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  1. found it, in the link below is what i saw that I thought i was good to go on connecting to the server. https://veterans-gaming.com/falcon-bms-434/
  2. just took a screen shot of this, this morning. I never seen Russia fly over before, never even noticed the Russian base up east as well.
  3. unless it was just changed as i dont see the posting for it anymore, it was listed for 4.35 build 22546 and I couldnt connect, i checked out the BMS forums to see if any new update was available and it was so, got the 4.35 U1 and now I can connect but unable to commit to connecting to the online campaign, the area where VG server is listed under the online Campaign flickers on and off, both for online and offline campaign, so im not sure if its just me and something on my end or if its a known bug. I made another posting about it if you want to check it out. and yeah good to be back flying again
  4. with online and offline the campaign selection blinks like its on and off while im online or offline and I can not enter the online server, ive tired uninstalling and reinstalling with no luck anyone else having the same issues?
  5. got connected, just needed to update.
  6. I think its under 4.35 U1 right?
  7. 4.35 build 22546 is what I currently have as to what the forums say I should have to join the server. hope I didnt miss anything.
  8. Just threw a random look at the VG forums ... last time I've seen you people still used MSN ;)

  9. It connected, tired joining the main campaign and couldnt touch the launch button. After so I disconnected and restarted the game and will not connect now =/. I know maintenance is tomorrow. I guess ill wait for that to finish then try again.
  10. I just downloaded a clean install and I do have U3 updated. bandwith set to 300 and IP not sure why its not connecting, server down?
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