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  1. Crazy medic kits would be issued without smoke. Medic death toll will be over the top!
  2. Early day's with the new map. https://youtu.be/ubPQF62vpMs ( was captured before I installed OBS so there are glitchs)
  3. With respect to BOT ability, accuracy etc. Is it possible to set different levels for different BOTS? Say 10% at level 10, 20% at level 9, 30% at level 8, etc etc etc? So they are more like the human players? Some really good, most kinda average and few noobs?
  4. Playing around with some new video editing software. Thought I would share my first attempt. Couple of issues in the production process. Seems YouTube compresses oddly so some effects didn't come out as intended. I welcome comments and any advice from seasoned video producers. Cheers!
  5. Now that I've had a few hours game play on different maps I will say the changes are great. Game play is much more challenging and I love that seasoned players are not "owning" the top score list anymore. Seems that now things are less predictable the playing field is a little more equal between seasoned and newish players. The negatives for me is a: how much I get suppressed by enemy I can not even see. I'm using a scoped weapon getting suppressed by iron sights from 1/2 way across the map. And b: the amount of whining coming from seasoned players about it being to hard, LOL
  6. I am really enjoying the change(s). It can be a slog when we have a lot of inexperienced players in the population who don't understand the game let alone the strategy needed to win the map. From an ADMIN perspective, it is a nightmare ATM. The combination of new players, changes and people who just don't know what they are doing is causing me to increase my blood thinners in order to maintain my alcohol system balance. I'm lov'in it Melon and thanks for all the hard work and thought you are putting into this and thank you ZEE for the changes you are making! It is all working GREAT!!
  7. IMHO, statistics, like these, are useless when there is little or no balancing with respect to server population, player ability, map voting, server crash. It is like that stat that says most car accidents happen within 10KM of home. Seeing that your car spends most of its time within 10KM of home, where else are you "most likely" to have a crash? I think the ADMINS do a great job picking the right map for the circumstances at the time. Interesting read thou, oh, note these numbers are over a three month period.
  8. Thanks for the promotion to membership! Very cuff! 

  9. Some recent things from work. We work with brass and aluminium.
  10. =VG= Skiddles

    PSU help

    My rule of thumb for power supplies regardless of application has always been 1.5 X maximum current draw. Reduces PSU failure, gives me peace of mind should I choose add anything later.
  11. I'd like to see a planned speed run on any of our more difficult maps. When I say planned, I really mean planned in that the team formulates an attack plan in TS before we venture on to the battle field. Maybe get Melon involved to "crank up" difficulty, change spawn points so we don;t know where they are, even lay un-marked enemy mines/IED's. Then lets see how fast we can do it!
  12. Thrilled to hear you are enjoying the VG server and our crew. Welcome and I look forward to popping some bots with you!
  13. Just saying that if the files were compressed using the "self-extracting" option then a double click is all that's needed to extract the files. No "un-zipping" software needed. I still can't work out why there is/was an issue with the event files. I got 7 WIN installed and it worked fine. Just not in time to get into the match. (sad face)
  14. Can you make the DL files self-extracting?
  15. Timing is difficult for me too but I'll try to make at least one of the two events.
  16. Video was taken from inside a car and that is a reflection on the windscreen. Pulse Jet?
  17. What Kave said mate. Its cool to put down emplacements to stop back capping. Wrong to put them down blocking enemy advance from main, etc. I will say that some SL's put down so many emplacements pushing what I would call excessive, where it limits friendly movement. Mutt map is a good example. It sometimes get to the point where APC's must travel dangerous routes for re-supply/repair.
  18. The only useful task the commander should do other than the occasional arty. Well said keed. Qiezi, you played the role of commander on canyons a few days ago, removed a FOB that was later needed at a critical juncture in the game. I had placed the FOB early in the game because from my experience, the numbers we had on the server it would be needed. My prediction was correct and we struggled while you were barking panic orders which were largely ignored. I don't believe you have developed the skills, knowledge, or earned the respect of the player base to effectively play the role of commander. Don't feel bad, I have not developed the skills or earned the respect of the player base either, and I surely wouldn't expect them to take commands from me. Play infantry dude. Learn to play it well and prove your worth, earn the respect, and develop the skills first.
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