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  1. The answer isn't that we should convince you to play Arma. I would raise the question: Do you want to? Do you have motivation to sit down and learn to get into the game? If not, why waste your time? After all, Arma is a sandbox at the mercy of the mission makers. They can either make it simple or complex. Some like it more simple, others want the complexity. I like pineapple pizza but Stixon would court marshall me for that. The Arma single player campaigns are the most soft introductions to Arma but do not represent the full range.
  2. Cheers for the mission! I enjoyed the limitation to where I was able to fly. Really makes you think about terrain masking. As for CAS I suggest using the vanilla implementation of the laze mechanic. It is possible to see the laze on the sensors page which kind of mitigates not having a 3D laze marker.
  3. Personally I find it even easy in a CAS Huey on Muttrah. Sure I die, but that's to be expected. I really don't want to play the muh realism card but in a way CAS was (and in certain hands) is unbelievably strong. Have you seen near peer air engagements? If the game does not offer the level of detail in how missiles lock on and make real life evasion tactics usable then I'll gladly take a frustrating RNG'ed moment over easy CAS kills. I mean let's look at the deaths in CAS: Overextending, kill greed, lack of mapknowledge, lack of info on mobile AA assets, false intel, smashing into the ground are what I deem the reasons to why you and I die. If all those factors are minimized we can talk about reducing bot AA assets. If you expose yourself too much you take the risk. And every PR coop CAS pro does that. No disrespect, but show me a clip of a not fun death in CAS and we can analyze what went wrong. Otherwise this, like many other posts will go nowhere.
  4. Take attack helo: Stationary on 300 altitude, when lock sounds pop one pair of flares, search for the missile launch and kill the bot. Try it on muttrah in the cobra or Adak in the missile CAS it works. (As long as shilka and quads are dead ofc) Flying low however, it resembles the coin flip Ted was talking about. Planes is a different story - not much you can do.
  5. Unfortunately I have to sign off. Got irl stuff coming up that evening
  6. Since my vacay is over, I didn't get the chance to be around much. However I have bad news. Doing a little digging in the BF3:RM discord, running Reality Mod + BOTs is currently not possible. But according to the BF3:RM team, it's something they plan on looking in to. I suggest we let this rest until RM supports COOP. As far as I know, not many of us are interested in PVP + there are other already established and managed PVP servers out there.
  7. As far as I know @=VG= Alaura is awaiting the BF3:RM server licence, which gives us access to the server files.
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