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  1. Dont forget to vote for Project Reality... MODDB Project Reality: Battlefield 2 mod - Mod DB its a long shot I know!!
  2. Found a great spot for my VG ARMY sticker
  3. God Bless Our Veterans and Our Troops!!! Miss you Vincent James!!! Im taking the day off to binge some PR and ARMA..
  4. I dont see meloni or Death ..HEHE...so count 2 more in there but Great turn out guys!! Well done, I think....My eyes still hurt from the first map, but crank up the brightness I think everyone had a GOOD time..Very nice weekend get together I would like to try insurgency maybe...Dont they get to arrest people??
  5. Welcome Back!!! I was attached to 1st Brigade in 2AD for DS...Also in 3/66 AR but at Ft Hood..we closed the 5ID at Ft Polk in 93-94
  6. Instead of mailing the stickers to him...he opted to donate to the VG website and a few games off his STEAM wishlist. Thanks for playin BRO and Thanks for you doantion!!
  7. If there is old school killing that needs to be done...COUNT ME IN!!!..Im as OLD SCHOOL as ya can get!!! *Special shout out to Melon..Thanks man!!!
  8. Im down to roll with STARK & KAV^^^...put me someplace within shouting distance Death Dealer...That Gold tooth is MINE!!!
  9. where did you find this relic...cough cough
  10. Time to come HOME buddy!! Miss ya mate!
  11. sorry to hold you guys up man...always seems to be the case with this game...its new ..Im new to it...shits not aligned yet..ive gotten past most of them, but apparently not all of them.
  12. Nice work man!! Ill try to get off work. put me somewhere useless...lol
  13. Me and Kush are trying to get in training server but the pass isnt working


  14. can i get the radio frequencies now...I need to pratice. i wont bog you down on the event Could i be someones canteen?
  15. DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOG!!!!!  Come Home!!!!!...I blowing the shit out of the silent whistle!!!!

    1. =VG= 0100011000101

      =VG= 0100011000101

      it's been a year now!


      you don't have to move your lazy ass to the battlefield, but a sign of life would be nice...



      HOLY SHIT MAN...I fakin miss all the OG's....

  16. Yes please...i only made it for 1 run. I kinda of enjoy telling Vincent's story, even tho its tragic. I truly miss him and it kinda helps the community. Helps us both honestly.
  17. im confused...i thought it said the event was today? the 22nd?????? Fak me!!!!
  18. Dear Vincent, Holy shit man!!! 3 years...Seriously?? Seems like yesterday for me bro! Most of the old hommies are still around ....some have drifted away, ARMA3 is the HOT topic in town. We have gotten another update with some improvements and fresh maps. You always loved Muttrah though, but it really seemed like it didnt matter what map was running, you always seemed to find a hilarious/qwirky way of having a total BLAST!! I can only imagine the fun we would have had with the drag feature for the medics...(Vincent drags you around like a rag doll laughing hysterically). I totally miss that! We did a HMMV turret stuff the other night...you woulda been PROUD! So many people just laughing and having fun man...SHEW...I LOVE IT!! Vincent is one of the 12 or so guys on my profile pick from that end screen..THAT kinda fun!! Ive gotten invited to be an ADMIN for the coop server....what a workout sometimes...LMAO, but still lets me help the VG guys out. I'm purchasing the VIP experience package from M8 for both of us on YOUR DAY.. I cant faking wait.....He said "EPIC"...now that kinda leaves a lot of room for speculation, but Im guessin something like WINDOW SEATS AT THE MOSQUE TOWER...So, if ya get a chance...SMOKE UP THE TOWER FOR Crazy Vet!!! WE ALL MISS YOU bud!! Love You man! Peace Chris
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