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Join the VG Army! Casual Open Public Group for our regulars at VG, and first step in the path to =VG= Clan Membership!

Interests and Introduction

A place for those who play games like Project Reality, SQUAD, and Arma 3, and play on VG game servers primarily, as well as other games on occasion.

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Nah that's just what PR does with the score, it maxes out at 2047 but you do see the final score for everyone at the end results screen.
  3. Welcome to @=AMPHETAMINE=, @Sciddles, and @GRNANDGLD to the VG Army! Your website groups have been adjusted, GRNANDGLD has been a PR Admin for some time, so is part of the 'Officers' group, and the others to the 'Enlisted' group. We are of course still getting this all established and set up, so SOP's are still in the works, including regular VG Army Club events for fun and/or training, as well as some decent milestones for Club members to reach to earn 'Wings' from 2nd Lt. through Captain. Ideas, feedback, and notes are always appreciated!
  4. This is an open public topic area for all members of the VG Army, and non-members who may want to join can see our posts and activities here. Discuss whatever you would like, plan group events using the Calendar, share important VG Army files or drop a screenshot from your latest operations on VG servers or with other VG Army Club Members. Everyone can see this stuff here, so show off the fun of multiplayer team based gameplay, and the VG Army!

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