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  1. medic squad 3 for me pls
  2. All of these things are helpful to know when playing Squad but here are just the basic stuff and if anyone else wants to add to this thread feel free to put in anymore tips and tricks. First off, some commands that every player can use for some shortcuts and useful actions: To open the command console, press the button on the top left of your key board under the 'esc' key. This will open up a slim Black box along the bottom side of your screen and if pressed twice more the console will be closed. However these commands that every player can get acess to can be carrie
  3. Once we get large games going you could go into the admin camera mode and record the game that way, get some good cinematic shots from both sides. That would be some good content!
  4. For rules, we can just copy PR rules as they dont all apply but we can steal elements from them. My ideas for rules: 1. Teamwork is the #1 rule, we cant play squad without it. 2. communication, as someone said before it would be bad to have every player require a mic but players that dont would be limited to less essential kits like rifleman nd LAT for example and more specialist kits like Medic, Marksman and HAT could be left for players with a mic. ALL SQUAD LEADERS HAVE TO HAVE A MIC. 3. Squad names allow you to claim vehicles e.g. IFV gets Bradley, BMP and BTR 80A and T
  5. Ill go blufor alpha SL pls. Also just so you know, any SL can be commander and will keep their squad unlike how the PR commander is a stand alone role
  6. also just gonna put it out there, if armoured vehicles (warriors, MBTs and BMPs) arent on the table there isnt much requirement for a HAT in both squads
  7. Can i have SL for a brit squad pls
  8. I am pretty sure you are right, i do use realtek for my audio but it wasnt something i knew at the time. I do appreciate the help tho, even if i didnt need it
  9. I was trying to update the Nvidia drivers because i am using Nvidia high definition audio and that is what the internet was telling me to do.
  10. i fixed it there was a windows update this morning and i had to restore the system to before the update. Not sure how but it worked, sorry for the waste of time.
  11. Hey i was wondering if anyone here knows how to fix this problem. Woke up this morning and the sound wasnt working at all, and as far as im aware there where no updates to the drivers and OS overnight so i am very confused. I have been trying to fix the problem for a couple of hours now and nothing has lead to success. I have tried all the basics, muting and unmuting, unplugging and plugging my headset, just restarting the PC and i have updated and reinstalled the Nvidia drivers multiple times. There may be some more things i have done but at this point i just dont know what t
  12. Was just scrolling through my my youtube when i saw this: After being in development for 4 years it is available for play testing if you subscribe to the dev's patron. Not much more to be said really, the video gives some good info about the game and if you want more gameplay, TheTacticalRedneck has some more vids on his channel. Looks like it could be a PR 2.0 once fully developed and would be a nice step up from those old BF2 graphics.
  13. As far as im aware it is a free to play game/game mode separate from the full game
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