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  1. ASAP Xelah

    PSU help

    never heard of it, to be honest
  2. ASAP Xelah

    PSU help

    750w is good enough I guess
  3. mmm no problems for me have you tried to reinstall it?
  4. Ramiel was really good tho! Hope to see more like that
  5. really good! can't wait! if someone is looking for a good medic/breacher in their squad let me know!
  6. I guess it's a flying practice? Or something like that?
  7. https://youtu.be/bU3sUtN821c
  8. ASAP Xelah

    hands up!
  9. There's the nvidia performance counter thats shows cpu/gpu usage and lot of stuff you can customize, also you can add the fps counter that is 100% accurate I don't really know how to activate it, if I'm not wrong it's related to GeForce Experience, not really sure, I have all the Nvdia Drivers updated
  10. Mh? Where did I say that? The only way to get above that cap is to use the console command whenever you join a server, and as I said, personally I never have any fps drops. I saw that a lot of people have that problem. Maybe it's related to OS? Drivers? No idea
  11. I don't have any reason to lie I wouldn't even reply
  12. I don't know what to say, I always got my fps counter on from NVIDIA, and it's stacked a 150 fps. I never saw any drops (maybe 1 fps to 149 ) may depends on various factors I guess?
  13. Eh I understand.. but you either choose performance or better res or time to get a new pc
  14. I got an RTX and a 12 core processor I can guarantee you I can't see neither frame drops or freezes. Might be your pc specs. As already stated, there are some "slightly glitchy maps" that could get your fps low, I suggest to go with some lower res, just to try. Much love
  15. I'm a pro player in SWAT4, I either play COOP and PvP I'll be really glad to have some fun matches with you bros, let me know
  16. ahahhahaha they did an entire album
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