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  1. Congrats, man! Attention to detail pays off, well done. And I hope we can fill up a server for the final test as an Event. Let us know when so we can put it on the calendar - a week notice is typically fair, two is better - we can promote and link to the event once it is in place.
  2. It's the image that used to be part of the 'spoiler tag' which is broken. If you click the caret to its left it will still reveal - also the link directly above these is valid, goes to my pastebin where this code is still displayed: Original: https://pastebin.com/drUnCfKN Alternate (3 rotary encoders + 3-way toggle switch): https://pastebin.com/sJQEAA8a
  3. This was me in 2011... I had owned Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead for several years, but never quite knew how to play it, and the few servers I joined online felt like vast empty wastelands even with players online. Had no idea how to "squad up", had no idea I was joining "bad" servers, and no clue what the game "could" do when used in a well designed mission run on a good server with many communicative soldiers playing as a squad or platoon. Then Raven800 (my regular squad leader and/or CAS gunner in VG PR COOP) suggested we try out a an A2 mission called "Insurgency" ... that was the start of
  4. Command and Conquer was my first love, the RTS that me and all my friends played on Playstation (the original). We had a link cable connecting two Playstations and a pair of TV's facing away from each other. Can only imagine what CnC on PC would be like, especially with a whack ton of mods. Cheers Badploy!
  5. Also highly recommend APEX to anyone who reads this... A3 without APEX is just an A3 program waiting for you to eventually purchase APEX
  6. It's nearly a non-issue. All things stated for factual reasons about facts. You'll never run into a static issue cleaning - just don't blow the thing apart or suck up something important!
  7. Hello and welcome!! I've added you to the 'Enlisted' website group for the VG Army Club. Find details on Group Membership & Advancement including perks and expectations here: https://veterans-gaming.com/wiki/information/vgclan/advancement/#Member Groups
  8. PRO TIP: Don't suck -- blow! https://www.amazon.com/Compucleaner-Durable-Plastic-Electric-Pressure/dp/B07RKYWBD2 Regarding what was said above, all points thoroughly made, the takeaway should be that static can be a concern regardless of suck or blow, canned or vacuum pressure. Yet, until there is a better way to remove dust buildup from impossible to reach areas, there is greater risk by not cleaning. It is the lesser of two evils. I had my own in-home PC Fix-it business called "PC Field Medics" for a number of years, I was my own "Geek Squad" of 1, and cleaning the
  9. It took me awhile to get this next version released, I wanted to be sure I had tested it well enough, and was quite busy in April on the VG Wiki project which took weeks longer than anticipated. I can say for sure, having used this since March, that everything is working well. The new recognition for "minus" in single operations calculations takes care of the last major limitation in previous versions, as well as handling negative temperature conversions. I may revisit this down the road if there is any request for specific features, or any bugs that are found, but aside from that I'll cons
  10. It is a limitation of the game which forces us to make such rules. There can only be so many squads, and we have discussed this one to death (perhaps not publicly) with regards to locked dedicated logistics squads and/or those with 2 squad members only. You'll have to forgive the blunt "no" - it is as gentle as one could hope, given that we have been over this before and our hands are tied by both our goals and intentions for our COOP Server as well as the game engine itself (as mentioned, only so many squads can be made, and since player count is dynamic, we won't allow special rules when l
  11. Somehow missed this reply until just now... That's very awesome, man!! Well done! From the outside, some of this stuff seems very hard to get into, but literally just diving in and playing around with the bits and some tutorials / videos is the best way! (Stuff is cheap as hell, too - if something fried, it's like losing a lunch, not a monthly rent payment like our computer parts )
  12. (very awesome graphic, man! )
  13. Event Viewer will have logs of what happened most likely, again, that's where to look. Also, not sure how you are monitoring, but you should be actively logging - HWMonitor from CPUID tools has this option - so you can view what occurred even if you have to restart or were not watching it actively. Actively watching it would only tell you "that" it went black, which could be useless except for noting the time so you can cross-reference this with your HWMon logs and Windows Event Viewer events.
  14. lol - no worries! It's all brand new and we're still working out all the promo info to make sure everything is clear. That's on me, and I have much work to do. Basic rundown: VG Army (and VG Air Force) are open public clubs that anyone can freely join. Known members or those who post up a short into to let us know who they are are given the "Member - Enlisted" group, functionally not much different that standard "Member" group, but first step to further membership roles. This one section of the VG Wiki on the topic spells it out nicely: https://veterans-gaming.com/wiki/information
  15. Not to take this off topic, but there are errors and events logged, you just need to know where to look. These would then be used to determine if it was an operating system issue or a hardware issue such as power delivery. That's where I'd start, for sure. If left scratching my head, I'd do stress testing and monitor thermals to be sure it's not related to that - I could get that behavior from a multicore CPU by improperly attaching a cooling device, where everything would be fine unless the CPU ramped up usage for extended periods which would lead to throttling and eventually a hard crash/
  16. Well, let me know. No one is actively using the VG Event Server daily and you could have a better learning environment (even if just joining the server yourself to see if something works, then shutting it down again and tinkering with code and navmesh). Sometimes the final things like running a mission/game in a dedicated environment vs a local environment can present their own set of challenges, and we're happy to provide the tools for you to finalize your work and learn the end parts of map/mission building. Of course, if any of our team had a PR Event to host, we'd have to put your w
  17. If or whenever you are ready, I'd be happy to give you access to the VG PR COOP Event Server for you to run your tests. You'd upload missions through TCAdmin web browser based control panel which provides access to the levels folder, and then you'd adjust the maplist.con as needed yourself cuz I'm a lazy fuck and not gonna do your work for you lol. Server would be behind a password, of course, and we'd ask that you run tests which have time/duration announced here on the website (can't leave it online 24/7). *Tests don't need to be announced with a full week or two advance notice as we re
  18. What?! No trolling the players! Seriously though, if you don't mind my constructive criticism, random IED's in video games are often invisible or damn near and can be detrimental to playability if not used with caution by the game designer - unless you want players to drive at 5MPH everywhere. A2 INS SOAR never had them. There is a reason MRAP's exist and realistically one might assume that whatever army BLUFOR is part of would send stealth helicopters to an MHQ would also provide IED survivable MRAP-style vehicles when IED's are a known threat in an AO.
  19. True TBF he never takes soldiers away from the front, he never leads an asset squad just to drive a tank and "to hell with the other squad members", and he plays for the team. We enforce communication, and we can deal with any problems if they arise on a case by case basis like we always do.
  20. @=VG= .Blizzard. This is nothing new! You are where I was about 8 years ago - it happens to members who spend so many thousands of hours playing. When chasing the dragon of that perfect match where everyone is working together, new players or those who don't cooperate so intuitively become a frustrating hinderance, like a mental block that makes one question how they ever tolerated unskilled or new players in the past. It doesn't mean you are a bad person for not being welcoming to new players, or too impatient to lift up and train the endless waves of newcomers month after month, year afte
  21. Welcome to the VG Army! :drinks: 

  22. Just a reminder to new VG Army members - we typically assume most members play PR COOP, but if we all don't know you from the games as a long time regular, please post up to say Hello and let us know what you play here! We just started this new membership path, and it seems the best route so that we don't accidentally award Enlisted group/ribbon to a semi-automatic bot preparing to fire off spam rounds in the club forums. We are glad to have you all - a simple reply from standard website members including what you like to play here will be rewarded with the entry level Enlisted website g
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