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  1. Happy Birthday to you!! :birthday-dancer:

  2. Happy Birthday Ryan and have a great day. 


  3. Like we did before, can we start playing Squad all together at the weekends? Maybe Saturday or Sunday. The meeting time depends on you. I will be online all day long for you guys so we can keep this going on.
  4. Like the previous one, it was epic. Thanks for people who showed up. Waiting for next week. See you guys on the field.
  5. For keeping this on going assign me as a medic in bluefor pls.
  6. Thanks for everyone who showed up to the event. It was great and fun. Looking for the part 2.
  7. I am up for it. Can you assign me as a medic in bluefor pls? See you guys on the battlefield.
  8. Another solid work from TED. Can't wait. I will bring my boyz... See you on the battlefield.
  9. Salute for the hard work and making this possible for us Melon. I will bring my fellas. I will see you all on the battlefield.
  10. I personally couldn't make it. But you are still in my heart bud. Enjoyed every moment with you. Salute.
  11. I am glad for sharing some of those experiences with you mate. You will be missed for sure. Enjoy your travelling and someday when you get back, hope that we will talk about your travels( stories, funny moments ) It has been an honour. Salute...
  12. Hello Flanker I was the banning admin. I had a chance to speak with Stark for a better understanding. I am not gonna show all the logs( it is quite long ) but THIS explains everything. [2019-01-03 19:04] !WARN performed by ' ZZANG1847' on ' FlankerEG': Asset waste[2019-01-03 19:04] !REPORTP performed by ' BDS_Israel' on ' FlankerEG': 1 man cas apache, wasting asset[2019-01-07 20:31] !KICK performed by '=Ro= .Blizzard.' on ' FlankerEG': endround spam[2018-04-02 19:24] !WARN performed by '=VG= HaterOneActual' on ' FlankerEG': hog[2018-04-02 19:42] !
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