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Join the VG Army!  Casual Open Public Group for those who play games like Project Reality, SQUAD, and Arma 3, and play on VG game servers primarily, as well as other games on occasion.  A first step in the path to =VG= Clan Membership!
(for our VG Game Servers)

Please post up and introduce yourself!  This group is open to everyone who plays games here, of any skill level, and progression within this club can be earned over time.

Anyone may join this club, even untrained players, just agree to the rules below:

  • Can speak and understand English for common In-Game and TS3 Communication
  • Can follow VG Community Rules for civility and fair play:
    • We have people from all around the world, be kind and don't make fun of others!
    • No Politics/No Religion/No Racism/No Cheating/No Lying/No Hate - on your honor act with integrity
    • Remain civil with your peers, try to be patient with new players - be a team player
    • Excuse yourself or take a break if needed - keep the drama outside
    • Learn and Follow the game rules of the server you play on, here or anywhere - be a good person online
  • Signatures, Profile Image & Avatars, and Display Names inline with community guidelines:
    • No NSFW content, and imagery preferably on topic with gaming or personal online identity and groups
    • Signatures should be sensible and inoffensive, and links should not lead to unsafe or irreputable sites
    • Obnoxious gifs may be subject to discussion/removal in rare cases - use good judgement
  • Club Members are not VG Clan Members, though they may be - these memberships are separate:
    • Please do not use or display =VG= Clan Tags unless you are a VG Clan Member (displayed under profile name here)
    • New Club Members will be given 'Enlisted' Website Group (if not already in a higher group), new game admins may start at 'Jr. Officer'
    • You may use Official VG Army Club materials (if provided) and customize for yourself, see Club Leadership for any specific requests
    • Refer to details in Soldiers Club for additional info for displaying personalized VG Club imagery in signatures and avatars
  • Leadership Opportunities (Club Rank Wings) are available by application for skill based advancement in future:
    • Must know the server well and be be known by players in a server you frequent at VG  (first in 3 stages of club ranks)
    • Applicants for Club advancement must have played on VG Server(s) and been a Club Member for 30 Days (minimum)
    • All newly approved applicants start at '2nd Lt.' regardless of starting experience, progression is not a skill system alone
    • Should be familiar with the game and its operation - Further progression detailed in Soldiers Club post(s)

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