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AVCS CORE Profile Framework for VoiceAttack 1.0

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Profile for  VoiceAttack
by =VG= SemlerPDX



AVCS CORE is the new framework for any VoiceAttack profile I release in future, and provides awesome tools to any VoiceAttack user.  It can be used alone and by itself, or as a base to build a VoiceAttack profile around, including its functions in your own creations.  The Quick Command Creator cannot possibly replace the very easy and very powerful voice commands we can create through VoiceAttack in the standard fashion, but allow users to quickly create simple keypress commands for a phrase, or even advanced multi-step macros that can use a limited selection of common VoiceAttack actions.  The very fun Voice Authorization System lets us create passphrases that we can gate a QCC Command behind, for example, "Execute self destruct mode", 'command code required!', "Picard 4 7 Alpha Tango", 'confirmed'.

I've even created a special home page and forum section here at the VG website, and a channel in the VG Discord, to provide Help & Support for the many users of my profiles - with voice controlled bug reporting to make it easy to let me know when I need to fix something.

Since AVCS CORE needs to load before any other AVCS4 Profile (including the AVCS4 Template Profile), it will be updated the least, and has been tested the most through a year and a half of development.

Say goodbye to the keyboard, and enjoy the immersion! Cheers!


Features:  see full details in post ↓


Say, "Open the Command Reference", anytime to view available voice commands


Sample Pics:  https://imgur.com/a/mb7e8Kr


(download file contents)

What's New in Version 1.0


v1.0 Major Profile Update (public release)

Please download updated final version!  Link below and updated in the main post above!  You don't have to remove the old 0.92 beta profile, but it is recommended to not use both at the same time or variables may get messed up.  Thanks to everyone for helping to finish up final testing and for your patience this year as I've been so busy with this website!

*Please be sure to download the new public release version of AVCS4 Falcon BMS v1.40 Profile (if used), this updated changed the AVCS CORE function commands inside AVCS4 BMS, too...

I cannot believe I'm finally here!  I've been working on this vision of a project for over a year and a half, and came up with the idea after the first "day one patch" due to a typo in one of my public voice command profiles.  I dreamed of a profile hub that could help manage any game profile I release, as well as work like a template for VoiceAttack profile builders to use for their own projects, including AVCS CORE functions and methods in an included Template Profile.

Several interesting voice control systems are used by me in various games, so it only made sense to flesh those out and place them in a central profile, then release game profiles which include AVCS CORE profile commands into themselves.  If I update a command system inside AVCS CORE, users only have to download that one profile, and likewise, I don't have to place those systems into each game profile and update each profile when a common command system is changed.  Additionally, since I place so many of my operational variables in flat text files, it is very easy to edit or update exactly how the hard set systems in the profile operate, and allowing 'patch' updates through these configuration files without forcing a new profile to be downloaded and imported.  And of course, through AVCS CORE, I can notify users of major profile updates requiring a new download, with the added bonus of special initialization logic to detect a new profile version and offer to import the previous save file containing user profile settings, or even delete the previous version configuration and/or save files.

With this final public release of AVCS CORE, I can even add new voice commands through patch updates between major profile updates if needed, to further minimize the need to force new profile download and imports for minor changes.  So long as AVCS CORE command systems do not change, it should be very easy to support additions to games through game updates, or even modify and add to existing commands with new alternate phrasings to help maintain my goal of conceptual command use, "any way you say it".

Huge thanks to everyone who helped out with comments, feedback, bug reports, and testing - there is no way I could have come this far without all the support and I just can't thank everyone enough!  Special thanks for the coffees!  I'm looking forward to using this framework in the coming months and years to release AVCS4 game profiles for plenty of titles, the end of this one project makes possible so many more!:coffee: 

Here's a copy of the latest changelog entry:

Public Release AVCS CORE v1.0 Changelog May-11-2021

New Commands:
 -"Open the Command Reference" (or variations - open up-to-date command reference page online, or last updated reference file locally if offline)
 -"Set a Computer Name" (or variations - set a 'Computer' Assistant name for AVCS PTT mode, say before any command to wake listening temporarily)
 -"Set a Push to Talk Button" (or variations - set up to 6 total keyboard, mouse, or joystick buttons through automated script - just press when asked)

 -Improved PTT (Push to Talk) Mode with voice controlled automated key/button detection during "Set" command
 -Added PTT Modes (chosen during "Set" command) for game/QCC commands only (default), or toggle VoiceAttack Global Listening Mode
 -Added PTT Mode 'Wake' by 'Computer' Assistant Name - set a name to say before any existing command to temporarily wake Global Listening Mode
 -Added Profile Misc. Commands to QCC, allows new commands or macros to be added via Live Update Patch Fix to CORE or AVCS4 profiles between major updates if needed
 -Added requirement to Include AVCS CORE Profile Commands through any used AVCS4 Profile Options, instructions provided during first-time init
 -Added optional File Explorer GUI to select item for QCC Advanced Commands 'Play a Sound File' and 'Open File Shortcut or Program' actions
 -Added option to Save File Options Menu to import save file (config settings, QCC commands, or all) from existing Profiles (for any game) or from file path entered
 -Fixed When setting Preferred, found duplicates of a non-AVCS profile (created unique list for AVCS and non-AVCS profile list choices)
 -Fixed QCC commands set in CORE persisted into next profile, should have been 'wiped' and unavailable in different AVCS profile
 -Fixed International Decimals - All Decimal Variables finally compatible for international users via cultural identification fix during init
 -Fixed infinite loop on Minor Version Rollback toggle and version display errors following toggle
 -Fixed many more minor issues throughout, from options menus to get-input pop-up boxes including direct profile name choice instead of shortname ID and version number ID
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