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  1. First mate Squirrel reporting for fanny crew. (squad 3)
  2. Thanks for the free games, imma yoink Shining Resonance
  3. Mark me down for Tank Crewman please.
  4. Sign me up for IFV/APC Squad crew please.
  5. I don't post very often on the forums, but I wanted to know if anyone else had Among us, Myself, Orracis, Melonmuncher, and m823us got it the other day and would be cool if we can get like a good group going with this.
  6. I'm personally fine with either dates, gonna be a great time either way.
  7. Fun times at the event, thanks for setting it up fella's, and especially towards the end the shenanigans were great.
  8. Fantastic games we played today, had a lot of fun playing with some older dudes who are 10 years older than me! The memories I had over the last 5 years have been memorable to say the least and I always enjoy myself when I get in games with these scrubs up above and with some other dudes who arn't even listed. Hope to see ya guys more often for some more action and carnage.
  9. is it true ur not a squarrel?/

  10. Glad you're back Hater! Hope you'll get a speedy recovery.
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