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  1. Farewell Skiddles. let the VG spirit guide you.
  2. The PVPVE might be fun for some people, but i don't know how about you, i hate playing bluefor and fighting my 0 odds in unbalanced map, and i aswell hate playing opfor for the same reason, it feels unfair and not rewarding at all. Also who ever thought playing khami std will be a good idea on this server? Making a layers for this yes definitely i am sure most of the people would be happy, but on the actual in game maps hell no. Poke zeee around, he seems to have alot of fun and alot of free time doing these
  3. Why don't you just make a deployment server at this point, you have PLENTY of new layers to play with, same community to play with obviously if vg minions will follow, and also maps designed to have a pvp in it, coop maps were not designed for pvp, have no balance what so ever, and on many of them the bluefor does not even have an ai bot spawn points on them which means bluefor needs to capture first flag really quickly, which most of the time is almost impossible with opfor having bots on flags and later on players. I mean sure, it's something new for the players it's great, but i really do not enjoy playing on opfor as it is highly unfair to the opposing side. Of course there are rare occasions where some layers kind of work, the maps wont be redesigned for pvp as their main purpose is coop only so don't seek help in that.
  4. It is what it is man, these kind of things always happen rarely, i found out that i am kind of a magnet for these things even though i am not trying to find or start any of this. There is so many ways that he could do to prevent this from happening, he could have locked the squad telling us that he waits for someone, or the least he could have asked with the magic word please to bring the helo back that its he fault and he forgot about his friend, but phrasing it the way he did and after he jumps on a jet he suddenly realizes mid game through that he wants to play apache. Dick move brother.
  5. Those players keep lying, there would be nothing for to invite binary into the squad, they are playing innocent while admin is online, i am writing everything down here because i know its true, i know its in the logs and i want to let everyone know how everything went and how these players act, i always speak out loud when there are people like these, these kind of people have no respect to others neither should they be in this kind of server. Sometimes there are occasions where !r command is not enough and a honest report is in place. I have done it with blackburn because if i were supposed to keep reporting these people, i would not get my hands of from keyboard typing !r and i just want to play the game in peace and respect others in hope they will respect us back.
  6. Hello! i would like to write down a complain about some actions that happened around 00:00 ZULU time on bijar std, i don't like doing this, i usually just do my thing with !r command though this is kind of a complain that is probably a bit too long for the amount of symbol limit i can put in pr, i especially dont like writing this down publicly but i am doing this because i wanna know if any other people are being treated in a same way as me by these players, It has been a long while since i writed down a complain onto someone. So start of the game bijar std, sniper igor hits me up if we wanna fly apache together, alright fine let's do it, we both join cas which sniper igor asks if we may fly the apache together which no response comes out squad lead Masrey goes instantly to jet with a fourth guy joining after us aswell, we take the apache been a 5 minutes doing fine clearing out the bridge from vehicles and tows then suddenly a 777 joins which then we are met with a order from squad lead that we are supposed to come back with the apache and leave the vehicle which obviously will kick us from squad since there will be no other vehicles to play as, ight we kept our heads cool i was a bit confused at start, igor then proceeds to be reported for stealing cas while being in a cas squad i am not sure if it was the same person with the !r. Sadly right when that happened sniper got a crash of pr which obviously crashed the helicopter which meant a kick for both of us and i think another !r for igor wasting the asset, that was a very unfortunate series of events. After that we keep our heads cool even though i was steaming a bit inside i did not expressed any of my feelings to this kind person, we decided to join tank squad we take the tanks everything is fine, i decided to keep my eye on the squad lead which they switched and now the Wolf47 comes in place, a member of U777 and the guy he kicked us for to play in the apache, it did not lasted long they died within a short time and decided to steal AA which i used our magic tool !r which binary stepped in and did the right thing, which after that he was called a wallmart sale admin, impressive choice of words in there, then also cas proceeded to tell us that we are not doing the job of killing enemy cas, i am in a TANK, you are a cas your main job is to provide air supperioty over the battlefield. Everything just kept on going after that they both managed to get around 45 kills within the two and a half of play time of this map, which again i don't mind how many kills you got but if you force someone out for an asset and then proceed to play poorly then there is something wrong. Then i got a squad lead in tank, alright fine i start to be a bit more talkative, giving info over the battlefield and enemy vehicles, which then i am replied from the same person Wolf47 with *keep crying* in the squad lead chat and some baby noises that kept on going for quite a while. I again kept my head cool did not respond with a single bad word or any kind of attack on the person. The end of the game was quite chill since whiskey was later on in the cas and i think the =VG= tag brought them enough of fear, last time i made such a long complain was about blackburn and if our community has a tag *Good people great teamplay* These two guys have way too far from that. I still think you have no right to force someone out of your asset squad, that you suddenly decide you have someone else to play with. God's mills grind slowly, but surely.
  7. They are spawning at the front flags, use the tracker tool its there for a reason, if you kill them well then obviously they don't like you and will try to keep a distance from you, maybe if you ask them nicely, its always where are the bots ??? but you never ask how are they...
  8. You didn't had to tell them that.
  9. I remember i played the stug with polish i think, and we had some impressive comms between us, great shooting aswell, that was the most rewarding tank play i had in a long while.
  10. Not my work, since i am under NDA i had to ask if i can leak this information then i have been told its not a leak if dev says it, its an unintended announcement so i will go with that, obviously it still requires some testing and Arab is doing gods work right now to make it work. I am not working much on layers lately but i for sure try to keep my layers in a working an fun state, i am trying to spend my time on learning model exporting into this game.
  11. You my friend have been livin under a rock for the past couple years? transport plane is not a thing though you can make it so the transport plane hovers over the certain point of a map so people can spawn on it, but as i said i don't wanna be to quick making this map suddenly way easier than it should. Also i have been given permission to make an unintended annoucement that mortar smoke might be working against bots by Arab [R-Dev] which could make life on many maps like these much more easier.
  12. I totally understand that moving over a map especially a WW2 is hard, without a trans or any other fast mover, this map is the only 4km ww2 map so it definitely has visible flaws in this category, I am a busy man, so i have made only a large layer so far and large layers of mine are always hard, they are designed for a challenge and pain and should be only played if you know your team is capable enough. Though i can tell when layer has become not enjoyable at all. About this i sadly cannot do anything bots will always shoot through foliage, that is also basically why we do play ghost train because sometimes we are masochists. This is something i might consider, i have done it for bijar lrg and adak lrg aswell, this should definitely help alot with the slow moving ground vehicles that ww2 has. About missing bots on first flags is again a problem i cannot fix, only way to fix this is doing maps in one line with no multiple flags on one stage, i would have to break into a CanadaDICE office and steal their library for AI for redesigning their ai brains. But i think indeed the main issue here is the lack of helo trans, i have designed this map in a same way i do in every other layers and i don't think i have considered the influance from helicopters that is missing in ww2 maps. The map also might get a delayed paratrooper spawn points but i will think about this one still, i don't like people suiciding for a better spawnpoint. Also I just wanna say that if you wanna talk about some changes or feedback regarding a map layers this forums are not it, vg cannot alter their layers, so please next time feedback is appreciated on realitymod.com if you want to have some changes done on the maps, luckly i do read these forums and i appreciate a feedback on my layers but sometimes it is something i cannot touch and other devs don't read these forums at all. I am just saying the way it is, the more influence is visible on the main forums regarding something the higher the chance it will be taken care of. Obviously to a certain point, we are not wizards not everything can be done.
  13. so that's why i kept getting moved into arma channel on teamspeak, to take some pictures with y'all lads
  14. pausechamp has turned into a pogchamp well done.
  15. I am actually saving money for a motorcycle, this is an American motorcycle brand called Indian and luckly we can buy them in Czech Republic too.
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