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  1. Im crashing alot so put me someplace non critical please...Id like OPFOR but its limited and dont wanna take up a spot if Im gonna mess it up.
  2. AWW shit...the Oman from BFp4f...See you on the hotel KAV!!!
  3. Delta medic if we are not running ACE please..Im gonna try to skip work!!!
  4. Welcome Steel...We HEAR ya...Leemah Charlie.. Thanks for joining US!!!... CU on the battlefield
  5. Reserve rifleman...I might have to work, but make it by 3pm EST
  6. ill do medic if we arent running ace otherwise...spotter Thank You sir...holy fak
  7. Welcome to our little slice of heaven Shadow...Check us out on Discord and TeamSpeak.. We also have Arma3 servers for your gaming pleasures...Enjoy!!!
  8. Incredibly its been its been 5 faking years man...WOW.. We have alot of new faces round here and the heart of our beloved VG beats on stronger than ever. Nabil is our newest member..you might remember him..Im sure hell be blazin with us at the mosque..The updates keep rolling out for PR, new maps that (as usual) crash..LMFAO..Some things never change my friend...You may have shed a tear for our 2nd favorite map Jabal being removed!!!..I did lol..I will be hosting the event within your event as usual...M8 is selling the VIP passes again!! Now... if we can just get him to keep his shirt on ...maybe we wont get kicked out this year.. Blunts and brews at the mosque tower ...Smoke up Johnny.. Throbbing Gristle is handling the hookers this year, (as Binary dropped with ball last year with the ballon guy)...hold onto your taint!!! Shes a buckin!!! See ya at the event..I cant wait!!! YOUR TRULY MISSED MY FRIEND... PS: Fist bump =VG=Skiddles for US!!
  9. Just speechless!!! Rest easy old friend.. What a SOLID VG brother! ..Praying for any1 you still gave a shit about!! Give one to Vincent James for me... You will be sadly missed , but never FORGOTTEN Can we make one of the AI bot names Skiddles?
  10. I liked it the night time layer, but otherwise, definitely over played Archer was a good choice for recycle bin!
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