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  1. If there is old school killing that needs to be done...COUNT ME IN!!!..Im as OLD SCHOOL as ya can get!!! *Special shout out to Melon..Thanks man!!!
  2. Welcome!! It may have taken you awhile to find us...But lock it in.. We also have a Discord and TeamSpeak servers ..Feel free to join us!!! https://discord.gg/ TeamSpeak is
  3. Im down to roll with STARK & KAV^^^...put me someplace within shouting distance Death Dealer...That Gold tooth is MINE!!!
  4. where did you find this relic...cough cough
  5. Welcome aboard...fun group of gamers... If ya need any help ..just give us a shout on Discord or Team Speak see ya out there!!!
  6. WELCOME DUDE!!...Awesome group of gaming hommmies.... Dont be afraid to join us on Team Speak See ya out there bro. *FYI a guy named 22 may ask about your "nipples"...just tell him you prefer "HAIRLESS"...you will thank me later
  7. Time to come HOME buddy!! Miss ya mate!
  8. sorry to hold you guys up man...always seems to be the case with this game...its new ..Im new to it...shits not aligned yet..ive gotten past most of them, but apparently not all of them.
  9. Nice work man!! Ill try to get off work. put me somewhere useless...lol
  10. Me and Kush are trying to get in training server but the pass isnt working


  11. Weird Numbers???...kinda fits
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