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  1. Sorry something came up, can't make it this Sat.
  2. @System In PR coop you need to stand next to the person to heal and stab them with an EpiPen to revive. I my option that is less difficult than looking up a spread sheet... On top of that IMHO if you want to introduce milsim medical you have to have a player base that 1) wants it (in sufficient numbers) 2) understands basic combat formations to reduce the amount of injuries and 3) soft qualifications for those who do want to get milsim medical training. As seen in the poll most don't desire more advanced medical functions, most don't respect or call for combat formations (as seen when participating) and having only a hand ful of people doing Medic is limiting in numbers and frustrating when there are no-shows.. ..but that's perfectly OK. Sure, if there is drive in the arma community to step up the game and dive into a more serious environment no problem, let's try it out. I just don't think it's a particularly fruitful endeavor. Or just play with LAMBS! They seem to be doing this just fine for decades.
  3. Hello, please fill out the unban form, it will make it easier for everone. https://veterans-gaming.com/unban-requests/project-reality/?do=form&d=7 Thanks!
  4. Welcome! Discord's here: VG Discord We have a BMS channel, where folks organize flight and stuff. I'm not involved but its active, even during Oceania hours.
  5. Is your teamspeak top bar > extras > whisperlist populated?
  6. This is a past event. You are probably looking for this one on Saturday
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