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  1. I recommend the US Vietnam CAS Huey since that thing defies the common laws of physics and can roll like a boulder would downhill
  2. Hotas combo: You didn't mention a budget so I would recommend this hotas combo, if you are serious with flight simming (which I assume you are). https://wwsimstore.com/p/340.html Ships out of China which might be favorable given your location (CN -> GER took 8 days for comparison). I own several of their products and the quality is excellent + heaps less plastic than Thrustmaster/Saitek. Also it's the only currently available F-16 throttle replica with working afterburner detent. + they also offer a helicopter collective grip which is compatible with the throttle base above. Rudder: https://www.amazon.com.au/Logitech-Pro-Flight-Rudder-Pedals/dp/B01LYPMTPT Not much more expansive than the Thrustmaster t-flight, but wider which is more ergonomic since your legs are more apart. I found the Thrustmaster rudders too slim. Have you read the 'Quick Start Guide' on the Apache? 370 freaking pages lol
  3. Bijar LRG crash after load. One second kit selection screen then boom.
  4. Could you elaborate on why you want hats removed? I think they are a perfect counter to the 150+ kills armor squads.
  5. Welcome, do you run any mods with CoH?
  6. Playing AIX2.0 & and Nations at War over LAN with a friend of mine on weekend for hours was basically my childhood. Before that I used to play the BF2 demo before school lol.
  7. We used to have Muttrah STD as the starting map and rarely changed it as changing maps used to be considered buggy and was only done is select cases. Bro, we had that layer down to swiss clockwork precision. Inf only set foot upon t-shape rooftops while pre-capping flags and CAS cleared the AA in the beginning in a matter of a few minutes. TRANS was really reliable back then which sped up the process. We only did it to finish that awful layer asap lol.
  8. Looks like fish is on the menue tonight
  9. Shouts out to Sushi and his mad drawing skills
  10. Check the channel description in TS. There is a tutorial on how to install the Back2LA mod.
  11. Time for an event will be set after the server VG migration is complete
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