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Advanced Voice Control Profiles  by =VG= SemlerPDX

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  1. AVCS Voice Calculator & Conversions Profile

    Profile for VoiceAttack
    by =VG= SemlerPDX
       Currently Supported Operations:
    'Squared'  -  'Cubed'  -  Exponents  -  Square Root Addition  -  Subtraction  -  Division  -  Multiplication Percentages  -  Pi  (word substituted for Pi to 14 decimal places)
       Currently Supported Conversions (to and from):
    Velocity   ===     Feet per Second  -  Meters Per Second  -  Knots  -  Miles Per Hour  -  Kilometers Per Hour  -  Mach Length    ===     Inches  -  Centimeters  -  Feet  -  Meters  -  Yards  -  Miles  -  Kilometers Temperature   ===    Fahrenheit  -  Celsius/Centigrade  -  Kelvin  
    --To use the Calculator, say, "Turn On Calculator" (or many natural variations of this, like "Start Calculating")
    --To stop using the Calculator, say, "Turn Off Calculator" (or, again, many variations, like "Stop Calculations")

    NOTE:  When Calculator is OFF, even when a potential calculation command IS recognized, the command will immediately exit.

    Learn more about VoiceAttack here:  https://voiceattack.com/

    Calculate up to two operations with up to three values, or a single conversion.  So far, I have added some simple conversions for velocity, length, and temperature.  Wildcard voice recognition uses asterisks "*" around the functional operator words to catch any spoken phrase which contains any of these words.  As a result, it is meant to be turned ON when needed, and OFF when not, by use of the commands "Turn On/Off Calculator" (or many included variations, like "Start Calculating" or "Stop Calculations").
    Currently, this calculator requires the user to be aware of their own order of operations, but will try to catch many known issues and correct them, such as "What is four subtracted from twelve?", where "12" is actually the first number.  The operation (as interpreted) is always printed out in the VoiceAttack Event Log and the result spoken, if successful.  It is also stored to memory by the name "Value" followed the number shown in the log.  This allows use of that number or recalling that number at any time.
    The last result of any valid equation is stored in the word "that", and can immediately be used in the next calculation, and any previous value can be recalled to become the word "that".  Previous results can all be referred to by their "Value" number from the results log, in natural speech, for a new equation such as, "Divide that by Value 14".  The full calculation history can be requested at any time, listed in the VoiceAttack Event Log, or cleared - this is also cleared anytime the VoiceAttack program is restarted.  Up to 99 previous equations and their results are stored before rolling over and over-writing starting back at Value 1.
    Decimal Places can be set (default 3) from 0 to 16, and will be saved and recalled between VoiceAttack sessions (saved to profile).  A small Profile Update Check is performed once per session, when Calculator Mode is first turned on, and this checks a single decimal number on a blank htm page here on this secure website.  Users can delete this action as noted in the Main calculations command, if undesired, but this will make a small note in the VoiceAttack Event Log if the profile is updated, just to let you know of any improvements, bug fixes, or changes.
    I plan to add on more conversions and maybe even special operations in the future, but for now, everything is working so well, I figured I'd release this first version for the public right away.

    This profile makes use of VoiceAttack "Wildcard" commands, and here they are used to catch ANY speech which contains one of the Maths or Conversions operator keywords, and so it is possible for these commands to fire at undesired times. Always use the command to Turn OFF the Calculator when not in use.  There are 4 options for how to make use of this profile.  You can just switch to this profile when needed, and say, "Start Calculating", or you can include or import commands into other profiles.

    ===============  OPTIONAL WAYS TO USE THIS PROFILE  ===============
    OPTION 1:  Switch to the AVCS Calculator Profile and say, "Start Calculations" to use
    OPTION 2:  Open Profile Options for any of your Profiles, select Include Commands from other profile:  
            "AVCS Voice Calculator  (latest version)"
    OPTION 2b:  Open VoiceAttack Options and select Global profiles, then Include Profile Commands from the profile:  
            "AVCS Voice Calculator  (latest version)"
    OPTION 3:  Switch to any of your other Profiles, and edit that profile - select "Import Commands" and 
            find/select the AVCS CALC profile (ending in ".vap"), and import ALL Commands
    OPTION 3b:  Open the AVCS CALC profile, and select each command, right click and "Copy To" any profile.
    OPTION 4:  Same as 3/3b above, BUT you ONLY Import the "Turn ON/OFF Calculator Master Mode" command*
        *Using OPTION 4, using "Turn On Calculations" (or any variation) will 
        switch to and from this Calculator Profile as needed. This is the most
        strict way to deny calculation commands getting infrequently
        recognized (but exiting anyway) when Calculator Mode is OFF

    The main calculation command is almost entirely an Inline Function in VB.net - feel free to review this script here:
    AVCS Voice Calculator & Unit Conversions Inline Function in VB.net for VoiceAttack

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  2. AVCS CORE Profile Framework for VoiceAttack

    Profile for  VoiceAttack
    by =VG= SemlerPDX
    AVCS CORE is the new framework for any VoiceAttack profile I release in future, and provides awesome tools to any VoiceAttack user.  It can be used alone and by itself, or as a base to build a VoiceAttack profile around, including its functions in your own creations.  The Quick Command Creator cannot possibly replace the very easy and very powerful voice commands we can create through VoiceAttack in the standard fashion, but allow users to quickly create simple keypress commands for a phrase, or even advanced multi-step macros that can use a limited selection of common VoiceAttack actions.  The very fun Voice Authorization System lets us create passphrases that we can gate a QCC Command behind, for example, "Execute self destruct mode", 'command code required!', "Picard 4 7 Alpha Tango", 'confirmed'.

    I've even created a special home page and forum section here at the VG website, and a channel in the VG Discord, to provide Help & Support for the many users of my profiles - with voice controlled bug reporting to make it easy to let me know when I need to fix something.

    Since AVCS CORE needs to load before any other AVCS4 Profile (including the AVCS4 Template Profile), it will be updated the least, and has been tested the most through a year and a half of development. 

    Say goodbye to the keyboard, and enjoy the immersion! Cheers!

    Features:  see full details in post ↓
    Say, "Open the Command Reference", anytime to view available voice commands
    Sample Pics:  https://imgur.com/a/mb7e8Kr

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  3. AVCS4 Voice Control Radios for Falcon BMS

    *Please be sure to download the AVCS CORE Profile from this download section as well, it is now a requirement for any AVCS4 game profile I release, such as the upcoming Elite Dangerous profile, and more... 
    *Originally, this was designed for Falcon BMS version 4.34 - since then, it has always been and will continue to be updated to work with the latest version of Falcon BMS. Pro tip: never include a game version in URL's or graphics

    Profile for VoiceAttack
    by =VG= SemlerPDX
    These commands use VoiceAttack to translate the in-game on-screen radio menus from AWACS through Tanker into natural and intelligent voice command phrases that will fire keypress macros to help keep hands on the throttle and stick, and maintain immersion.  As an additional option, these commands can be locked behind a push-to-talk mode bound to your UHF/VHF transmit buttons in-game, allowing any other VoiceAttack command unrestricted access if needed, while still restricting these BMS radio command macros.  Finally, this single advanced control profile is extremely easy to edit or integrate into other profiles.
    At VETERANS-GAMING, we fly with friends or AI Pilots, or a mix of both on our 24/7 Public Korean Campaign in Falcon BMS. We may go out with an AI wingman only to have a friend take their place mid-flight.  For this reason and others, I created this VoiceAttack profile based around restricting when the computer can execute keypress macros that match voice phrases, having to first check if that pilot was set to a human pilot and therefore disregard commands for that pilot.

    Thanks to user requests during the beta, there is now an optional mode to reverse the Human Pilots system, to assume all pilots are humans unless told otherwise, and also a system to choose a different keyboard layout than QWERTY.  I have also added an optional Audio Feedback Mode to play a short radio cue sound when a command is successfully recognized.
    Included is a single profile that handles every callsign and radio command variation in Falcon BMS, with instructions on how to add any custom callsigns to the single profile. The focus of this profile is only on the in-game Radio Menus, and creating an immersive interaction layer through VoiceAttack that is easy to manage and update, or integrate into other Voice Control systems for Falcon BMS.  My goal was an intuitive system, so there is no user manual - only a few infographics and quick reference pic of all the radio commands.  I personally keep that final pic on my tablet for reference when flying, to find radio commands I seldom used in the past when they were more difficult to access while busy with HOTAS in the pit.
    Say goodbye to the keyboard, and enjoy the immersion! Cheers!

    Features:  see full details in post ↓
    Sample Pics:  https://imgur.com/a/xuclI0a

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