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  1. Welcome everyone!!! Hope to see you out there..... https://discord.gg /xAvdZa3W Check us out on Discord and TeamSpeak Have Fun boys!!!
  2. As a new Arma player myself, I can honestly say that it was pretty confusing to start...but I think Im finally figuring out the basics after 6 months...not flying yet. Thats kinda why I tend to shy away from our events, as most of the time I cant figure out how to change the faking radio freq's, or something simple to veterans players, and that kind of complicates what should be a simple walk through. As such, I play on low population coop servers, just trying to get my feet wet, picking up bits and pieces as I go... I think Keed really hit the "nail on the head" when he said: The answer isn't that we should convince you to play Arma. I would raise the question: Do you want to? Do you have motivation to sit down and learn to get into the game? If not, why waste your time? I think its worth it...GL mate!
  3. Welome Back Rev.... It's fixin' to be winter in the north parts=more time inside playing PR.. If you build IT (and manage it)....THEY WILL COME!! I promise to play more
  4. Thanks =VG=Sausag3 for the event...great fun man!!! *Shout out to =VG= Semler for helping the seniors get the radio freqs. Thanks for not dumping on the old farts!!!!
  5. I like junior deployment and coop servers...if anything it gives some overflow and exposes some people to PVP. and its soooooooooo close
  6. Im staying up to run the first layer...I would like to see any group screenshots from the carrier...It would be cool to post them up
  7. Well my friend...Its been 4 years.. Where TF has it gone? O ya 2years of faking COVID. Maybe the (lemonade) is that it has made VG stronger than ever..its been fun to watch it grow...You would proud of 'how she has grown'. Your Memorial Event is coming up soon, and I cant wait to smoke it up like we used to. It was always fun standing at the rail wit ya....waiting for the end screen and trying to time the jump from the tower....O man ....just faking rolling. I cant wait!!!... He would always find a way to get ya going! It always brings me peace when I get the chance to watch the old video clips of classic Vincent...sweet memories old friend! My profile pic has a whole group of the OG's hangin out for and end screen shot. GREAT STUFF. Im hosting an event within an event again in your honor at the mosque tower and maybe we can all just base the tower for ya one time! WE NEED CRATES>>LOL pilot kits aint free. Hey...if ya could...would you blow the whistle for DOG!! WE SEEM TO HAVE LOST HIM! Thanks BRO.. LOVE YOU AND DEEPLY MISS YOU MY FRIEND ...REST IN PEACE BROTHER MAN!! See you next weekend!! NEVER FORGET
  8. Welcome CHERRY...We can always use some good AT! Thanks for hanging
  9. Welcome ASko... you have found an awesome community. Thanks for scratching with us!!! Do join us on Teamspeak and Discord!! https://discord.gg/fY6pbKSw Teamspeak
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