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  1. Hello mate, welcome to the server! See you on the battlefield.
  2. So nice, hope everyone gets the chance to enter.
  3. Hello, I just want to share something that I found very useful for me (as a guy using keyboard without number pad keys) which is customizing/changing the Shortcuts of squad leaders voice chat on pr mumble For each squad: SL1: insert SL2: Home SL3: Page up SL4: Delete SL5: End SL6: Page down SL7: , "Comma" SL8: . "Dot" SL9: / "Slash" Then you have to change some keybinds on the game settings, so they don't mixed up: 1-controls setting>common>communication: vote yes: = "equal sign" vote no: - "minus sign" 2-controls setting>common>miscellaneous: just delete the secondary keybind of Squad screen and console. Note: You can change the shortcuts/keybinds to whatever you feel comfortable with. *the reason why I'm posting this topic, because I see a lot of SLs not responding for voice chat or some of them using the "all SLs voice chat" which is Annoying some times, that's it! I hope this topic will be useful for you, have fun!
  4. Adak was so good i really like that snow effect at the first flag, I feel having an attack helicopter like the Z-10 or whatever the have beside one jet will be better because the jet is kinda hard to land, we only managed to get refinery because we were only four dudes that time, so that's all of what i got for this map. black gold was so normal for me like any other layers. I hope we get more players next time.
  5. Welcome to the VG Army! :drinks: 

  6. Hey there, my name is Blacky with a KOD clan tag, you don't see speaking a lot because English is not my main language. I have been playing PR for a 1 year, I like playing vehicles especially (tank, jet, heli).I also play FPS, strategy, simulation, stealth and some horror games. I like the teamwork play and communication stuff so I found PR the right place for me.
  7. Path of Giants looks good. thanks!
  8. Nice work I suggest adding one more tank for US army.
  9. BlackY


    Just type your email(Picture number 1) Then click Forgot Password You will get a message in the inbox Click Reset the password inside the message(Picture number 2) Create a new password(Picture number 3) Click Change Password
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