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  1. Thank you very much, sir I try to find some more to have it working and if it does I'll let you know (just for your information)
  2. Thank you Keed. Here a video at TS of VG with a non-working Push to Whipser:
  3. Gents, As it is known of course in TS3 you have a 'Push To Talk' and there is also a 'Push to Whisper'. As I'm familiar with 'Push to Whiper' I tested this option many times (with other members), but 'Push to Whisper' seems to be protected (or something?) to use that option and the voice message that follows is: 'No whisper target found' Reason to have Push to Whisper in 'Fligth Simulators': it's possible to communicate with other 'Mission' channels ('Mission Commander', Mission 1', Mission 2', Mission 3') HERE an example of how Push to Whipser is setup and how it works. Thank you in advance if the Falcon BMS pilots can use Push to Whisper
  4. Hobbyroom - with a self made desk and a Thrustmaster Cougar HOTAS
  5. Hobbyroom - maps with Falcon documentation and the first edition of a MicroProse Falcon 4.0 book, by Gilma G Louie
  6. Hobbyroom - with a TEAC A-2340SX tapedeck (1982) and Celestion Ditton 15XR loudspeakers (1976) that I bought at that time.
  7. Hobbyroom - with a printed and sealed map with F-16 checklistst in between the HOTAS and a Bullseye tool at the right hand side of the side stick controller
  8. Hobbyroom - with an Oberheim OB-12 and a starry sky
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