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  1. Yup, played with him yesterday and told him to join us here.
  2. I've used to ask the entire squad if their leader was communicating. If not, I tell them to form a new squad with someone willing or be disbanded. It offloads the solution finding onto the squad itself, and not us.
  3. I recommend you to set up TFAR and mods with him days in advance
  4. All players have to do is join the server via launcher. Everything will be downloaded on its own. No manual fiddling needed, if TFAR is already set up. It's by far the easiest and most user friendly automatic mod distribution system in the world. Download speeds might be an issue, but in a world with 60+ GB games it is not a lot to ask for a 6GB download especially if the content is free. However, if the mod is being added for the sake of being added then it's a waste on everyones hard drive. What can X do better that we cannot do with Y? Right now I don't see a lot of reasons.
  5. CUP and RHS don't mix well with each other. In my understanding RHS uses a custom damage model for vehicles as well as different ammunition damage. That means in combat you either need more or less rounds to skill stuff. On top of that lots of assets are redundant by being listed twice in the arsenal, which makes getting ready for combat more complicated and longer. In regards to pr opfor - since it's a addon to RHS it should play ok combined with RHS. Although, I couldn't find any information as of what it actually adds. It says 100+ vehicles but the promo screenshots only show resk
  6. I'll be on on sunday* comrades
  7. Still had his helmet on - work safety was not impacted.
  8. GG everyone! Mission accomplished! Thank you for joining.
  9. A Littlebird can be arranged, however there is enemy armor in the AO and the way home is very long since we are being dropped in the north. My thought process was LB=4 Hellfires max <-> Cobra = 8 Hellfires. Up to you as the pilots. You can use your own loadouts, however I encourage players to use the pre selections kits available at the arsenal. As long as you can perform your assigned role it's ok. The only items that are banned are the ENVGs (Thermal NVGs) and the CSAT Viper Helmet, but I think I don't have to say that... Event was added by Blizzard earlier, it is also in t
  10. https://veterans-gaming.com/calendar/event/96-feet-first-into-takistan-arma-3-mini-event/ Event Time: Saturday, 27th of March 2000 GMT (PRT) Event Server: VETERANS-GAMING | INSURGENCY ACE | TS3.VETERANS-GAMING.COM Sign-Up: Available, but not necessary! If you did not sign-up you can still join the server but you will be assigned to a role by the commander. Requirements: ARMA 3 installed and up to date All Steam Workshop Mods here https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2115753805 downloaded and installed Teamspeak 3 Di
  11. =VG= keed

    Cant decide

    I understand your point, however especially with ARMA 3, bad performance might originate from the Server with the amount of server-side scripts and mods that are loaded. As a comparison, you might get ~70 FPS at the start of the mission, however that might drop to ~20 in extreme cases when a lot is going on later down the line - regardless of your system. *FPS is not a single metric, and should always be reported with context or included with min./max. values. Nevertheless - it's still hella' fun! I am looking for more boots on ground!
  12. That's no problem! Because of the arsenal players have the choice of fashion anyway
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