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  1. Been speaking to the modders in charge of this specific mod and are having a hard time getting attention. Some quality work has been put into it and for fans of Star Wars or sci-fi in general makes it feel like a new game. Just a small snippet of what the mod looks like, tho this barely scratches the surface on what's planned. Here's a link to their discord for anyone interested in following the development or want to join in the events they host. https://discord.gg/KCqcsP Hope you don't mind me advertising here lol
  2. Due to unforeseen issues I think I may need to pull out. That being said I don't think teams will be full so if I manage to make it i'll tag along any open spots. Cheers, hopefully play soon!
  3. Haven't played squad in a long while but ill take a Medic if available preferably on blufor, tho I don't mind filling any spots with the least amount of people.
  4. https://www.realitymod.com/forum/showthread.php?t=149477 It is indeed my friend.
  5. https://www.moddb.com/mods/project-reality/news/project-reality-bf2-v16-announced Just wondering if anyone knows if this is true, seems a bit suspicious being so closely released to April 1st. One statement in particular made me scratch my head and think it really was an April fools prank. But it states "Many new features have been added such as the ability to drag bodies, ejector seats in aircraft, improved lag compensation and parachutes opening automatically." Just wanted someone to read through maybe give their thoughts, as being able to drag bodies could be a very interesting mechanic possibly a game changer. It does also state the WW2 will be in the mix which I know they've been working on for some time which also gives this article some legitimacy.
  6. There seems to be no kit limit for any map, we just had a squad of 8 HAT Kits and 8 Medics in another. It doesn't seem to be all the time. Seems to pick and choose when the bug works tho, I haven't figured out how to replicate it just yet. I first noticed yesterday, I don't remember which map. And again just seen it on Kokan std
  7. Midgee


    Personally i would say Arma just because of the sense of scale alone. While it has some similarities to PR its also its own beast in its own right! Includes a huge amount of vehicles,weaponry and garments, this makes it great for setting up events and keeping them different, not to mention the bot support. The downside is people can take the milsim in Arma too the extreme. Squad again another great game especially if you're looking for something a bit more updated to fill the spot that PR has left, however in its current state (optimisation) the lack of vehicles and such is a real hindrance. However i think the sights and sounds in squad are incredibly immersive, some very good maps to go with it. Just a very brief overview, i own both and they are quite vastly different from each other, so if you have the funds i'd recommend getting them both (Arma is on sale ALOT)
  8. That's exactly what that is, it would all make sense if i had managed to get her in the pic too xd
  9. Well seeing as i got asked the question if i was a black man on PR the other week, (not sure why i get asked that so often) i thought i'd clear that up and show you my pasty white self! Both relatively old pics, few years ago, couldn't find anything more recent. I was highly intoxicated on both of these occasions!
  10. @Sausag3 @=VG= Blazer @deathdealer203 Sorry gents not gonna be there. I literally just got in from work, didn't realise i was on call (again).
  11. Just bought Elite a few days ago and i have to say I've had a blast so far, gonna have so much more fun with people when i find some to play with.
  12. Don't know what kind of Brit i am if i don't sign up for crumpets. If Sausage will have me that is. Ill take teabag dispersal kit.
  13. =VG= Kavelenko Much appreciated man, but it seems I've been assigned to Alpha as a riflemen, as long as Jersans is cool with that i will play it out. Also are the maps available for download yet?
  14. Ill actually be able to attend this one fully, so i'm willing to be thrown into whatever squad will have me, no matter the kit.
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