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  1. Ok, nice to live in Indiana (lower taxes) and even on a lake. Good choice of your wife :-). Please keep me posted as soon as you have the HOTAS up and running. Regards from Amsterdam. BTW, I can't sleep. Had too many Irish (very strong) coffee and ususaly I drink just 2 decaf a day, So I get out of bed and checking in on VG.
  2. So,,, JugdeDredd.... how is it going with the Cougar? It's been a while
  3. Not sure if this helps anybody, still: I use VoiceAttack but all the voice comms where done with/through UHF, or VHF, depending on the joystick button I assigned on my HOTAS (Thrustmaster Cougar) i.e. in VA Joystick button 20, or 21. I had in mind to use both Comms buttons - UHF and VHF - on the HOTAS stick for specific voice commands through the required channel (UHF, or VHF). So, voice comms for the Tower, Tanker, AWACS etc. are done with UHF and internal flight communication (voice comms for the Wingman and Element) are broadcasted with VHF. I have made a setup in VoiceAttack and it works for me to use the HOTAS stick and choose the required comms channel (UHF or VHF) to give the specific voice command. Note: with this setup in VA for the HOTAS stick on both UHF and VHF all VA voice commands are broadcasted. With this setup it only makes it a bit more realistic to choose the specific broadcast channel to give a voice command.
  4. Yes, you're right. I was checking the connection and if I could join a mission>. That went well and I saw a 4-ship, with number 4 spot available and you as a lead briefing the mission (OCA Strike), but it was too late and shopping time here . But, I check the sever so now and than, to see if there are real pilots there and join a mission
  5. Thanks for the reply Master Sergeant . I manage to install the update. I messed up some folders. Just too many back-up folders of different kinds of Falcon version (3.34/3.4/3.5) Had to replace the update files from my backup drive manually to my HD and then the install worked.
  6. Gents, I tried to connect to the VG server today, but I got the error 'Different Falcon Version' Yesterday the conncetion to the server was flawless,...... so I installed 'Falcon BMS 4.35 U1 - Incremental Installer' from Benchmark Sims, but the error still occure. Installed Falcon 4.35: 22548 (see picture). Help, please Note: I have an image of my HD, made two days ago, so setting back the system without the Falcon BMS 4.35 U1 - Incremental Installer is still there
  7. Hi JD. I have a Thrustmatser HOTAS Cougar also and had also calibaration issues. There a two ways to have the Cougar working flawless with BMS: Before launching BMS one with Foxy CCP Launching BMS without using Foxy CCP first With Foxy: 01. Launch Foxy and calibarate the Cougar manually. Use in Foxy 'HOTAS view to test axess and buttons' (menu bar: Cougar). 02. Everytime and BEFORE you launch Falcon BMS run Foxy CCP and make sure the 'Emulation' button is green and 'User Mode' is selected and click on 'Apply' (see picture 01) 03. Launch Falcon and select 'BMS Full' as the key profile 04. In Setup>Avionics set the cougar to the configarations as the picture shows (I have 'Toe Brake Rigth' reversed, but that's a personal choice) Do a test fligth and the Cougar should work fine * Disadvatage when using this methode; you do not have the full callbacks as the emulation 'overwrites' this and there is no profile in the Cougar loaded (tmm and tmj files) Without Foxy: 01. Go to: 'C:\Falcon BMS 4.35\Docs\01 Input Devices\03 HOTAS Setup\TM Cougar (Dunc_DX)' and open: Quick Setup Guide.txt 02. Follow the steps in the Setup Guide. Note: when downloading the Dunc_DX tmm and tmj files to the cougar make sure 'Program' is green (see picture) 03. Configure the Avionics as is written in point 4 in the tab above 04. Launch Falcon and in Setup> Advance choose Dunc-DX key profile (with MFD in case you have MFD's as hardware) 05. Click IN (!) Falcon BMS on 'Apply'. YOU MUST CLICK ON APPLY BEFORE YOU ENTER THE 3D WORLD EVERYTIME (if you don't press Apply, before you choose a TE or a Campaign it can be that you don't have the radar cursors available and you see this occure after you're airborn Now you have all the callbacks present Please refer for more detailed information about the Dunc_DX profiles: 'C:\Falcon BMS 4.35\Docs\01 Input Devices\03 HOTAS Setup' and open 'BMS Device Setup Guide' and go to page 11. Saturday I join the Falcon 4.35 training mission (see the Calander of VG), so I be on TS3. If you still have issues you can contact me there. Regards!
  8. Had to step down for some time from BMS again. I fixed the Push -To-Talk, but also shall turn off the music as soon as I'm on TS3. Sorry for the inconvenience :-)
  9. Gents, it's been too long to recall the TS3 settings, but I still do have TS3 backup files (setup for the Hotkey's and Keybindings as the hotkey.ini and whisper.ini files) from back in the day. if I remember it well, these .ini files could be overwritten in the TS3 folder and all the preprogrammed hotkeys and whisper list are there (with IVC and the Group/Client things and so on). Though I found the TS3 folder (in the Local directory/folder) and I searched for these files I don't see them in the TS3 program/folder. Q: Is it still possible to overwrite the back upped/preprogrammed hotkey.ini and whisper.ini in TS3? Ad if so… can you please let me know the location in the TS3 folder? Thank you :-)
  10. That was fun. For the first time I flew a mission on the VG server, with real VFW pilots. Everything went very smooth and mission succes (strike on Pyong Yang Powerplant). I didn't expect that real pilots would join, but when I was ramping up the jet, CursorX and Spinor joined the mission. I wasn't prepared for in flight comms, but from now on I plug-in my headset, before I connect to the server. Thank you for this nice mission and Spinor and CursorX are amazing good pilots! The result of the mission: Event DPRK Reactor destroyed by CursorX at 18:17:24 Event DPRK SA-2 (S-75) destroyed by Spinor at 18:17:24 Event DPRK SA-2 (S-75) destroyed by Spinor at 18:17:24 Event DPRK SA-2 (S-75) destroyed by Spinor at 18:17:24 Event DPRK Main Plant destroyed by CursorX at 18:17:37 Event DPRK Smokestack destroyed by CursorX at 18:17:37 Event DPRK Transformer destroyed by CursorX at 18:17:39 Event DPRK SA-2 (S-75) destroyed by Spinor at 18:20:51 Event DPRK SA-2 (S-75) destroyed by Spinor at 18:20:51 Event DPRK SA-2 (S-75) destroyed by Spinor at 18:20:51 Event DPRK KS-12 destroyed by Mokum at 18:23:20 Event DPRK KS-19 destroyed by Mokum at 18:23:20 Event DPRK KS-19 destroyed by Mokum at 18:23:20
  11. Hi gentleman of Veterans Gamimg After a two year break I'm back in the F-16 (Falcon BMS 4.34) and are happy to found this opportunity to fly online missions again with this community and the available Campaign server. What a great feature to make this possible. Thank you so much. Though I fly the Falcon for about 20 years (Allied Force, Open Falcon and BMS) I'm not a very good VFW-pilot, but I know the basics, like performing a Ramp Start, Midair Refueling (not in a turn of the tanker) and know how to fire A-A missiles (AMRAAM and Heat Seakers) and A-G weapons (LGB's, JDAM'S and HARMS in it's different configurations, dumb boms etc.) and know a bit about the Wild Weasel tactics. Before my break I was a member of the FreeBirds and after this wing was abolished I became a member of the 1st VFW. As the 1stVFW started to fly the DCS I signed off from this wing. My callsign back than was Nick-san, but now I'm back I changed it to MOKUM (slang of my hometown Amsterdam-Holland) Now I'm back here and I'm looking forward to fly online missions with real VFW pilots of the Veterans. Note; I red the SOP's and understand and shall respect them. Thank you and regards! F-16 hardware setup: Thrustmaster Cougar HOTAS TrackIR 5 Thrustmaster rudder Self configured and build PC
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