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  1. Just threw a random look at the VG forums ... last time I've seen you people still used MSN ;)

  2. Brain


    I remember several people (including myself) having similar problems with the 32bit version, which at best can use ~3.4GB of memory. You mentioned you only have 4GB of RAM and you're running Win10. I suspect you simply run out of memory at some point, in which case you should have an "access violation" (or similar) near the end of the log file. BMS is temperamental, but there are a few things you can try: - close all software you don't need (firefox, media players, etc.) - minimize TrackIR to the tray (not just the task bar, should also give you a few extra FPS) - restart BMS after
  3. If I can do 1, 2 and 4 in one go with the DCS Harrier, do I win the upcoming Hornet module, so I can do number 3 on the first try?
  4. The 16 is indeed from the 70's. So is the Hornet (if you count the YF-17, which would become the F/A-18), the F-15, Flanker, Fulcrum ... quiet a lot of 'modern' designs actually come from the 70's and early 80's. For comparison with the F-16C Blk.50/52 (1991) in BMS, here a Dutch F-16A Blk15 (initially delivered early 80's) Many have been upgraded to the Blk50/52 standard by now (F-16NL AM++) and support all the goodies like JDAMs, TGPs, SDBs ... The old machines are still in service but from what I could gather mostly for training purposes. Sorry, this crap is always fascinating to m
  5. That's kinda disappointing, but given that BMS has always been a niche here and activity on the relevant forum is scarce, I was expecting it. Would have loved to be pleasantly surprised though. I have played Bactria before and it's an excellent mission, but I can't stand shooting at truck mounted ZSU-23-2s anymore. In the Ka-50 I'll even ignore those guys until I'm down to rockets or guns, just to get some excitement out of DCS....I've become pretty good at it by now. Well then, my search continues, at least until next month when the 2.5 update will be too much for my GPU to handle anywa
  6. Soooooooooo... ...I've been playing DCS for a while now and I've been doing basically the same thing as in BMS: cooperative PvE stuff, 'just' without the dynamic campaign in the back. Short question is: who else is into that sort of thing? Coming from BMS, I can't help but feel the server landscape is barren, unless you play PvP, which isn't my thing. It's not like there is no 'content', but 50% of it is just complete waste of time training "missions". You take off right next to the targets, units are just 'plopped down' instead of placed with logic, no flightplans/waypoints, rarely do y
  7. New in the folder: https://www.dropbox.com/home/Schaaper Mike WIP?preview=muy+stress2.mp3 Thrown together in an hour or two, sounds like crap, but bangs like hell. It needs a better name, so what would be the literal translation of "a lot of audio induced stress" in Spanish
  8. When not roaming the local woods, I spent my childhood between a respectable amount of Lego, scale models and an Atari ST1040. I got a strong connection with 8-bit music and I like applying tricks from the old days to new music. How could something like this not leave an ever lasting impression on you? If people tell me I got an overly aggressive retro OST vibe going on, I'm not at all surprised. If anything, I'm glad I'm not the only one waiting for that one kick ass game deserving such a soundtrack (Aquanox 3? Descent 4? The next best mech game?) "Not my cup of tea" ... no worries. I
  9. "And now for something completely different" I've hinted at it already, but I'm doing a musician type thingy. Currently I'm going through the process of sorting my project folder and uploading anything remotely valuable to my Dropbox account. It's rough in every way and very much WIP. Coming up with ideas is easy, polishing things not so. I also suck big time at mastering, so if you got an EQ handy you might need to use it. Some tracks are best listened to on headphones. You have been warned! Schaaper Mike WIP @ Dropbox Could tell you more about the songs, but I don't think anybody re
  10. I'm not a big fan of Win 10 at the moment and you're running it in a virtual machine ... if I'm getting this last part right. That sounds a bit fishy and BMS is already very temperamental. Not sure how many Apple experts we have around here, you might have to check somewhere else for help with compatibly. Luckily BMS still only uses DX9. In the mean time, if you have a dual boot system or can arrange that, that might be a way around it for now. Waiting patiently for the screenshot, maybe it's revealing.
  11. Bollocks! Sry, now I know what you're talking about. I was referring to the BMS setup. I was just assuming there was no tinkering AFTER the installation, because I know not to do that because of problems like this ;)) Alright, we're getting 'mildly off topic' here and that's a lot of text for such a simple problem TL:DR Here are a few questions: 1. When did this start happening to you? 2. Have you just recently changed anything such as game updates, OS updates, etc. ? 3. Are you running the most recent version of BMS (currently 4.33.3)? 4. Does this problem only happen online o
  12. Let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater and talk about reinstalling just yet. The BMS installer always does an integrity check on the available packages, that's why it's taking so long to load. The other questions are very valid though.
  13. Could you grab a screenshot of your problem? PNG would be preferred as it doesn't cause any compression artifacts. Also what exactly is the setup? External displays, running fullscreen or window, SLI ... more info = more to work with.
  14. Dude, didn't want to cut you off! Thought it was a 20 minute fix on your end, but you were just gone instantly. Feeling bad a bit :-|

    Spent around 30 before I gave up on Yame, as it kept crashing at multiple points. Already got a response on BMSF, will check on that later today. If it doesn't work, well, there isn't a lot of room on my desk anyways.

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