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  1. It looks just like Squad - judging by the short trailer on the Steam store page. They also wrote free + avoid of micro transactions, which rings off some alarm bells in my head. How will they make money? What constitutes micro transactions? Maybe bot support??
  2. At some point four years ago we had a somewhat small but addicted Wargame group. Eventually people got fed up with the AI cheating that the group dissolved like North Korean militia in napalm.
  3. What ever happens in life, PR COOP is a constant. Players come and go but there will always be regulars.
  4. When in game, alt-tab to the desktop and open Mumble by doubleclick on the respective icon in the lower right corner. In Mumble to go settings and check your selected audio devices, or go through the audio wizard.
  5. I had to double check whether my glass of water wasn't laces with liquid shrooms... I was afk half of December so in my book the hero never left.
  6. Head over to our friends at Nopryl and post your code there. They know us and have been running custom ARMA events as well as releasing workshop mods. You might get your fix there. https://www.nopryl.no/jprod/index.php/forum/development
  7. KSP Wars with armoury mod
  8. Sup Walt! Maybe we could start a gofundme for a mic for you
  9. Hey X0R! As a TRANS main I'll give my thoughts on your ideas. Gameplay functions preferably should be accessable via GUI (weapon slots, mapped keys or sub menue). Is this something that is possible? Otherwise the function might not be used much, outside of us forum dwellers. Airlift: Loading objects by action might be a great way to flesh Logisitcs out. I like the necessity to physically load cargo - and not waiting in special zone for it to magically appear in your asset like we are now. AirToAir: This seems like a programatically challenging fun idea but it would seem out
  10. I will send you a pack of the best beer if you implement this on all maps.
  11. Taking a break form PR is good. Sometimes it can become too much and you start to play it out of habit - not because you will have fun.
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