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Found 3 results

  1. Happy to answer any questions or listen to any suggestions for my AVCS profiles for VoiceAttack! I am available most days to chat directly in the VG Discord AVCS Support Channel, too. If you have AVCS CORE or any AVCS4 Profile powered by AVCS CORE, you can use the command, "Open Help and Support Menu" for helpful links like the one below: Discord channel link https://discord.gg/BR6NjE3 Feel free to create new topics or to reply to this one. Cheers! If you run VA as Admin and hate the UAC Confirmation Prompt pop-up, check out this method I tossed together to use a Windows Task to bypass UAC when launching VA as Admin: https://forum.voiceattack.com/smf/index.php?topic=3517.msg16179#msg16179
  2. As we know, Microsoft is ending its support for Windows 7 few days ago, January 14th this year. Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or support for PCs with Windows 7. So, in my case, in laptop, i really wanna try to upgrade it, to see whats good with Win 10, because i had no clue whatsoever, on pros and cons. I heard back in the day, theres a lot of updates keep coming for some errors, which kinda annoying sometimes to see if those updates still frequent until now. I mean, Win 10 is kinda promising, but unsure about its downsides. For any Win 10 users out there, do you guys have any ideas on whats good and bad of Win 10? Tbh, kinda new to this, and kinda curious about it- If not recommended, any other solutions for this? Here's my laptop specs.. (for installing Win 10, hopefully..) Have a nice day, - Inch PS: This is for the laptop only, since my PC is currently broken at this point, its likely not possible for me to upgrade the OS on PC to Win 10, because of the OS is likely cracked AFAIK, means not official from the Windows (I feel confident on getting the Win 10 for my laptop, just because its official from Windows)
  3. mectus11

    PC Build Help

    So I'm saving up currently and I'm planning on building my first rig, I have an idea of the parts I'm looking for within my budget and the stores locally around where I live, will these all go together, fit into the mobo and the case? Plus I heard you needed an anti-static armband or something, how does that work? Here's my lovely spreadsheet.
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