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  1. BROOOO I hate you :')... Bali has been in my heart for months now, and I'm simply waiting on beter covid times so I can go visit the beautiful Indonesian archipelago again... Between the breathtaking sights, people, food and culture, truly one of my most memorable places ever visited. Great pictures! Please share more
  2. Very ergonomic indeed, though this usually means you'll have to download and run an EXE-file, which may cause your antivirus/antimalware to go into Def Con 5 and block execution. Google Chrome, as well as other browsers probably, will also throw red flags when you try to download an indie-created EXE-file and (depending on your security settings) may outright prevent you from downloading it. This is one reason why data is usually shared as non-self-extracting zip/rar/7z archives.
  3. I have a script for auto-extracting maps and mods for MineCraft. If you think it would be helpful I can tweak the code to work for PR maps.
  4. If you want, I can have a look at optimising your model further. Got a whole set of imported PR meshes that I optimised for use in instructional videos Blender is bae
  5. Operation BobCat STD Mumble will globally stop working for everyone, sometimes it works again later but sometimes doesn't. It almost seems like it's flag-tied but I can't rally see a pattern.
  6. Yamalia STD, no kits can be requested. Main base repair station, dropped crates and APCs all don't give kits. It keeps saying 'You need to be close to a...'. One can only take pilot kits from helicopters.
  7. Meh, that is indeed lame... Do we already know of a confirmed working fix that could be considered? I'm not aware of what "Melon's fixes" actually implies.
  8. I'm a fan, it allows for very precise insanely-powered CAS when requested, on those maps where that's welcome. Whilst hovering you're pretty vulnerable, which brings a good balance IMO.
  9. So the server can finally run Minecraft ! Paid my part. Go =VG=!
  10. @=VG= 0100011000101 @Condrad the main static danger is a charge building up on your vacuum's nozzle. All the hairs, dust and other crap passes through that 1 concentrated hole. This can potentially build up enough static charge to fry a component if you bring the nozzle too close to one of them when enough charge is built up. Canned air is free of dust, so nothing that violently rubs the inside of the canned air nozzle as it exits. The risk is rather low, but enough for some shops/manufacturers to not bring vacuums too close. My friend used to repair PC's before covid and he'd use a vacuum at a few inches distance, which would suck all the dust that he blew off with bursts of compressed air. He'd never let a vacuum part touch or get too close to any component.
  11. Best marine biology connoisseur: @LangMaster
  12. I'd like to nominate a few players as best-in-slot for the following categories: Best trans pilot: @=VG= Acro1 Best CAS pilot/gunner: @=VG= Acro1 Best medic: @=VG= Acro1 Best all-round infantry operator: @=VG= Acro1 Best dirtbike driver: =VG= Binary @=VG= Acro1 Best squad leader and morale booster: @=VG= Acro1 Best tank/APC squad operator: @=VG= Acro1 Now on a more sincere note: I nominate... everyone. For every slot/position. Have been very positively surprised by several unknown faces in the past few weeks, so to me everyone is potentially a great player in his/her slot. There's always those names you remember ofc, but I'm happy that that list keeps growing for now I love the intention though and I've known that other thread on the PR forums!
  13. If you hold Shift to focus w ironsight, then open and close the capslock map whilst holding shift still, the focus will stay zoomed even if you release shift. Feels kinda cheaty cuz you can enable the slight zoom 'permanently' this way.
  14. Arma needs way more horsepower to run smoothly, and the performance on almost any server I've seen is laughable. I played Invade / Annex for many hours and the experience isnt the same as PR. Rubberbanding, bots that die in unconvincing ways and messed up physics at times. Flying to a point for 5 minutes, then spending another 5-10 minutes walking to your target is another moodkiller for me. I can play PR for 20 minutes or 5 hours and contribute either way, but Arma needs much more time dedication. PR also has way snappier combat mechanics. A vehicle is hit and blows up. I shoot a guy and he either dies or is alive. Arma sometimes offs the guy 5s after I shoot him after bugging out like hell i was really hoping that Squad would inherit the full 'glory days' spirit of PR...
  15. People like @HombreDeSombrero are the reason we don't enforce mics
  16. Lol @=VG= .Blizzard. I don't know when you last played but may have been a bad streak I feel like these are the players one gets annoyed about the most, but let's never forget about the other side. The Skirmishers, Skitalez's, Skiddles, Spartanishes and many others who don't start with an S but are equally great teamworkers. The positive, in my experience, far outweighs the negative. Also, if a certain map becomes harder because a certain asset squad is not super competent, doesn't that just add a nice layer of depth for infantry cuz now they gotta switch tactics? I kinda feel like Covid gave PR a slight boost in playercount, and with that came a few new but worthy players. Yeah you get the no-mic no-type peeps and asset stealers sure, but we can always take care of them. That's why we have a strong admin team. The last days whenever I played, about 20% of people I saw would classify as the bored retards that you describe. The others were always involved and helping. We had 40-player server nights where I could barely notice the stupid apples around because the 75% pop that is smart was doing some great heavy lifting and great work. PR is not the game for bored, jump-n-dump players. If they leave, that's good in my book. I'm more concerned about good, capable players who would've stayed but are leaving because of a negative athmosphere or idiots calling them noobs. The loud-mouths should be corrected, the newbies taught. Every week I notice at least 1 new player saying 'ello guyz, I em new pleyeur, how I take wepon?' and I don't even play that much. So I think PR is not a dead game, the community is what makes it and the community is dope. Our community is dope. Honestly to me the bots are great now. I love the smoke mechanic, I love their sniper-with-a-G3 accuracy that keeps you on your toes. Had a great round with Skirmisher's squad a few night ago and we were getting PUMMELED to hell, but that was awesome! The challenge, the jokes, the camaraderie, the teamwork. Shit, this is what makes this game beautiful. I'll gladly pass on the quick-dopamine-boost-from-winning-every-round junkies that come and go anyway. My main fear and the thing I hate most above all, is the players who make maps a routine. Cap here, go there, yell 'allahu akbar' at end screen and repeat. Fuck routine and fuck the dopamine addicts that come with it. PR has so much more, and I've seen that myself over the past days, which made this Acro a very happy Acro . Life is good. PR is good
  17. True, certain maps really need a high-value playerbase but even when we get 40 players and good skillz, I've not seen any Soul Rebel, Ghost Train or Korengal, and seen Dragon Fly like once I feel like we might lose out on great rounds on fun maps
  18. Hey bois. I heard some comments lately about the same maps being overplayed, today someone asked "Why we almost never play Kozelsk, Soul Rebel etc?". I myself am guilty of simply forgetting that certain maps exist, so I wanna put the map numbers here again to remind everyone about the wide variety of maps that we have. We oftenly do mapvotes pretty late and then we don't have time to really think about 'all' the maps anymore, so the usual ones keep returning. Certain maps are better than others for sure, but by reading this list I kinda realised that "damn, I just forgot about the existence of Falklands, Kozelsk, Shijia etc even though I loved playing them" cuz the others come up so often. Hope it can do the same for you ! Especially since some of the popular 'challenging' maps have seemingly gotten easier, we could draw some more inspiration here to fill the gap. Below is a chart of how often each map has been played since PR 1.6 release on May 1st, 2020. Chart (click to enlarge) Numbers muttrah_city_2 903 kashan_desert 693 jabal 662 khamisiyah 486 pavlovsk_bay 372 ramiel 307 black_gold 266 bamyan 254 albasrah_2 237 kokan 222 kafar_halab 214 fallujah_west 206 burning_sands 191 beirut 187 qwai1 184 operation_marlin 173 assault_on_grozny 167 vadso_city 148 masirah 148 sbeneh_outskirts 140 bijar_canyons 129 carentan 124 silent_eagle 122 op_barracuda 120 kozelsk 119 saaremaa 104 operation_archer 100 operation_falcon 93 omaha_beach 79 hades_peak 79 iron_thunder 79 shijiavalley 78 gaza_2 74 shahadah 68 merville 64 iron_ridge 62 lashkar_valley 62 asad_khal 61 fools_road 61 sahel 56 karbala 54 charlies_point 54 dragon_fly 50 wanda_shan 47 route 44 musa_qala 41 korengal 39 battle_of_ia_drang 37 dovre_winter 37 ulyanovsk 35 brecourt_assault 34 the_falklands 32 tad_sae 32 operation_soul_rebel 32 goose_green 31 xiangshan 28 dovre 27 reichswald 24 operation_thunder 23 nuijamaa 20 operation_ghost_train 19 assault_on_mestia 17 hill_488 12 outpost 3 adak 1 Peace!
  19. @Condrad Having done design in Blender and Sketchup for about 10+ years (on and off), my answer is the same: It depends. Will you make drawings, plans, or renders? Do you need material/stresstesting? Product render size/photorealism/ complexity and detail-level of your models all play a part. Give us some details, so we can assist you better, both on system and software: Will you make concept designs or blueprints? Does your work need to be technically relevent, or pleasing to the eye, or both? Do you intend to translate the design into measurement plans or is this just to create concepts? Suppose you make a 3D-visualisation, a 'realistic' render. Should this image be as photorealistic as possible? Or will a more obvious CGI-look be good enough? Do you plan to design furnitures piece by piece, or will you also create entire room designs? The latter requires more RAM and VRAM for rendering. In general, designing is a resource-heavy task that requires a PC stronger than what you need for Word and internet browsing. To top it off, not all design software has been greatly optimized in the past years, so RAM gobbling is not too uncommon.
  20. @=VG= m823us what is the game like? Realistic/shooter-y, and is the community teamwork-focused or rather blast'em past'em?
  21. @Zeee I've updated the PR COOP RULES page to include that squad leaders must communicate. Literally everyone already agreed on this, but it slipped through somewhere and wasn't written down 'officially'. This is now set in stone . I'll have a look at the rules page and see if we can make them more skimmable and easy to read. Like @System said, you have a follow button at the top of the page that notifies you upon change.
  22. As a squad leader it's much preferred to have a microphone, but not disaster if you don't have one. Think of the succesful 'inf no mic' squads for example, that can work pretty well. This is the reason we don't enforce a strict 'all SLs must have microphones' policy. I myself lead the occasional Trans/NoMicInf squad and it works out pretty well. NoMic squads are a tad slower than VOIP squads, but that's far from problematic. IMO, forcing the use of microphones for squad leads will improve anything, as it will also shrink our pool of good squad leaders that are willing to 'do the job'. When you experience problems with a no-mic user, it's usually the person himself and not the lack of a mic. Whenever I play after 22:00 I cant use mic because my family sleeps, and I've never had complaints. Compare this to someone like PRBF2TROJAN (or whatever his name is) who doesnt have a mic AND doesn't communicate. Those are the problematic cases. If there's any doubt, let this memo clear it up: For squad leaders, microphones are not required but communication IS REQUIRED, and non-communicating squad leaders ARE breaking our rules! Players can report their SL's if they don't talk/type at all, and they should be dealt with and resigned if necessary. Exchange of info within and between squads is the backbone of our beautiful game, so we can't have squad leaders fucking off doing their own thing. Personally I'd also make it a habit to remove non-responsive players from your squad, so that eventually they'll get bored and leave. Harsh as it may sound, there are thousands of games available for the zero-comms type people. PR is not one of them. Important footnote: @Zeee makes a good point: certain rules are not always clear, and some info is lost in versions or website updates. I'll have a look at our official PRCOOP rules page, and make sure to update it accordingly. Thanks for bringing this up!
  23. @PRBF2TROJANEXE I'm getting it too. The issue lies with the website itself, not your own computer. Web service certificates allow websites to use the HTTPS protocol. It's that fancy padlock you see in your URL bar that shows you have a secure connection to the website. This means that the data you send (messages, passwords etc) are encrypted, so they can't easily be snooped by people trying to steal your data. This certificate doesn't last forever, it requires renewal from time to time. When it expires or if your browser detects something else wrong with it, you'll get the warning that you screenshotted. This is because an invalid SSL certiticate could also indicate that the website has been hacked, and your data is being snooped. In this case, I believe that this is just a little error somewhere and not a malicious attack BUT for optimal safety, you should still: - not send any private or sensitive data on this website until the SSL certificate is restored - If you entered your password after seeing this error, change your password Likely excessive, but better safe than sorry @=VG= SemlerPDX has control of web-related shiz, he'll take a look when he notices this.
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