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  1. Copy that Sir, Mokum sent me the file for some reason it was NOT in the "Cougar(Dunc_DX) file from the download I had, not sure why Sir, thank you for the reply. JD
  2. I read your message again, and am nearing the finish line on the install. I DL 'ed the 4.35 BMS from the site and have it somewhat operational now, stick steers the plane, still testing other buttons/hats using the "BMS Full key" file in the sim, as I cant seem to find the Cougar_DX 4.35 key as described by the video Mokum pointed me in the direction too (series of 3 on YouTube). I assumed it would be in the packed of BMS 4.35, am I wrong ? Do you know if anyone knows where to find this file ? Thank You, JD
  3. I think I read this late ?? I see your in Australia.... no worries I can be online in the wee hours EST time too..... Time on Deck (12 Feb21 @ 14:06 hrs EST). Now I have to figure out how to get on "Your" Teamspeak, lol. JD
  4. Mokum & VG Kavelenko, Thank You both for wanting to help me, although I am not gaining any ground, my technical reading comprehension has seemed to be challenged in regards with the software. I have calibrated it (tried) through Hotas CCP & FOXY and am not getting any reading on the "Z" axis. I then opened up the throttle up and everything was pristine, the boards, movement, connections and well greased. All the buttons work on the Throttle & Stick. I am sure, other than the "Z" numbers, I am probably not understanding the process, and doing it correctly,
  5. Hello All, is there anyone utilizing the HOTAS Cougar in this forum ? The calibration process is becoming a bear, the foxy software, the setting up of the functions etc. Finally have BMS 4.34 running in windows10, now want to get the HOTAS running in the game. If there is a spot in the forums I have not found, please move this to the forum location admins .... Looking for info in the problems some of you might have overcame. JD
  6. Hello Warriors of the Virtual World, and yes I am sure some of you are Actual Warriors in the Real World now or in your past, wonderful to meet you all. Been a gamer since 1990, actually been flying sims since 1995/1998 time frame. Started with Janes F15 online in 95'ish and then Falcon 4.0 in 1998'ish. After about two years my Virtual CO- aka Rocky made me the XO of the 416th GhostRiders, I actually went through that training book in Falcon 4.0 and assisted with my dear friend Netraider, Tomcat, RomeoMike45, Blue, and many others, I attained the Squadron CO position and held that position thr
  7. Sir, not really the mapping buttons, I am having issues with getting the drivers to work within BMS 4.34, still working at it however. Just got sound to work after updating those drivers.
  8. Ok, BMS 4.34 operational, now to address the Thrustmaster Hotas Cougar issue
  9. Ummm.... I don't now Sir.... ,,,, Ahhhh my pointer is back, don't I feel like a dumb ass. Thank You for the technical support Sir.
  10. Hello Warriors, well just got Falcon 4.0 installed, NMB 4.34 installed, and now when I go into set up my mouse pointer is invisible. I did a search in these forums and could not find this issue listed. Has anyone experienced this ? If so , any instructions on how to fix the issue? Thank You in advance... JD
  11. This is the error I am experiencing now. It is connected, heck even here the computer chime when I plug it in.
  12. Update-Was just starting to get BMS 4.35 installed when my Video Card RTX 1080TI decided to go "boobs up", so it is torn down awaiting a new card. Now installing Falcon 4.0 on my Gaming Laptop and installing the plethora of software on her, 4.0 installed, now trying to get Hotas Cougar installed and operational. I followed Lange_666 instructions via the Line In-Line Out instruction process in the Device Manager. The drivers were installed and now, I get an error "Device Detection Error "E8 Ensure that the device is connected and worked properly", this from the HOTAS Cougar Contro
  13. Netraider my former XO, and I are working on getting 4.34 operational now....
  14. I had been searching on the net and located a fix, which required DL'ing the 2007_HCO_VISTA_64_RC1 exe program, and once loaded going into the control panel/device manager and into the Thrustmaster Hotas Cougar properties and manually setting the Driver In/Driver Out settings and, waaaalaaaa.... problem solved so now the Hotas is fully operational, mind you, I found this fix going through the information, links, url's you all provided me, and I thank you, now I am busily gluing my hair back in, lol..... :-)
  15. "I have a TM Warthog HOTAS rig which has virtually the same stick but different throttle. Have you tried using the standard profile for the Cougar, it should be in the docs folder of your installation.", Sir, I have not gotten that far, trying to get Window 10 to identify the TM Cougar at the moment, it keeps saying it is not attached or identified, to even get a chance to get a Stick schematic uploaded into it.
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