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  1. Oh, my fault. Dam. My condolences.
  2. Ex owner: Peugeot 406, Skoda Rapid (2016) Currently: Skoda Rapid (2021) Dream Car: no idea
  3. Ivan! I think we forgot the cockpit at the base!
  4. Eeeeenany blyat! Piiiiizdec!
  5. Once I went to some Ukrainian PvE server, there were several more players and a maximum of bots at maximum settings. There was a map of "Gaza". The four of us held the house of pain until we simply ran out of bullets) It was simply impossible to go down from the second floor to the first))
  6. Step mouse, I think I'm stuck in a mousetrap...
  7. when your squad wants to attack alpha, and the commander insistently sends to bravo:
  8. An unknown player goes for the commander Squadleader Alpha: negative Squadleader Bravo: negative Squadleader Charlie: negative ... 5 minutes l8er: "the commander was removed from his post..."
  9. Me on rebel logi truck every time:
  11. There are players without a mic who have been on the server for a very long time and know the mechanics of the game very well. Playing under their command in the squad - you intuitively understand each other, with such a microphone is not necessary)
  12. I can't imagine this game without mumble and communication at all
  13. Can anyone explain why the server is not working? Need a reboot?
  14. Bots are bots. These are not live players. And despite the preponderance in the number (when, say, 5-10 people play on the server) and the complexity, they can always be deceived and outplayed.
  15. Because of the unique atmosphere, I think
  16. I come to the PR server to see my friends in arms, with whom I have been beating bots for several years. For the company of good people.
  17. in addition: an experienced CAS veteran pilot with an equally experienced operator, destroying all enemy AA on the map, hovering at an altitude of 300-500 meters, is able to methodically shoot enemy infantry and burn enemy assets on approaches to white or already controlled flags. The allied infantry will only have to be present in the capture zone of the flag, without a single shot, and then simply move to the next flag. I really want to avoid such moments in the game.
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