope 2, AIX 2, and Eve of Destruction 2 were my favorite mods until I found about the CO-OP aspects of PR... and the rest is history. While the series as a whole is on a nosedive thanks to DICE & EA literally killing the franchise, Battlefield will always hold a special place in my heart thanks to countless hours of fun that it gave to me. Hopefully I'll be able to go back to the old days of getting excited over the trailers and pre-ordering the game again, but I doubt that magical excitement of a new BF game is going to come back to me.
  4. I haven't played PR COOP for a while at this point so I don't know if they fixed the issue, but are they still not targeted by inf/armor on Pavlovsk Bay? If not, the issue is that they're just sniping bots from a distance, making the match super boring until last few flags. If they can be shot down without a designated anti-air asset, then going VTOL is basically a suicide run, since infantry with rifles can take down the asset pretty easily before the jet can get out of the way.
  5. I've been thinking about buying The Bureau: XCOM Declassified but I've heard bad stuff about it so I didn't buy it. Maybe I should give it a try and see how bad it truly is.....? Cheers!
  6. All Along The Watchtower by The Jimi Hendrix Experience Can't really recall where I first heard it, but it's been my favorite Vietnam War era music. Playing this song, while flying Huey gunship on PR COOP Vietnam was, and still, my favorite gaming moment.
  7. If Russians/MEC were to have a BTR with ATGM on top, I think US deserves this in return:
  8. If you want to man heavy assets, please follow one of these suggestions: 1) Get/build a better PC with faster loading time, 2) Change your ISP that doesn't hinder your performance because someone's using the internet too, 3) Get to know frequent/fast-loading players to reserve a seat for you, 4) Be really good at playing these assets so that people know when to give you a seat no matter what, and most importantly...... 5) Don't run a script that slows your loading time because it is not a requirement to play PR COOP. PR COOP may be flawed in more ways than you could imagine, but there is nothing wrong with the loading speed. This has never been an issue in Deployment and I frankly don't see why we're even having this discussion over and over again. There are ways to mitigate the slow loading issues, and running an additional script that hinders what other players can do ONLY BECAUSE someone's not getting their fair share of playing heavy assets is not a good enough excuse. Regarding the acceptable squad names..... I believe that's more of a micromanagement, rather than a good idea, but I believe that's a matter of personal opinion.
  9. I believe this is based on Venice Unleashed, which is a mod that people have been working on for few years. Therefore, the mod in the video is basically a mod within a mod, per se. Once Venice Unleashed releases, which is December from when I checked it last time, you can modify the color saturation (therefore no more blue tint that BF3 is infamous for), sprint function, weapon recoil, suppression, and other game-related stuff. When they're saying that it is basically a BF3 version of PR, they're pretty accurate about the description because that's how PR started. A modification of existing game. Here is the Q&A from Venice Unleashed's official website, if you're curious: What are the requirements to play this? VU supports computers running Windows 7 SP1 and newer. To play, you'll need a legit, licensed, and up-to-date version of BF3 installed on your computer, along with the VU client. Do I need to own Battlefield 3 to use this? Yes. You need a legit, licensed, and up-to-date version of BF3 installed in order to use VU and you will also be required to link your Origin account with your VU account the first time you launch it, so we can verify your ownership of the game. VU does not and never will work with cracked or pirated copies. Do I also need the DLCs? Not necessarily. You need the DLCs to play in servers using DLC content as you would in the vanilla game. Will I get banned for using this? No. VU functions separately from vanilla BF3, uses its own servers, and does not modify any game files. That means that you can just launch BF3 like you normally would through Battlelog and it's like VU was never there. Any changes to your game data are performed at your discretion with the use of third party mod tools. Are my Battlelog stats transferred over? No. Your VU profile is independent from your Battlelog profile. There's no progression and everything is unlocked for everyone by default.Is it legal?Yes. VU does not modify nor distribute any EA/DICE assets and functions separately from the vanilla BF3 client. VU is fully legal under EU interoperability laws. And..... their own version of trailer so that people can see what it is capable of:
  10. So my harrier's vertical control suddenly turning upside down wasn't a bug, but rather how it's meant to be? Interesting...... Few things to note about cannon/bomb combo on harriers..... 1. Don't use cannon on tanks. Unless you get a perfect rear shot on the tank, you wouldn't be able to kill with without going through at least half of your reserve. Use a bomb instead. 2. If you're dealing with stationary or mobile AAs, using a bomb is usually a bad move. Cannons kill the target faster, and it makes the chance of the enemy locking onto you less likely. There are two exceptions, however. The first one is 3x quads located at AAA emplacement flag on Pavlovsk Bay. They are not usually manned at the beginning of the match and one bomb can take out all three if aimed right. Second exception is if you have someone on the ground with a SOFLAM. You can drop a bomb from a high altitude and it will take care of the target without a big trouble.
  11. In addition to The Division, but you can also claim Far Cry 3 for free. https://store.ubi.com/cn/game?dwvar_56c4947a88a7e300458b45de_Platform=p&pid=56c4947a88a7e300458b45de Click the link above. Yes it is in foreign language, because it's region specific (but won't matter if you live elsewhere). Once you click the link, you will see a big blue button on the right hand corner. Press Ctrl + Shift + M to enable mobile mode. When it turns into mobile window, click the blue button and it will add to your library. You can also do this in your phone, and it won't require Ctrl + Shift + M if you're using the phones. The giveaway expires on the 7th, but it may not work on your account sooner than the date because of the trick people are using.
  12. More crashes & More waiting PR COOP is not for a light-hearted normies. If you haven't played Muttrah STD every hour, then you haven't played COOP right.
  13. It's been a while since I played Fools Road but I believe it's somewhere around here:
  14. Out of all the maps listed in the voting options, Hades Peak & Fools Road & Vadso City is the least played map on VG COOP. I can go on forever on why these maps are not very popular among regular players, but I believe all 3 maps have these characteristics in common: - Map visibility is very low, NOT because of the terrain, but because of the light setting. - Transportation is heavily relied on one asset type (i.e. Helicopters in Vadso, Jeeps in Hades peak & Fools road). - Very few heavy assets and they die rather easily (due to Anti air/tank assets as well as dark/forest setting). From my point of view, navmesh rework isn't going to make these maps popular again, but rather waste Melon and other COOP devs time and effort. I believe the best option for these maps, for the time being until something else comes along (aka night vision for infantry), is asset rework. I don't know if these make the maps play better because I haven't actually played and can't account for who is actually manning the asset, but at least it will make these maps playable, especially during low population time periods: Hades Peak - Remove AH-64 chopper, and add few armors with thermal vision (2x M1 Abrams or 2-3x M2 Bradley) - Add either 2x MH-6 Littlebirds or 1x Chinook for ease of transportation (but can be easily shot down by AAs) Fools Road: - Add 1x MH-6 Littlebird transport - Add 1x Challenger 2 tank WITHOUT thermal vision (enemies have very little anti-tank assets available) Vadso City: - 2-3x boats spawn at Airfield instead of the carrier (they rarely get used when spawning at carrier) - Fewer transport choppers, and maybe add 1x Littlebird with rocket pods - More jeeps, with 50 cal on top as a light anti-armor asset. And..... one more suggestion: Would it be possible if we change factions in each map layout? It is good to see different sections of maps being used based on which layout we're playing, but we're still playing as the same faction, fighting against the same enemies with similar assets. I know I'm not the only person who enjoyed playing as an OPFOR when it was available back then, having at least one layout on these "least popular" maps with human side playing as Russians/Insurgents/MEC fighting against common BLUFOR factions (aka Americans/British) would certainly bring more interest.
  15. I've been playing it for few days and it is pretty fun. If anyone wants to play together, add me on Epic Games under the same username.
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