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AVCS4 Voice Control Radios for Falcon BMS 1.40

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About This File

*Please be sure to download the AVCS CORE Profile from this download section as well, it is now a requirement for any AVCS4 game profile I release, such as the upcoming Elite Dangerous profile, and more... 

*Originally, this was designed for Falcon BMS version 4.34 - since then, it has always been and will continue to be updated to work with the latest version of Falcon BMS. Pro tip: never include a game version in URL's or graphics ;)


Profile for VoiceAttack
by =VG= SemlerPDX


These commands use VoiceAttack to translate the in-game on-screen radio menus from AWACS through Tanker into natural and intelligent voice command phrases that will fire keypress macros to help keep hands on the throttle and stick, and maintain immersion.  As an additional option, these commands can be locked behind a push-to-talk mode bound to your UHF/VHF transmit buttons in-game, allowing any other VoiceAttack command unrestricted access if needed, while still restricting these BMS radio command macros.  Finally, this single advanced control profile is extremely easy to edit or integrate into other profiles.

At VETERANS-GAMING, we fly with friends or AI Pilots, or a mix of both on our 24/7 Public Korean Campaign in Falcon BMS. We may go out with an AI wingman only to have a friend take their place mid-flight.  For this reason and others, I created this VoiceAttack profile based around restricting when the computer can execute keypress macros that match voice phrases, having to first check if that pilot was set to a human pilot and therefore disregard commands for that pilot.

Thanks to user requests during the beta, there is now an optional mode to reverse the Human Pilots system, to assume all pilots are humans unless told otherwise, and also a system to choose a different keyboard layout than QWERTY.  I have also added an optional Audio Feedback Mode to play a short radio cue sound when a command is successfully recognized.

Included is a single profile that handles every callsign and radio command variation in Falcon BMS, with instructions on how to add any custom callsigns to the single profile. The focus of this profile is only on the in-game Radio Menus, and creating an immersive interaction layer through VoiceAttack that is easy to manage and update, or integrate into other Voice Control systems for Falcon BMS.  My goal was an intuitive system, so there is no user manual - only a few infographics and quick reference pic of all the radio commands.  I personally keep that final pic on my tablet for reference when flying, to find radio commands I seldom used in the past when they were more difficult to access while busy with HOTAS in the pit.

Say goodbye to the keyboard, and enjoy the immersion! Cheers!


Features:  see full details in post ↓


Sample Pics:  https://imgur.com/a/xuclI0a

(download file contents)

What's New in Version 1.40   See changelog



Please download updated final version of AVCS4 BMS (v1.40) and AVCS CORE (v1.0)!  Link below and updated in the main post above!  You don't have to remove the old 1.3.92 beta profile, but it is recommended to not use both at the same time or variables may get messed up.  Thanks to everyone for helping to finish up final testing and for your patience this year as I've been so busy with this website!

As I wrote in my post about the final public AVCS CORE v1.0 release, I cannot believe I'm finally here!  I've been working on this vision of a project for over a year and a half, and came up with the idea after the first "day one patch" due to a typo in one of my public voice command profiles.  I dreamed of a profile hub that could help manage any game profile I release, as well as work like a template for VoiceAttack profile builders to use for their own projects, including AVCS CORE functions and methods in an included Template Profile.

Two of the largest setbacks for the AVCS4 BMS Voice Controlled Radios project had been my misunderstanding of how to deal with international decimal separators, and the extremely unintuitive Push to Talk Button setup procedure.  With this final public release of AVCS4 BMS v1.40, I have at last overcome these issues, and the new Push to Talk Mode features are completely automated, voice controlled, and completely customizable including the classic default mode which only gates game commands behind the PTT key(s), and now an option to toggle Global Listening Mode with the use of the PTT button(s) (up to six keyboard, mouse, or controller buttons).  As an added feature, users can set a 'Computer' Assistant name that works like holding the PTT button(s) for a brief period, waking Global Listening long enough to issue commands.

I'm also happy to announce that users can just say, "Open the Command Reference", to view the latest updated command reference on the VG website, or the most recent command reference on file (if offline).

With this final public release including the AVCS CORE (v1.0) profile, I can even add new voice commands through patch updates between major profile updates if needed, to further minimize the need to force new profile download and imports for minor changes.  So long as AVCS CORE command systems do not change, it should be very easy to support additions to games through game updates, or even modify and add to existing commands with new alternate phrasings to help maintain my goal of conceptual command use, "any way you say it".

Huge thanks to everyone who helped out with comments, feedback, bug reports, and testing - there is no way I could have come this far without all the support and I just can't thank everyone enough!  Special thanks for the coffees:coffee:  I still have plans to build upon this framework, and find a way to create game profile specific themed GUI elements, but for pure functionality, I'll be using the VoiceAttack get-user input boxes until then.

Here's a copy of the latest changelog entry:

Public Release AVCS4 BMS v1.40 Changelog May-11-2021

   This is a Major Profile Update, and requires downloading and importing the latest AVCS4 BMS Radios (v1.40) and AVCS CORE (v1.0) profiles:

New Commands:
 -"Open the Command Reference" (or variations - open up-to-date command reference page online, or last updated reference file locally if offline)
 -"Set a Computer Name" (or variations - set a 'Computer' Assistant name for AVCS PTT mode, say before any command to wake listening temporarily)
 -"Set a Push to Talk Button" (or variations - set up to 6 total keyboard, mouse, or joystick buttons through automated script - just press when asked)

 -Improved PTT (Push to Talk) Mode with voice controlled automated key/button detection during "Set" command
 -Added PTT Modes (chosen during "Set" command) for game/QCC commands only (default), or toggle VoiceAttack Global Listening Mode
 -Added PTT Mode 'Wake' by 'Computer' Assistant Name - set a name to say before any existing command to temporarily wake Global Listening Mode
 -Added Profile Misc. Commands to QCC, allows new commands or macros to be added via Live Update Patch Fix to CORE or AVCS4 profiles between major updates if needed
 -Added requirement to Include AVCS CORE Profile Commands through AVCS4 BMS Profile Options, instructions provided during first-time init
 -Fixed International Decimals - All Decimal Variables finally compatible for international users via cultural identification fix during init
 -Fixed Issue where user was asked to set Keyboard type more than once during first few profile uses, even when already saved to file and loaded properly

Any problems or new bugs, or brilliant ideas, feel free to drop some feedback!  Cheers! :drinks: 



================================NOTES MINOR PATCH UPDATE FOR BMS 4.36 RELEASE APRIL 2022==============================



Profile has been patched for the new BMS 4.36 version and the updated Radio Menus lists. New page added for JTAC, plus many more - see updated Command Reference for complete changes and new radio menus graphic

Public Release AVCS4 BMS v1.40.4 Changelog April-24-2022

   This is a simple Live Update patch fix, no new profile download is required - the following fix applies to this update:

New Commands:
 -Added new JTAC Menu under "Y" command lists, say "Open the Command Reference" for updated lists
 -Many new radio commands listed in CommRef, report any bugs or issues please!

 -Updated order and position of lists, all new commands supported
 -Some previous phrasings retained for additional recognition options
 -Removed duplicate phrases in data 1 config


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