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  1. Here you go: http://www.armedassault.info/download.php?cat=utilities&id=123
  2. Mark a zone as captured: ["zone_ba_ria"] call vn_mf_fnc_zones_capture_zone;
  3. Insurgency SOAR Altis version now up for testing...
  4. Note for admins: Restarting the server from TCAdmin will reset the mission, user saves and reset objectives. When an admin is logged in and runs: #restart The whole mission will reset including taken objectives and ranks (maybe loadouts too). #reassign Will restart the mission from current objective, keeps loadouts and taken objectives and gained ranks. #restartServer Will restart the server the same as restart from TCAdmin.
  5. Snakes.... what most dont realise is that the snakes are a refresh mechanism for arma, think of them as refreshing the screen... sort of a screen saver if immersed.... you can turn them off here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Animals:_Override_Default_Animal_Behaviour_Via_Script bunny hops rule too!
  6. me too, mods un-needed.
  7. Version of Insurgency in mission list for testing...
  8. Errr my bad, didnt realize I did!
  9. 4th ARMA3 Server now fixed... turn it on when ready (PM sent) Have fun!
  10. This is good APEX for near free! Tanoa Insurgency now in testing: VETERANS-GAMING | Insurgency S.O.A.R. | TS3.VETERANS-GAMING.COM IP: Port: 2502 Players: 0/32 more info here: https://veterans-gaming.com/forums/topic/9801-insurgency-soar-arma-3/ Ask an admin if its not running!
  11. Well no... you cannot apply actions and remove them correctly from simpleobjects: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addAction So i added it that way, simple fix is to remove the turret and gunner seat for now. I sort of thought that if you were moving the MHQ that it would be a valuable asset! keep it back and utilise the rearm repair for other vehicles it should now be removed I could not replicate this and get it to show "service" while moving, was the MHQ undeployed when you joined? or do you know if the MHQ was destroyed and respawned, not got time this week to check. so Friday soonest. IED's are from request but to settle nerves you can see them, some are duds! (will set param so Admin can see them!) Also added a drag and revive mechinism will update server with that file asap...
  12. Version updated : Fixed Service depot location and repair issue... Fixed IED's (now turned on). Ammended destroyed vehicle cleanup.
  13. Version updated (Mainly Service depot fixes): Fixed Service depot location and made more eloborate. Fixed Service depot removal / deployment duplication issue. Fixed Service depot repair. Added Cache status check at MHQ. Removed "Repair Vehicle" from MHQ. Tweaked MHQ timers.
  14. Cheers PITN and Zadra... Version updated: Fixed intro Video issue. Fixed repair depot location. Added Briefing notes. Ammended clean Up. Ammended MHQ timers. Ammended MHQ protection zone.
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