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  1. Welcome. How are you liking 4.34 ?
  2. CobaltUK

    Hi There

    Hi Gumby. What pilot name should I look out for on the server ? Re BF2 somebody told me that there was now a means to play it online again.
  3. Saw you on server yesterday so you must have things about right. This page needs updating but is close enough still. http://veterans-gaming.com/index.php?/falcon-bms-434/
  4. Hi Scott and welcome. Still getting to grips with the changes inside the new 4.34 release so were all rookies again to some extent :-) Do not let your unfortunate marital experience put you back in the box. Get out there again and leave the PC for when its too cold, too dark. too wet etc. The server is 24/7. Come and go as you please and feel free to ask questions there and here.
  5. Seems very straight forward since 4.33 can remain. Nothing needs to be done with that. 433 and 434 can be chosen to run as required. Small think but the variety of KF-16 seems reduced to just 1. Cobbled together a modified campaign based on the old one. Not the final.
  6. Default 4.34 Rolling fire is now running. 120TH set non HQ Also 35th & 80th at Kunsan, 36th Osan. This is just temporary but with the inevitable 4.34 visitors connecting its better to have something. Discussions will be had with the intent of re instating the customized Rolling fire or perhaps one of the new KTO campaigns. There will be server downtime but ought to be brief.
  7. If several attempts (in succession) do not result in connection you can be reasonably sure the server has crashed which is the case when you had the failure. Its back now. Thanks
  8. Welcome Stargazer. As I have said to more than one new guy, there is no need to practice solely offline. You can do no harm coming onto the server and hopefully speed things up by getting help/information from other bms fans. Find me often in the lobby if you stop by. Happy to assist even with the most basic stuff.
  9. Go into bms setup graphics and make sure the correct vido gpu is selected. Could be set to a mobo gpu. Turning off cockpit shadows is good place to start increasing fps.
  10. I was asleep on duty sorry. Glad the downtime was minimal thanks to Semler
  11. So you have tried the deleting dx9.dsp thing and set display format as appropriate for normal screen ? Does it still load/run if you do not activate external displays ? It takes maybe 10 mins to install fresh so if all else fails that is probably the way forward.
  12. Hi and feel free to drop by the server where if available i will be pleased to try and answer questions etc on the spot.
  13. Veterans-Gaming very own KTO campaign server has Harrier available to frag out of Osan AB. Other than that as Semler advised create a TE and assign Harrier or Viggen to AB of your choosing. Alternative Theaters will have differing default aircraft in their campaigns. https://www.benchmarksims.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?32-Theater-Discussion
  14. Hi I saw that you had visited the bms server last night but our zones had gone out of sync by then. Maybe you met with the guy from Pennsylvania who was also a new name last night. Welcome anyway. Any questions whilst on the server you will often find me in the lobby when our time zones overlap.
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