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  1. Hi just get out of my job will be late if you need inf
  2. ok just reinstall my bf2 but cant connect to my old acc and cant make new one ,and stargate is install in my mod but wen i try to lunch it say windows cant find bf2.exe
  3. whait we can still play this stargate mod ? i thougth the owner of stargate franchise shut it down
  4. need to find stargate mod . miss the stargate mod on bf2
  5. =AMPHETAMINE= XD no just take it on youtube
  6. need new play list on youtube for my trans just show me what you want hear when you are in and i will put it on my play list
  7. BIG THX to m823us, SemplerPDX and xenalite
  8. hi , yesterday my pr luncher do a small patch and now i cant connect to VG Pr coop ..Higher PR Account Level ....
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