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  1. Hey, my in-game nick is PL gomezo, my actual name is Marcin. I'm Polish. I'm a 22yo law student living in Cracow. My big hobbies are working out, getting smashed on cheap booze, binging Trailer Park Boys and listening to Russian-Afghan War songs from the 80s and 90s (sometimes all 4 simultaneously). I've had some great games on VG, thought imma get an account up n running so I get in touch with all that's going on around the community. Big fan of the admins, so far every single one turned out to be a reasonable guy (unlike some dudes I had to suffer through on HOG/DIVSUL every now and again lmao). I played a crapton of Battlefield 4 Hardcore and Day of Defeat Source, eventually switched to PR and honestly I'm in love with the game. Been going through couple tough months, PR and the server helped immensely. Also pretty sure there used to be a big Polish PR community, all I hope for is it comes back at some point. I saw a thread where u guys just collectively shared your pics so whatever imma do it too, big tech got em anyway lmao. Feel free to admire. See you in the game, Marcin.
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