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  1. WoW, I didn't know my ass was so big great shot!
  2. It was supposed to be a secret. You're banned
  3. I didn't think I was going to add anything but... Of course I noticed there is less players playing during the day. There is also less players from the pacific, asian or american time zones. The last one might be connected to relatively new servers located outside of Europe which are not so tempting for EU players but are for Pacific because of the ping. That being said I still see a lot of well known faces on VG. In the past weeks a few more veteran players showed up again after a while, which is also a good sign. I truly believe this is just one of the many fazes PR has been through (or maybe I just hope so). Also we can keep talking about how the new players are not good at team play and so on, but to be fair a lot of regulars are also not that good at team play. Sadly no matter how bad we want it, team play is not the only important thing in becoming a good player. That being said we should try to make the best out of every player that shows up. If he is not good at team play maybe he can be a great shot with an AT kit or a great trans pilot. We don't have to judge ppl just by their below average communication skills (of course not everyone can or want to learn but let's try to at least find the good players in the stack of noobs). Idk if this makes any sense to anyone but it just came out like this.
  4. With special dedication to @DankyTheFemboyand @Lonestar
  5. Russian with a golden AK in a tracksuit stealing Sausag3
  6. Let's see how it goes. Gib H-1-3 Team Lead the mods will download in only 3 days (JK)
  7. Oh my god how could I forget that! Thanks dude.
  8. Please read the entire thread because I explained everything there and no, no flares. Well it's basically the same now but it's tanks and apcs getting huge amount of kills sitting on hills. And they can't be damaged by small arms, the lats and hats don't have the range to hit them, enemy armor has no chance of destroying them unless it does some PR bot magic and there is no enemy cas to kill them because the bots almost don't use it now that they have off map airfields. So we end up with even less team-play as all the armor assets (and on many maps soloed crows hmmwvs) sit on hills instead of helping infantry cap flags. Also I don't want CAS to get 300 kills on every map. Even before it happened rarely and on maps that are still very easy and CAS still gets the most kills on them. Also it is and has been helicopters getting a ton of kills not jets and now helicopters still have a way easier job than planes. Combine that with bugs like not counting bomb kills and every jet at the end of round has -300 points even if he bombs the entire enemy team. Thank you for the poll. Let's see what people that didn't write anything want. Also I should point out that I think if there is a way to nerf the manpads either by lowering the amount of them or some other PR magic, we should try that instead of removing them.
  9. It is still available. Also this tracker file remembered me about a different situation with that. Looks pretty funny but was really frustrating. On this one there is no way anyone can blame me for "skill issue". I was on the ground resupplying and heard a tone like half a second before it hit me. I started flaring and tried to take off but it was too late. The missile had to be flying way above me and dive since otherwise it would have hit the hesco wall. https://streamable.com/l7f6d5 tracker_ramiel_AA.PRdemo The file if someone wants it. Edit: 1330 meters btw
  10. I've been trying not to fly much in PR lately because it's not fun at all with all the AA. Also I am not used to recording replays so some days I just forgot. Still, I recorded a few things. I recorded almost only on Karbala a couple of times but that's actually a good map to show how ridiculously hard it is to stay alive while playing CAS. It has a quad gun almost on every flag in a way that every one is over watched by another one, techies that can be very deadly to CAS, bots with AKs that can kill you easily if you fly low and now stingers. Technically the map also has an AAV, thankfully the bots don't use it. Also quads on this map are also very dangerous to infantry and light vehicles which makes it impossible to flank one of the hardest flags if CAS or APC didn't go to enemy main to kill the quad. (I will paste links to streamable so you can watch it as I'm not going to convert them to GIF) https://streamable.com/5hryyp The first video shows me dying to a quad gun from 500 meters. I was surprised as I flew there often before and the quad didn't have that range. So first I checked the distance and it seems to be almost exactly 500 meters. Then I checked the fog distance and it is 400 meters if I remember correctly. At last when my heli spawned I flew to the exact spot where I died after the quad was dead, and I couldn't see anything but fog. I couldn't even see any outlines of the building next to it. This means that if I want to be safe on mosque I need to kill a quad three flags further. Of course the quad keeps firing even when I fall back and I don't make it but I cut it just so it's not that long. https://streamable.com/dobhdm On Karbala three stingers locked me. I was flying above village at this time so I guess I was in visual range nothing wrong with that this time. When I downloaded the tracker I didn't think there is gonna be anything special here but as you can see the bot that fires first reloads and fires very quickly. I measured the time. It's 10 seconds. A player would have to be standing on top of a crate to pull this of. Also the last missile hit my flares and almost killed me. You can imagine how annoying this is when it isn't two bots but five. https://streamable.com/s1kgvg Another issue is missiles tracking after losing tone. As you can see I pop flares evade and the tone stops. I figure the missile went for the flares or the bot didn't fire. Sadly that wasn't the case and the missile hit me directly. This can of course be pushed to extreme. Once when flying with Th0m a few months ago a missile went for the flares and the did almost a 90 degree turn towards our heli. Th0m wasn't flaring anymore as the tone stopped and the missile seemed to be defeated. I am of course fully aware that this is cherry picking. And this method can't by itself prove anything but since arguments and counterarguments made by me and others aren't enough to change anything, even though most of the people int his thread agree that there is an issue. But you wanted "proof" so there it is.
  11. Right there's always a first time. Gib A SL. Sorry Logi-men
  12. It is 100% correct. Only the two sitter aircraft now have an option to lock onto lased targets using bombs. One sitter aircraft such as the harrier have to drop bombs using the ballistic computer. That makes pop-up attacks more risky as they take more time.
  13. Well sure but then irl you don't have to be within 500m to see an enemy, you can fire hydras more accurately, drop bombs from further away, lock onto enemy planes from miles away but it's PR we are talking about. And I get it but the problem is that not everyone thinks like this. After all a lot of people play the game to relax and chill with friends. When every few minutes we are being annoyed it's hard to relax. Of course but exposing too much is now flying within visual range of the enemy. For example on bijar the moment I see the city as a jet pilot I already know I need to get ready for a lock and only the apache is able to stay alive longer without flying far away from the objective. Well as I said overextending is often just flying close to friendlies. Lack or incorrect info is something CAS can't change. And the other are purely skill based and have been for a long time. I would add at least one more factor - luck. There is never a perfect engagement route and even if you minimize all the other factors, luck is still very important. And it's become even more important when manpads were added.
  14. Some of them sure, but even if you get 24 good people on the server, there is only so much they can do. There's no way they can kill all the armor on Adak or BG lrg without supplies. And for that you either need a logi that takes a long time to come because those are very big maps, or trans that is a target for any asset or AA. Black Gold lrg is doable with no CAS that's true, we almost always do it like that because there is so much AA assets that CAS is the most vulnerable asset on that map and has the longest respawn time. That's exactly my point. It's been like this for years. No matter what you do noob pilots will always die but nowadays good pilots die a lot more too even flying behind the front lines. Well sure I usually don't rely on trans anymore but that's because less good players want to be useful and fly it. I used to love just drop crates and transport people, now it's just annoying. Well sure but my point is there is barely anyone lasing. The only people really doing that are the spotters in CAS squads. Right so only the already most powerful CAS assets are the best ones to use out of all of them. But when people were complaining about CAS being too OP did they mean jets or light helis that most of the time get less kills that infantry? Or were they complaining about OP attack helis that hovered high above and killed everything. Flying light helis with hydras is very annoying as literally everything can kill it easily and now there's even more things that can kill you easily. And of course flying jets is annoying too because if you don't die to the manpads then you have to RTB every minute. So basically the role that people were enjoying because to be fair even if you didn't kill much flying was fun, it is now the lest fun role in the game.And tanks and apcs that have been just sitting on hills doing the same thing that CAS would do are in the same state as they were before, still very powerful.
  15. Pretty much every map with enemy having a a lot more assets than we do. Bijar std and lrg, Adak, Falcon alt, Hades alt, Black Gold lrg, and sometimes alt. It is the exact opposite, CAS can't kill most of the assets so infantry complains that CAS isn't doing their job. Asset squads complain that CAS doesn't kill enemy jets and helis because bots fly so low that you can't fight a mig without being in stinger range. Trans complains that cas isn't killing the stationary AA and infantry complains they are not getting supplies. Also CAS destroying all assets before the team even gets close to them is against the rules and shouldn't be treated as a "normal thing that will happen". And then on some maps this problem is fixed by making CAS deal with stationary AAs at the beginning, as it usually gives the ground forces cap 1 or 2 flags before cas is rady for tasking, or delayed spawns. Well I agree, there are good pilots that use terrain and stuff I used to only fly like this, but actually it's safer to sit 500 m out and hover as because of PR missile physics moving doesn't really give you much advantage especially if you are close to the bot and if you are far away you have way more time too react. It's the low flying that is the most deadly right now, so CAS helis are almost stationary most of the game and have to kill assets behind the front line because they are being targeted by them. Also there is almost no teamwork in CAS involved for a long time now, SLs rarely spot or laze something and if they do it's usually inaccurate. But even if they did laze let's say a BMP 100 m from their position, what is the jet/heli pilot supposed to do? Helicopters with ATGMs, sure might be easy but a jet or hydra heli pilot has to fly closer and get locked by the AA to even see the target, and as I said earlier pop-up attack are not much better because pre-flaring doesn't work. Yes we have and noob pilots died no matter what. Even on maps like Kashan or Burning Sands that were easy. But what I am trying to say is that nowadays your skill doesn't matter. Above a certain level of skill all pilots suffer to the same thing. It's become more of a luck demanding game play than skill oriented. Well this is probably true. The problem is that we are no longer dealing with a server full of good, communicative player base. Most of the time there is around 50 to 70% of noobs, no-mics, players that have no communication skills, and players that are just not good at the game. So it's rare to even get a squad full of those "good" players. And all the communicative players pick key roles like SLs, Tank, APC, Commander and so on.
  16. That's not really my point. I don't mean the changes in the game itself but the server side changes made to the bots.
  17. I assume everyone interested is aware of the changes made to the bots a while ago. So I won't go into details describing it. Following the changes different people had different opinions. Mostly positive of course. Yet from the beginning there has been one issue, the increased number of AA on every map due to bots using MANPADS. Most CAS/TRANS players flew it because it was fun and quite often challenging. Because despite what most people who don't know what CAS is like say, it actually requires some level of piloting/gunning skills, communication skills and map knowledge and if a player masters all of that I don't see what's wrong with him getting a lot of kills/points. In the end we always say that kills don't matter in a team oriented game like PR. And with bots unloading full mags into you in seconds it's even harder. So adding even more AA capabilities to the bots seems fine at the beginning but really makes flying a different experience. Specifically it is frustrating and annoying as there is usually no way for pilots to avoid mobile AA launchers. On maps with no terrain features like hills or valleys there is no way to avoid being locked by an enemy MANPADS. It's partly because of PR being PR and some weird things AA missiles can do but mostly it's because of what the bots can do. Of course a bot with an AA launcher is basically invincible when standing in a forest. Bots don't need time to lock on they just look at a plane and it's locked. Of course they sometimes wait before firing to give the pilot some time to react but in a lot of cases they just shoot instantly, that gives the pilot no time to strike a target before being locked which makes even strikes on friendly lases very challenging. That of course is a situation when a good pilot would pre-flare to avoid being locked, the issue is though that it doesn't work against bots. They basically don't care if you are doing that, they only care about the flares that you drop after the lock is established. Then if the pilot avoids all three missiles (I think that's the number of AA kits per team) there's around a minute before the bots rearm and fire again. And then even if someone kills all the AA bots, they just respawn almost right away. Then of course there are all the other AA assets that are usually easier to deal with but combined with the 3 AA kits pose a bigger danger to both CAS and TRANS. And the asset respawn times are still the same. So on maps that previously had no AA and a respawn time on an asset close to 15-20 minutes flying is basically a waiting simulator. That's why more and more people stop playing that role. But on a lot of maps CAS is necessary to play a map because there isn't enough ground assets that can deal with enemy assets and infantry. And because more experienced players avoid playing CAS as it's not fun anymore almost only new players use it and accomplish nothing because they don't have the skills necessary. This makes some maps very hard and not fun to play for everyone. I'm writing this very long post to hopefully have a discussion about what the issue is and how it can be fixed. I feel like it's very important as a lot of maps that we used to play with 20-25 people on, we now struggle to finish in the time limit. Especially now that there is a lot of new players on the server. So please if you don't have anything important to say just don't say anything as I am already bored of people that rarely play the game telling me to git gud.
  18. You drunk too much man, look at the other part of the meme I would never go to Kassel
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