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    • Hello everyone,

       I know a lot of people were making suggestions about limiting the mud size and although we cannot help everyone I think it would be great to see what mods people enjoy and do not like.

      So I've decided to start a list and see what people like and then put together a poll later on.

       This is just the information gathering stage, I am taking any and all suggestions for ARMA 3.  
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      (RAEL) Insurgency Arma 3

      Codename:  RAEL Insurgency
      Filename: VG_ins_SOAR3



      Insurgency S.O.A.R. Arma 3 is a remake of the pioneering ARMA 2 Insurgency mission that itself was a - Co-op based multi staged operation where allied forces are sent into theatre to seek out and discover Intel pertaining to enemy weapon caches with the objective of destroying said caches.
      With the assistance of a designated pilot and the ability for Squad leaders and team leaders to call air transport this dynamic - environment determined mission has been known to consume hours of RL! Please take care whilst playing this mission many devoices have occurred due to ARMA wife. Real ARMA Insurgency is back! Enjoy...


          COOP 32 Player slots, with selectable mission parameters
          IED's placed by enemy, Random EI patrols
          Moveable MHQ
          Self determined load out
          Para-Drop to AO or OA
          S.O.A.R. Transport for TL and SL
          S.O.A.R. CAS for Designated Pilot
          Vehicle Rearm at MHQ
          In theatre vehicle repair
          Self determined view/graphics distance settings
          Join in Progress
          Support for RHS and CUP mods and Islands
          Support ACE & ACRE & TFAR

      Mission Requirements:

      None - Vanilla....
      (RHS& CUP pre-allowed in script)
      RHS mod set: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2057020307
      CUP mod set: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2174257521
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