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  1. always feels badass to play as MEC, I'll do my best to join tonight
  2. some more danny devito for the soul
  3. my mans driving a logi into kassel, exactly how I taught him
  4. nah man imma drive a logi and drop crates behind me like banana peels in those mario games lmao
  5. all the above issues aside, on Kassel I always operate a logi and RTB pretty often and I gotta tell ya a lot of hostile infantry is always left kilometers behind our progress, like they start to move towards that first flag that starts as neutral and then they either kinda get lost or are too slow to catch up, on a scale I've never seen on any other large maps like Bijar or Pavlovsk
  6. ngl physics aside I need more MP5 and MP7, that's the good stuff
  7. the lag side of the server is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural
  8. thats the last one today i promise lol
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