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  1. Me and Kush are trying to get in training server but the pass isnt working


  2. Weird Numbers???...kinda fits
  3. Hey welcome TOM !!!! I dont FLY much....but ARMA3 and Project Reality(YUMMY) ..You can find me there ..So if your into FPS check us out on Team speak We hangout there. Discord as well
  4. Frickin awesome!! Welcome SIR!!! You have found the best , most respected players on the internet ....GREAT place to start !!!! If ya need any help....JUST ASK!!!! I
  5. can i get the radio frequencies now...I need to pratice. i wont bog you down on the event Could i be someones canteen?
  6. DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOG!!!!!  Come Home!!!!!...I blowing the shit out of the silent whistle!!!!

  7. Yes please...i only made it for 1 run. I kinda of enjoy telling Vincent's story, even tho its tragic. I truly miss him and it kinda helps the community. Helps us both honestly.
  8. im confused...i thought it said the event was today? the 22nd?????? Fak me!!!!
  9. Dear Vincent, Holy shit man!!! 3 years...Seriously?? Seems like yesterday for me bro! Most of the old hommies are still around ....some have drifted away, ARMA3 is the HOT topic in town. We have gotten another update with some improvements and fresh maps. You always loved Muttrah though, but it really seemed like it didnt matter what map was running, you always seemed to find a hilarious/qwirky way of having a total BLAST!! I can only imagine the fun we would have had with the drag feature for the medics...(Vincent drags you around like a rag doll laughing hysterically). I totally miss that! We did a HMMV turret stuff the other night...you woulda been PROUD! So many people just laughing and having fun man...SHEW...I LOVE IT!! Vincent is one of the 12 or so guys on my profile pick from that end screen..THAT kinda fun!! Ive gotten invited to be an ADMIN for the coop server....what a workout sometimes...LMAO, but still lets me help the VG guys out. I'm purchasing the VIP experience package from M8 for both of us on YOUR DAY.. I cant faking wait.....He said "EPIC"...now that kinda leaves a lot of room for speculation, but Im guessin something like WINDOW SEATS AT THE MOSQUE TOWER...So, if ya get a chance...SMOKE UP THE TOWER FOR Crazy Vet!!! WE ALL MISS YOU bud!! Love You man! Peace Chris
  10. God Bless all the veterans and our fallen hero's today!! I miss ya BRO!! I know your flyin that flag today!!!!!! God Bless you all...and God Bless America!
  11. Tactically speaking, you would lose your wings for hovering in a CZ...its a sitting duck. This guy got taken out by a tourist!!! Its designed to support infantry advancing on the beach.. Its not the designed intent...but neither is an RPG or Shilka shooting at infantry...IT WORKS THO
  12. WELCOME!!! See ya on the battlefield AKA GRN&GLD
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