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About This Club

Join the VG Army! Casual Open Public Group for our regulars at VG, and first step in the path to =VG= Clan Membership! If you are new, post up in Introductions and let us know what you play here!

Club Details and Interests

A place for those who play games like Project Reality, SQUAD, and Arma 3, and play on VG game servers primarily, as well as other games on occasion.

If you have been Enlisted for at least 30 days, you may apply for advancement by creating an Application for Advancement:
VG Army Club Advancement Applications

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Sup man, sorry for late reply but welcome to VG!
  3. You guys really necro'd a post from a year ago made by a guy who last visited the forum ...a year ago?
  4. Says the pilot who can't find the of map airfield
  5. if cubik is teaching you to do a trick with the heli better uninstall the game
  6. Nooo you are the worst person ever , why would you let them know the secret
  7. fly high, hold w and press L as it will open text cursor and will make your throttle stuck making you keep flying trans, get up, step out of your chair, maintain safe distance from your pc, backflip.
  8. First make sure you are not online on our server. Next, just practice... imagine a bowling ball balancing on a toothpick. In the end, it's not about "what altitude" or "what speed", it's all about feel - you either become one with the coppi or not. Other skills worth learning are: Parking the choppi in mid-air, requiring no further stick or throttle input for at least 10 minutes (or until CAS gunner is out of ammo and needs to RTB) Doing a barrel roll to avoid an incoming missile while high enough off the deck to recover and use the (new) downward/forward momentum to escape MANPAD range Hovering over water high enough to not crash but low enough that passengers can get in Hovering over an unlandable area low enough that passengers can safely load up or depart Dropping a crate on a small building rooftop correctly the first time, everytime Memorizing every AAA/SAM location on every map you play
  9. is so funny when players try tricks with chinnok and can t pull up and just smash to the ground
  10. Instructions unclear, everyone died inside the chopper
  11. Hello, welcome to the battlefield. Now gear up and get ready soldier
  12. Welcome Steel...We HEAR ya...Leemah Charlie.. Thanks for joining US!!!... CU on the battlefield
  13. Hi SteelRonin! Welcome , see you on the battlefield.
  14. Sup everyone, I'm SteelRonin, I've been here for a while but just figured out that I can join this club. Took me a while. Anyways, yall still alive?
  15. Sup man. Clubs is fairly new feature. Probably not here when you joined., Cheers.
  16. Hi my name is EziosGT, made this account a long time ago. Didn't know you could join clubs but yeah been playing PR actively since early 2021. Hope you guys have a fantastic day.
  17. Welcome GLassboy, will we see in the field
  18. Heyo, finally made my way over here, been playing PR for a few months now (2023) and have recently been playing again, hope everyone has a fantastic day!
  19. Welcome to our little slice of heaven Shadow...Check us out on Discord and TeamSpeak.. We also have Arma3 servers for your gaming pleasures...Enjoy!!!
  20. Hello guys, I am Saiba, 21. Started playing PR in 2021, i like to play realistic shooter games and simulation games. I hope to make some good friends and enjoy here. HEHE i m not new here but i am posting here so late ,i Joined a long ago.

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