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Show off your Computer!

Public PC Pictures Gallery Rules:

Only need one rule -  appropriate pictures of computers or gaming & desk setups only (no memes please), following the overall terms of this website as defined in the link on our website footer.

(1000KB size limit, format for web in .jpg or .png for good quality and lower file size)

TIPS:  If you use Photoshop, drag a photo into it, and under File tab, select Save for Web or Export > Save for Web, select 4 UP, resize at max quality to 1920x1080 or smaller using the Percentage slider, or use the Quality Slider, and select one of the options that looks good with file size lower than 1000KB - sometimes best not to convert to sRGB depending on source image - use preview to get an idea of the effects.

Share pictures of your computer here!  You will be prompted to upload additional images (keep it within reason please), and can set options for each or the group.  Have fun!

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