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  1. I'm gonna redo this at some point, when I can create a small frame for the rotary encoders with a single bundle of wires coming out, and going to another small unit inline on the cord to hold the Arduino. This will keep the profile of the on-screen unit as small as it can be. Running the cord out at a "T" intersection like that using a magnetic adapter can cause it to disconnect if the keyboard gets pushed into it, so I'll be revisiting this project sometime this year.
  2. Love the garden pic on your profile!  I've been growing for around 15 years, indoors and 'drain-to-waste' hydroponics.  Last spring my crop went to hell when aphids invaded and evaded entire battalions of ladybugs I released to eat them.  One plant was completely ignored by the ladybugs, it was very frustrating.  Haven't fired up the grow room for a crop since, but I better get started soon cuz it's $150 an oz. at the shops, and lower quality that my grows.

    Last best grow was Spring 2019 - pics if you're interested:  https://imgur.com/gallery/K6UIMSP


  3. Welcome to @=AMPHETAMINE=, @Sciddles, and @GRNANDGLD to the VG Army! Your website groups have been adjusted, GRNANDGLD has been a PR Admin for some time, so is part of the 'Officers' group, and the others to the 'Enlisted' group. We are of course still getting this all established and set up, so SOP's are still in the works, including regular VG Army Club events for fun and/or training, as well as some decent milestones for Club members to reach to earn 'Wings' from 2nd Lt. through Captain. Ideas, feedback, and notes are always appreciated!
  4. Hello and welcome! Happy to see so many new folks lately - looking forward to many more group events in 2021, and even some training events to help folks learn some of the other games we run around here. The guys are trying to breath life back into our Arma 3 servers and that milsim game can get so realistic ya damn near want vocation training just to play it... but damned if it isn't one hell of an experience! See you around man!
  5. Got the internet back ... at the end of the day. I can definitely do this.. I'm really surprised you didn't need to use a code block there, but I get that you were trying to highlight stuff with colors, etc. Yea, no worries on the color, font size, etc., I'll just toss in IPS vars for our current theme, so they'll adjust as needed on various platforms and it will be all matchy-matchy. (going to bed now, tho .. will tackle this tomorrow)
  6. If it doesn't mention it in the videos, maybe they are referring to the ones in the Docs folder: Falcon BMS 4.35\Docs\01 Input Devices\03 HOTAS Setup\TM Cougar (Dunc_DX)
  7. Okay - now I can see exactly what the issue is, and it makes sense, too. It seems that I did not add in the specific keypress variable for that command, where it was formerly (incorrect) "Check My Six", and I added the correct phrasing to that for "Clear My Six" but not it's keypress counterpart (7) I've patched this up, and pushed it out for all users. Just follow the prompt next time you restart VoiceAttack and load AVCS, and it will apply. I will get the next full profile update released before too long, including the fix for handling international decimal separators, and other
  8. Changed Severity / Status to Resolved (live update pushed to all users) Changed Issue to --GENERAL VoiceAttack / AVCS ISSUES -- Changed Profile Version to 1.3.92 Changed VoiceAttack Version to 1.8.7
  9. Thanks for the heads up on the Discord link -- I know exactly what that is, I didn't change it over when I did this website overhaul these past couple weeks. I'll fix it when I'm done replying here. I need to work on better promotional info and such, the failing here is mine: AVCS4 BMS is powered by AVCS CORE Framework profile for VoiceAttack. This CORE Profile brings common functionality to AVCS4 BMS (and subsequently many other games/sims I plan to create VoiceAttack profiles for). You need to download and import the latest version of AVCS CORE, too, in order for AVCS4 BMS to in
  10. It's an IPS system... I am thinking that their system is perhaps not optimized for all browsers, because I don't get that behavior in Firefox, but I do also get it myself in Chrome, so I see exactly what you mean. I'll knock around and see what I can learn, and will get back to you and everyone with what I find out (if anything).
  11. Fixed. Sorry about that... Did a thousand things, was bound to miss one or two.... The chatbox is a 'plugin' with it's own permission sets, and I had neglected to fix them for the new website groups system. All good now! (Will go over everything with a fine tooth comb early next week, every settings screen, every tab, every sub-menu, just to check over my work so we're solid for another several years)
  12. I just logged in and verified that it's online and running fine. Day 13. Our server is located in Kansas USA, you can try a ping test to some server in that state to see if you have a solid connection, but you'll not be able to ping our BMS server so you'll have to find anything else to use for the test. We don't often have issues with folks connecting from so close. The server is running BMS 4.35.0 (x64) Build 22548 - just FYI in case you have a version mismatch. Only thing I'd recommend is to simply try again. Ensure your settings are matching this image -- RSVP if you still ca
  13. hey bro is BMS down? 


    1. =VG= SemlerPDX

      =VG= SemlerPDX

      @=VG= BLuDKLoT I just logged in to test - seems online and doing fine.  Hopped in a mission already in progress and appeared over the AO as normal (then exited)

      Windows made me add an exception to the firewall before I could connect.

      Was using these settings - please verify you have them set like this:

    2. =VG= BLuDKLoT

      =VG= BLuDKLoT

      wasnt me someone reported in forum 

    3. =VG= SemlerPDX

      =VG= SemlerPDX

      Roger. I've replied to him.

  14. This one is rather specific, never heard it before. Map rotation is totally mixed all the time, and the vote and setnext bugs have been worked out. Our uptime is so good that we have to manually restart sometimes cuz it doesn't like being run for 72 hours without a crash or restart. This one is so unique that it's gonna have to get reported to the R-DEV's after we can get a good reproduction method to demonstrate it. If it ever does have those old issues of crashing from a map change, just post up and we will get it sorted somehow. SO many maps and layers fixed since 1.6 dropped last
  15. https://veterans-gaming.com/unban-requests/project-reality/?do=form&d=7
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