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  1. Loving this idea... jury says 10/10
  2. Love the Old school keyboard
  3. Tree with guns!! What times we live in these days.
  4. Yaaaaaa ya ya yaaaaaa ya ya ya ya ya yaaaaaaaa oh oh ohoh ohhhohhhhooooooooooo you monkeys!
  5. Enjoy the globe trotting. Kind words Acro1...and you are always welcome here ofcourse. (you will be back :-) ) Be safe out there... and God's speed.
  6. Hey, I don't mean to hijack your feed here. This was the first time I really get into a heated moment, and I wasn't thinking right.
    This doesn't justify the me being a d&&& part. I'm just saying this to you, from me, so you don't think I'm a d&&& person.
    I really said sorry to the dude for being mean to him, and I said sorry publicly to the people who saw me get mad. It's not cool.

    I didn't mean it in a personal way. I was just raging / felt attacked. Which wasn't true, but you learn from these things.
    It's fine if you want to keep a close watch, I get it, but you can also check my chat logs in game. I sure do =talk alot= but I never flame anyone. Check logs. 

    1. =VG= Eclipse002

      =VG= Eclipse002

      Here on VG respect is most important...you did something to get banned and you did the correct thing to ask for an unban.

      But then you react very strange to Binary...out of nowhere.

      Even if Binary is wrong you never NEVER call him names .

      Your TK could be an accident...i was not there...but i DID see your reactions in the unban post.

      In my book thats someone with a short fuse...and i banned a lot of those.

      My VG brothers have unbanned you...so its all up to you now.

      Im not asking to change who you are...i am asking that you RESPECT you fellow gamers , admins.

      You posting me up here just raises a red flag...this guy has a temper...i could be wrong.. hope im wrong.

      Thats why im telling the boys to keep a CLOSE eye on you.

      We deserve all of us a second chance...you have gotten it...deal with it.




    2. CicadaPeepee


      I'm not sure how you perceived what I'm saying as a red flag, I was just hoping to clear things up with you.
      (edit: I know I didn't have an issue with you, I just don't want to have drama with people who I just met/hope to get along with.)
      My TK was an accident though, I'm grateful for the unban. I get where you're coming from though

      Don't worry man, it was really a one time thing.


  7. Just my two cents here...this fella goes beserk here in his own ban appeal...saying i'm sorry for being a di*@...and this was just the forum here. What will happen in game when things start to heat up again...i don't trust it. Just saying. I know i got zero input here...but it's a gut feeling. Keep a VERY close eye on him please.
  8. Holy spitballs Batman...time sure flies. I joined the 22th February 2010...been very active then.(lived at home with mom and dad :-D) Then i got less active (got a GF then and moved into her place) and im sorry...but i WILL return. (still working on that mancave...only its in the attic :-) ) You shall see the former glory that was Clippy :-) (one of the better chopper pilots if i may say so myself :-) ) What i am trying to say...i love you guys...even the ones i have not yet met. Hail =VG= Hail =VG= Hail Bludklot Hail =VG= Hail =VG=
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