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Squad leader voice chat


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I just want to share something that I found very useful for me (as a guy using keyboard without number pad keys) which is customizing/changing the Shortcuts of squad leaders voice chat on pr mumble For each squad:

SL1:  insert
SL2:  Home
SL3:  Page up
SL4:  Delete
SL5:  End
SL6:  Page down
SL7:  , "Comma"
SL8:  . "Dot"
SL9:  / "Slash"

Then you have to change some keybinds on the game settings, so they don't mixed up:

1-controls setting>common>communication:

vote yes:  = "equal sign"
vote no:  - "minus sign"

2-controls setting>common>miscellaneous: just delete the secondary keybind of Squad screen and console.

Note: You can change the shortcuts/keybinds to whatever you feel comfortable with.

*the reason why I'm posting this topic, because I see a lot of SLs not responding for voice chat or some of them using the "all SLs voice chat" which is Annoying some times, that's it!

I hope this topic will be useful for you,

have fun!

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