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  1. Hello Sir, Thank You for checking in on me. I was about to attempt the soldering of the POTS in my throttle of the HOTAS back in May 2021, but wife decided she wanted to live on a lake, so off to Indiana we went (1/3rd the Taxes) too. We are almost settled in and, moved here in June. So I am still un packing, all my Hotas items packaged in a box clearly marked HOTAS . We should have Broadband by May/June 2022 and I'll be able to get back at it. JD
  2. Hello All, well this is kinda funny, as I started out to try to calibrate my TM HOTAS Cougar, map the keys and try to get online (in air) has since turned into "Repair Mode". After much reading on a few sites, I concluded that my "Pots" was the issue with the "Z" calibration (numbers not reading sufficiently during calibration sequence forward or aft in the process). So I contacted Thrustmaster-Europe and discovered they sell the "Kit", so I have that enroute and on another site I located a part number and company to order the "pots" (no wires or clips) and just got 5 of them today. Now I have to get the soldering iron out and the glue to see if I can get my existing one in the Throttle to work. The picture below is the existing one wired in and the new unit to it's (right).... More to come Gents. JD
  3. I think I read this late ?? I see your in Australia.... no worries I can be online in the wee hours EST time too..... Time on Deck (12 Feb21 @ 14:06 hrs EST). Now I have to figure out how to get on "Your" Teamspeak, lol. JD
  4. Mokum & VG Kavelenko, Thank You both for wanting to help me, although I am not gaining any ground, my technical reading comprehension has seemed to be challenged in regards with the software. I have calibrated it (tried) through Hotas CCP & FOXY and am not getting any reading on the "Z" axis. I then opened up the throttle up and everything was pristine, the boards, movement, connections and well greased. All the buttons work on the Throttle & Stick. I am sure, other than the "Z" numbers, I am probably not understanding the process, and doing it correctly, but I assure you once I get it down I will have it . If you want to correspond with me via email, and not spend endless typing in here please email me at Enforcir@gmail.com Ceece "JD" Coburn
  5. Hello All, is there anyone utilizing the HOTAS Cougar in this forum ? The calibration process is becoming a bear, the foxy software, the setting up of the functions etc. Finally have BMS 4.34 running in windows10, now want to get the HOTAS running in the game. If there is a spot in the forums I have not found, please move this to the forum location admins .... Looking for info in the problems some of you might have overcame. JD
  6. Ok, BMS 4.34 operational, now to address the Thrustmaster Hotas Cougar issue
  7. Ummm.... I don't now Sir.... ,,,, Ahhhh my pointer is back, don't I feel like a dumb ass. Thank You for the technical support Sir.
  8. Hello Warriors, well just got Falcon 4.0 installed, NMB 4.34 installed, and now when I go into set up my mouse pointer is invisible. I did a search in these forums and could not find this issue listed. Has anyone experienced this ? If so , any instructions on how to fix the issue? Thank You in advance... JD
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