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  1. Check out this guide in the (WIP) VG Wiki page for AVCS4 BMS Radios - happy to say that it's pretty easy using the Quick Command Creator I developed for AVCS CORE: https://veterans-gaming.com/wiki/vg-labs-projects/avcs-wiki/avcs4-bms-manual/#Alternate Phrase Commands
  2. PR:BF2 v1.7.0.2 Changelog (2022/01/21) ----------------------- Menu: Added Ukrainian fonts by Tymkolt. Vehicles: Added Apache AH64 without Hellfires and reduced gun ammo. Updated vehicle HUD to show guns in orange while delay to use. Updated vehicle HUD to show R next to ammo while reloading. Fixed some vehicles permanently showing guns as damaged. Fixed P51D guns not shooting from all barrels. Fixed Su-30 co-pilot unable to return to cockpit view. Fixed SdKfz 231 driver camera clipping into model. Fixed Vietnam A4C jet showing selection icons when selecting Napalm Fixed Bf109 landing gear floating below aircraft. Fixed Bf109 pilot showing medic kit geometries. Fixed Ju-87b POV cameras being too high. Fixed CH-146 exit positions. Weapons: Fixed WW2 hand grenades dealing less damage than modern ones. Levels: General: Removed re-supply and repair code from WW2 statics that should not have it. Adak: AAS128: Updated flags to be only capable by RedFor. Bamyan: AAS32: Updated flags to be only capable by RedFor. Field of Kassel: Fixed grass rendering issues. Fixed terrain issues. Fixed Artillery flag showing USA arty instead of German. Improved performance in Town. AAS16: Reduced tickets by 100. AAS32: Fixed missing bleed on flags. AAS64&128: Updated flags to be only capable by BluFor. Khamisiyah: COOP: Fixed AI spawn points. COOP: Fixed AI jets crashing into ground. Musa Qala: Added INS128 NL vs Taliban. INS16: Delayed SPG by 5 minutes. INS32: Decreased caches to 4. Added LAV-25. Added Mk-19 Humvee. INS64: Delayed SPG by 5 minutes.
  3. Done and done (was an easy one, just a patch, else I'd not have been able to get through the server settings files parsing/recreation slog)
  4. Saitek / Logitech X52 Pro are no different except for branding. Please follow the step-by-step instructions hidden under the spoiler block in the post above which looks like this: *Click the arrow/caret to expand instructions with pictures ↑ The included profile for loading in the Saitek / Logitech Programming Software is where the mouse and slider are bound, and all the rest are blank (no keys mapped). The included keyfile for BMS (various options, files) are where the keys are mapped, in DirectX, and works in combination with the Saitek / Logitech profile where the mouse and slider are set. It's advisable to minimize use of key mappings in the controller software, it's terrible - therefore the majority of key mappings are done via DirectX inside the BMS keyfile, including Shift-State functions. Hope this helps - if you have any specific questions or need any more help, please let me know and I'll try my best. Cheers!
  5. Welcome to the VG Army Ratical, Skrappy, Aquila, SilentGrizzly, stepextra, and jack_black! ... Just a reminder to new VG Army members - we typically assume most members play PR COOP, but if we all don't know you from the games as a long time regular, please post up to say Hello and let us know what you play here! We just started this new membership path, and it seems the best route so that we don't accidentally award Enlisted group/ribbon to a semi-automatic bot preparing to fire off spam rounds in the club forums. We are glad to have you all - a simple reply from standard website members including what you like to play here will be rewarded with the entry level Enlisted website group!
  6. I was into BF:1942 on my brother's PC - was gobsmacked. Got the Desert Combat Mod and spent most of my time in the Apache, didn't play online much until many years later in PR for BF2. Tooled around Hardcore Clan server(s) and eventually quit PvP wargaming for stress and too much boiled blood. Found VG, love PR COOP, and BMS, and the rest is history. VG
  7. Version 0.91


    *Please be sure to download the AVCS CORE Profile from this download section as well, it is now a requirement for any AVCS4 game profile I release, such as the upcoming Elite Dangerous profile, and more... Profile for VoiceAttack by =VG= SemlerPDX Description: These commands use VoiceAttack to translate the in-game on-screen SWAT menus from Moving through Breaching into natural and intelligent voice command phrases that will fire keypress macros to help maintain immersion in single player Ready or Not gameplay. As an additional option, these commands can be locked behind a push-to-talk mode bound to keyboard key or controller buttons, allowing any other VoiceAttack command unrestricted access if needed, while still restricting these RoN SWAT menu command macros. I have also added an optional Audio Feedback Mode to play a short radio cue sound when a command is successfully recognized (off by default). As with all my AVCS4 profiles, my goal was an intuitive system, so there is no user manual - only a few infographics and quick reference pic of all the SWAT menu commands. If you can think of a way to say a menu action, it's probably covered. I typically imagine sentence structures that can mimic most "any way you say it", and use those for my recognition commands to ease the learning curve. No need to memorize strict phrases like "Mirror Under Door" - most natural options are recognized already, just try what comes to mind at the time, such as, "Mirror that door" or "Mirror under this door", etc. If the way you like to say something truly doesn't work, you can easily add it through the included AVCS CORE Quick Command Creator - add your phrase the way you say it and make the action to execute the proper relevant command phrase already set. Say goodbye to the keyboard, and enjoy the immersion! Cheers! Features: TBD - This is an open public Beta Test profile for VoiceAttack v1.8.9 or higher. The game itself is in Beta, so this profile may develop over time. The purpose and focus of this profile is only on the Single Player SWAT menus. Say, "Open the Command Reference" anytime to view available commands (download file contents)
  8. dumb clarifying question, but this map file is the Server File, correct? not just your client copy?
  9. Can you get me a legit copy of the map so I don't need to install a dummy server just to grab the map? BTW, the updater doesn't work if the map is altered - it fails. Since the updater worked, our copy of Pavlovsk was 100% inline with what the updater expected. The following maps have been disabled from VG Maplist Randomizer - will take effect on next server crash or restart: mapList.append pavlovsk_bay gpm_coop 16 mapList.append pavlovsk_bay gpm_coop 32 mapList.append pavlovsk_bay gpm_coop 64 mapList.append kozelsk gpm_coop 32 mapList.append op_barracuda gpm_coop 128
  10. I updated the server, didn't do anything with/to scheduled tasks. The days trackers are always updated at around the top of that day, you'll never have access to a round that just right now finished - I can't add that task to my random daily load of non-gamey-wamey things I do for VG (hunting down another tracker to get it to you earlier than the public), no offense. Glad you found it, tho! Thank you for your work on PR COOP!
  11. lmao - still just goes to the smilies page HTML/CSS/PHP is 'the dumb' ... they gotta exert their dominance and show it who's boss, or they'll never get any dosh
  12. =VG= SemlerPDX

    PSU help

    I thought you had a potato laptop with an i7 3770 and Radeon 4600? That's a crazy top tier PSU there, for sure!!! I have a $3000+ gaming rig yet nothing that fancy pants
  13. =VG= SemlerPDX

    PSU help

    Think of it like a race car -- one has a top speed of 200MPH and goes from 0-60MPH in 4 seconds. The other has a top speed of 200MPH and goes from 0-60 in 2.7 seconds. Both have a top speed equal, but the timings are much tighter for the other model, meaning it can get up to speed faster and complete a sprint race in shorter time. *the example above is in no way a comparison of these two different RAM timings at 3600MHz - the difference is so slight, only a demanding task or benchmark would notice the difference of a computer completing a task with one set over the other. RAM timings very much matter, and when all things equal (like two different sets of 3600MHz RAM), it is the determining factor for performance. That being said, as I noted above, no reason to chase after a few nanosecond improvements if the cost is not worth it for your budget, or if you have different goals. 18-22-22-42 is not particularly that much different from 18-19-19-39 so I wouldn't sweat that decision too much; measured in nanoseconds, these would be very hard to notice any difference as a user, outside benchmarks. You certainly won't be kicking yourself later on down the road for your choice in one over the other here. Personally, I go for raw technical performance over bling, but only cuz I'm into numbers and overclocking, benchmarks, etc. If I had been into style as much as performance, my current PC would look a lot different, subjectively cooler and more awesome - but also in my case, it is off to the left of the desk, on the ground. I barely see it. You do you, whatever you choose will be just fine.
  14. Great pics, man! Had that vacation shoe thing happen to me once, too - at the start of 2 weeks in the Cascade Mountains camping - though it wasn't monsoon season and so duck tape for the win! Cheers!
  15. =VG= SemlerPDX

    PSU help

    Roger roger. Just out of curiosity, were the CMT and CMK versions with the faster Samsung chips too pricey to bother? I found something like that with the G-Skill set I got, the next step up wasn't a few dollars, it was like adding another hundred dollars!! I was able to get 3600MHz with 16-19-19-39 (2x8GB) for around a hundred dollars - though I was splurging there, and also got two sets of two for 32GB, and still paying off that credit card
  16. =VG= SemlerPDX

    PSU help

    FTR, these are the validated CORSAIR RAM Part Numbers which match the specs of the RAM you noted @=VG= I3RY4N It is important to make sure you match one of these or potentially run into issues with the XMP profile in the MoBo BIOS that you may be using to achieve 3600MHz (over base DDR4 speeds of 2133MHz). They will be specifically tested with these model/part numbered RAM sticks, anything else will be a shot in the dark and/or require manual RAM overclocking which involves a lot of time and tuning and testing and some technical tools. Much easier to just jam the XMP "on" and trust that it was set properly by the factory using memory from the QVL, unless you're an OC geek like me with too much time on your hands (and that being said, I don't mind saying that my one foray off the QVL with memory could not for the life of me get it to post at anything beyond 2133MHz - buyer beware) (from the following link) https://rog.asus.com/motherboards/rog-strix/rog-strix-z490-e-gaming-model/helpdesk_qvl_memory
  17. =VG= SemlerPDX

    PSU help

    What motherboard model are you using? ROG STRIX z490 covers well over a dozen boards by ASUS (it matters for power requirements estimate for PSU) *EDITS: I added up estimates (guessing on parts not well defined) and came up with around 525 Watts before fans or additional storage drives (on top of the 2TB NVMe listed above). Seeing 3070 would make me think twice about which PSU to get, particularly an OC version from ASUS - expect around 275W draw on that card alone under load. Find the RAM you want to use on the Motherboard QVL for Memory (qualified vendors list) for the socket and specific board you are getting: https://www.asus.com/support/FAQ/1043883/ Find a proper PSU from the LTT PSU Tier List -- name brand and 80 Plus certification are NOT indicators of a good PSU (though not to be ignored, either - just don't base a purchase off those two factors alone): https://linustechtips.com/topic/1116640-psu-tier-list/ I have the EVGA SuperNOVA 750W G1+ 80 PLUS Gold Modular from that list, in the Tier B section. The Tier A section is where you drop tons of cash for a tip-top overclocking system ready to set records and compete, imho - if budget is a concern, like it is for me, you might stick with the Tier B selections. Just don't go any lower than that if you can afford not to.
  18. I think he meant Kunsan?
  19. Hello and welcome! Thanks for the intro - see you around!
  20. Thank you all for your service! Happy Veterans Day!
  21. Tossed this up in the VG Events Calendar and the Discord Events, PR channels I'll be there if I can wake up early enough (edit: yeah, I didn't - couldn't rouse before 11, event was at 8 my time. Will catch the next one)
  22. Thanks to request from GRN&GLD to help with giveaways, etc. the VG Store now offers Gift Cards! Happy Halloween! https://veterans-gaming.com/store/gift-cards/
  23. This poll is now open to all VG Army Club Officers and Jr. Officers group members. Please be honest, answers are on your own honor, we want to identify those who are just starting to get into leadership in this game as well as those who spend most of their time for months (or even years) in leadership roles in VG PR COOP, Arma 3, and/or BMS at VG. This will remain open for some time, hoping to flesh out and solidify this new Leadership Wings program before the end of Quarter 4 of 2021 (Oct-Dec). There is much to do, and all of this will be part of an automated Ribbons/Medals/Wings plugin I will develop for this IPS website system, but that project has been put off so far for 8 months that I've been doing it all manually (adding donation pins, group ribbons for Enlisted/Jr. Officer/Officer, etc.) and trust me when I say it's getting old fast... I just can't find the time (yet) I need to develop this IPS plugin and all the ones I see for sale SUCK HOT ASS so VG will be designing our own very awesome plugin specifically for the VG Community and our specific needs (not only because I don't want to pay someone for a half-assed medals system when I can design one myself if I can find a week or few to fit it in my schedule, like the VG Wiki). Thank you all for being part of this thing we are continuing to build up!! So many great things in store for the future, some only teased so far, and we're happy you all are here for the journey! Looking forward to more regular gaming events for all our servers from PR through BMS, as well as regularly scheduled training operations events once we can get a structure and system in place for them (including modified maps/missions/TE's tailored just for us).
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