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  1. you say I have no indication of remorse towards the player killed by the team? why am i typing this "I'm aware that I'm also human. Humans are the wrong place and forget"? not read? this game is dying, it needs a lot of players, how are the players interested if the admin likes to ban a little bit?, at least I want to participate in this game by playing honestly and not using illegal programs *facepalm*

  2. Looks like fish is on the menue tonight
  3. Hi gomezo, I played with you yesterday on bobcat, was flying cas while you did good inf work
  4. Shouts out to Sushi and his mad drawing skills
  5. Check the channel description in TS. There is a tutorial on how to install the Back2LA mod.
  6. Time for an event will be set after the server VG migration is complete
  7. =VG= keed

    PR game

    @ItzLuckman Please provide a recording of what's happening. Otherwise we are tangled in semantics...
  8. @SoldierOfMisfortune You'd need the Gold Version that GOG is distributing. There was a sale a while ago b2LA isn't too far from the main game. It adds w i d e s c r e e n support which is mint and lots of new toys
  9. So @=VG= TEDF and I started to enjoy some SWAT 4 Back2LA recently (cheers to Solar and Poff!) and while we were punching hostages and pacifying suspects with our numbing scent we got the idea to create a SWAT 4 BackToLA event! Since I know only 4 of us who have the game I wanted to gauge interest in an event with 6-10 players. If this post makes your tummy feel warm please do say so and leave a comment below. Don't forget to hit that "Follow topic" toggle to stay up to date and share with all your family and friends!
  10. If one dips outside their timezone they might find a new world of inhabitants.
  11. Was TFAR added because of troubleshooting purposes? I was really interested in the vanilla VOIP script as it might lower entry barrier (and we don't really max out the possibilities of TFAR/ACRE for that matter).
  12. Fragmentation of a already small community. PR did release official mappacks, but those where scrapped due to servers not running them due to players not downloading them, due to servers not running them, due to players not downloading them, due to servers not running them, due to players[...]
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