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  1. I am actually saving money for a motorcycle, this is an American motorcycle brand called Indian and luckly we can buy them in Czech Republic too.
  2. This puts a smile on my face, thank you. It's like the zee's meme about adak and operation archer, absolute gold.
  3. It's the factorio base spaghetti again!, i like the clear sky over Kyiv it sound similar to a dark electro, i am into that kind of stuff, reminds me of overwerks music, i love this guy, he is able to put orchestra into electro in a really original way.
  4. You have reached a new level of ascencion on Langs maps. Have you used the AA rounds? they have a trigger radius when shooting planes down.
  5. It was a mistake not really meant to happen, there were changes for deployment and somehow it killed uav in coop. Don't worry none uses it anyways. But will be fixed.
  6. Also we have disabled uav in all of the coop maps, i have been nerfed. We know about the issue.
  7. Fields of kassel mgs are fully functional, ghost operators are not a thing, it's just that usa in ww2 has invented automatic sentry guns.
  8. Ha ha! let's go. *Updated AI to be able to use area attacks.* This ain't april fools, just one wicked idea.
  9. Neat event though i am not sure if this looks right, i have forums in the forums. ,ah it's the link i suppose nwm. I thought i was trippin for a while.
  10. I could try to look at some maps that have some quality of life issues, Though they have already like 4 layers done in the queue from me.
  11. Well basically almost every map that has alot of foliage, which La Drang is a speciality for this. Being shot at by something you cannot see is very annoying, and only way to usually win these fights is to absolutely ignore the bots and make a big circle of running around them.
  12. Someone save me we got people stealing stuff with full server and no admins. Edit1: it took us like 5 minutes but we got the tank back, as it seems some people dont understand what apc stands for. Edit2: send help EDIT3: we have the eye of Sauron the prism watching over us now.
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