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  1. Personally I find it even easy in a CAS Huey on Muttrah. Sure I die, but that's to be expected. I really don't want to play the muh realism card but in a way CAS was (and in certain hands) is unbelievably strong. Have you seen near peer air engagements? If the game does not offer the level of detail in how missiles lock on and make real life evasion tactics usable then I'll gladly take a frustrating RNG'ed moment over easy CAS kills. I mean let's look at the deaths in CAS: Overextending, kill greed, lack of mapknowledge, lack of info on mobile AA assets, false intel, smashing into the ground are what I deem the reasons to why you and I die. If all those factors are minimized we can talk about reducing bot AA assets. If you expose yourself too much you take the risk. And every PR coop CAS pro does that. No disrespect, but show me a clip of a not fun death in CAS and we can analyze what went wrong. Otherwise this, like many other posts will go nowhere.
  2. Take attack helo: Stationary on 300 altitude, when lock sounds pop one pair of flares, search for the missile launch and kill the bot. Try it on muttrah in the cobra or Adak in the missile CAS it works. (As long as shilka and quads are dead ofc) Flying low however, it resembles the coin flip Ted was talking about. Planes is a different story - not much you can do.
  3. Unfortunately I have to sign off. Got irl stuff coming up that evening
  4. Since my vacay is over, I didn't get the chance to be around much. However I have bad news. Doing a little digging in the BF3:RM discord, running Reality Mod + BOTs is currently not possible. But according to the BF3:RM team, it's something they plan on looking in to. I suggest we let this rest until RM supports COOP. As far as I know, not many of us are interested in PVP + there are other already established and managed PVP servers out there.
  5. As far as I know @=VG= Alaura is awaiting the BF3:RM server licence, which gives us access to the server files.
  6. Zee keeping the PR COOP community fresh. Cheers brother!
  7. I don't think it would add anything constructive to the game if we would run a deployment server. There are already plenty to choose from. Other than adding more administrative load for us I can't see what we could offer what others aren't already providing. @topic: I think keeping it a weekend thing is the best at this point. Like Amph said the layers are very unbalanced and when the current honeymoon phase is over players will start to request balancing updates which means double the amount of maps to maintain. As long as noone is up for that task it will just stay in its current whacky state. There is always deployment for balanced PvP gameplay.
  8. @=VG= Sausag3 Set me up for medic in Javelin please. Also I think @=VG= The_Polish_Guy wanted Cornetto medic.
  9. I recommend the US Vietnam CAS Huey since that thing defies the common laws of physics and can roll like a boulder would downhill
  10. Hotas combo: You didn't mention a budget so I would recommend this hotas combo, if you are serious with flight simming (which I assume you are). https://wwsimstore.com/p/340.html Ships out of China which might be favorable given your location (CN -> GER took 8 days for comparison). I own several of their products and the quality is excellent + heaps less plastic than Thrustmaster/Saitek. Also it's the only currently available F-16 throttle replica with working afterburner detent. + they also offer a helicopter collective grip which is compatible with the throttle base above. Rudder: https://www.amazon.com.au/Logitech-Pro-Flight-Rudder-Pedals/dp/B01LYPMTPT Not much more expansive than the Thrustmaster t-flight, but wider which is more ergonomic since your legs are more apart. I found the Thrustmaster rudders too slim. Have you read the 'Quick Start Guide' on the Apache? 370 freaking pages lol
  11. Bijar LRG crash after load. One second kit selection screen then boom.
  12. Could you elaborate on why you want hats removed? I think they are a perfect counter to the 150+ kills armor squads.
  13. Welcome, do you run any mods with CoH?
  14. Playing AIX2.0 & and Nations at War over LAN with a friend of mine on weekend for hours was basically my childhood. Before that I used to play the BF2 demo before school lol.
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