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  1. Mike Force mission edited to ACE with new Vehicles and weapons added. This is the required mod list for the Mike Force mission and likely the Vietnam Insurgency mission when its done. ACE- No medical CBA_A3 CH View Distance CUP Weapons CUP Units CUP Vehicles Remove Stamina Remove Stamina - ACE 3 No Weapon Sway Enhanced Moment ETS Zeus Enhanced M224 60mm Mortar ACE Unsung Redux Dev RHSUSAF DUI - Squad Radar
  2. In the process of adding Aircraft from the Unsung mod, trying to get them to play nice with the current mission scripts, but we may just have to rework some older scripts in to work for them. Next we're going to try and work in the insurgency Halo drop feature as well as vehicle rearm scripts if possible.
  3. you can change the snake bite rate in the mission configs. Default is set at something like bites can only occur every 300 seconds and between 300-600 seconds you are only half as likely to get bit... you can also change the poison chance from venomous snake bites.
  4. The mission is done and running on the TBF Arma server. Current edit tasks: Rework restricted arsenal - Found the file, murdering it\ Edited, all weapons and equipment unlocked. - Done Adding QOI mods: Remove stamina, Remove weapon sway, CH View distance, Enhanced Movement, DUI Squad radar, Enemy Tagging system. - Done Rework or remove food system - have not been able to disable, but can edit and make it a passing thought. - Done Fiddle with FOB decay rate - Not Done with that being said, are there any other features people would like to see added or removed?
  5. I'll pull the two mods off the lists then.
  6. The IEDs in arma are actual place able explosives and are not invisible unless scripted that way, as well as only having a handful of variations, to the point that after a week of playing you can spot them a mile away. On top of that, the DUKES on the MRAPs and hummvees do work and the MRAPS do survive IEDs depending on the size. You can also use mine sweepers that will mark IEDs as mines and the Unmanned drone from the contact DLC will detect IEDs that you can then deal with from the drone. RHS I believe is the mod that has the DUKE mounted vehicles however.
  7. Great Emu war of 1932 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=485417177
  8. Let's get peoples opinion on two mods we currently have on the required list: 6 x 6 All Terrain Vehicle and the Boeing/SOAR MH-47E Chinook So the 6x6 first, I've heard concerns about the usefulness of its fuel economy being rather low, and another concern being that its rather slow and defenseless. While the positives being that it can carry ALOT of shit and that it does give us a nice little 60mm mortar with WP rounds. So far, I've noticed people have started ignoring the vehicles themselves and the 60mm being used sparingly. Now the Boeing/SOAR MH-47E Chinook It's a mod tha
  9. I'd like to use this forum as a medium to discuss both the required mods and optional mods, get some feedback, ideas, or concerns out in the open for everyone to think and decide on. We'll start with the required server mods that we have current active. ACE - No Medical ACE Compats - RHS Compats CBA_A3 task_force_radio RHSUSAF RHSAFRF RHSGREF RHSSAF CUP Terrains - Core CUP Terrains - Maps CUP Units CUP Vehicles CU Weapons Zeus Enhanced Remove Stamina Remove Stamina - ACE 3 No Weapon Sway ETS - Enemy Tagging System Enhanced Movement DUI - Squad Radar
  10. Did you copy and paste that address or type it out in windows explorer address bar? AppData is hidden by default, you normally cant just see it in the folder.
  11. If your looking for any technical information or theory of operation, the TMs for any weapon in the army can usually be found on Armypubs.army.mil. https://armypubs.army.mil/epubs/DR_pubs/DR_a/pdf/web/ARN3242_TC 3-22x249 FINAL WEB.pdf Edit: For most Bundeswehr or export model HK weapons... They just take a picture of each page and post it, so some are a pain in the ass to read. http://hk-manuals.com/
  12. So if its possible in some way, what about requiring the helicopter have two crates still in its inventory and requiring it be landed with in a FOB envelop? It would better then just landing on top of a tank in the field to rearm it, and would require more teamwork as well as still force assets to break contact back to a safe area to repair and rearm. As well if there is a way to limit the amount of supplies the aircraft can rearm so as to force it to RTB at some point so it cant just sit at a fob all game. It would make it a bit more realistic and useful for the team, and hopefully some wh
  13. Instead of Air to air, is it possible to script it to require both aircraft be landed? It would only really help Gunships this way, but could it be possible to also allow Armor/APC/TOW resupply in some degree? Fat cow missions are pretty common among U.S. Aviation and it would be pretty useful to keep Rotatory assets up if they had a closer repair point.
  14. your proposal is exactly what opfor fridays was.... it was literately just a side swap, and m8 explained above why we dont run it anymore.
  15. yes. TEDF also puts on events on new maps and layers every so often.
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