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  1. Welcome to the VG Army @CallsignBeast, @Akagi_Aegea and @hovip1285!
  2. Yeah, I just tried right now to see if MS would allow me to install a trial version of latest Excel, but they want money and I don't have it. (One reason I've kept using my 2003 edition so long - hadn't needed anything more, and didn't want to give MS more money when what I had already worked well enough)
  3. I'm proficient with Excel, but the edition I use is SBE 2003 (as old as it sounds). But not sure how much has changed - you create your data cells, select them all, select Insert Chart, and follow prompts in the Chart Wizard to complete and insert into the existing sheet, or a new sheet in the file. I know this may not translate 100%, but I'm gonna try anyway and hope for the best... if anyone else has better/more modern step-by-step flow, please post up here! *TLDNR; This is a method from my Excel version from 2003 and may not be 100% applicable to a modern version, BUT this flow should be quite similar if MS still has the Chart Wizard in some form. Hope this helps - but it may not translate properly to the version you are using - had to try anyway. Set some data in cells: Select all cells including row/column labels: With these cells highlighted as selection, select Insert > Chart... Assuming the Chart Wizard still exists in the version you are using, select options for type of chart: Select the range of the chart in Rows or Columns, can set series here as well if applicable: Next, the Wizard should allow options for the look and appearance - set Title and Category/Value Labels and other options here: Choose the destination for this chart, either as a New Sheet or as object in existing sheet (just click Finish): Final Product should be a chart object with resize options and linked to all 4 data cells selected in step 2:
  4. You can check server uptime from the time/date the service was last started (this includes restarts) so you can know to avoid 'false positives' for regular fog which I assume would pass as normal in time:
  5. Life has been extremely busy, and I've not been feeling well.  This has caused some of the projects I've been working on to get pushed to the back burner, but I expect to be active again real soon - this stuff is on my mind even when I'm not at my PC.  Plans for the VG Store, releasing an update for my voice control project, the VG Clubs Leadership (Wings) program, and getting requested servers installed and working are at the top of my list as soon as I can break away and get some time to tinker.  Apologies to anyone who is waiting on me to act and get things done, I had not anticipated these distractions, and when I do get time at my desk, it's barely enough time to make rounds and make sure things are solid before I'm busy again.


    1. ASAP Xelah

      ASAP Xelah

      take your time! you always did great for VG :)

  6. +1 for this - weather in games is awesome, but if there is a way to turn down the frequency of the extremes so that they still happen, but not like all the time, that would be very cool
  7. I'm sure my Falconeer X52 Pro profile still works, it was developed for this version and is close to a 1:1 match for the proper pilot's HOTAS plus some extras for the sim. Happy to help whenever. I've also not had time for this spending too much on VG management/development and not enough on VG servers, and only got myself to blame. I feel bad that I keep saying 'soon' and things keep coming up - the kid in me is screaming for a chance at the helm, rest assured. I can't hold him off forever I'm looking forward to any BMS event here - I'll force myself to join even if I'm just 'winging it', certainly not ready to be a flight lead again anytime soon.
  8. A link to the VG Club graphics, from early final drafts to the official final designs at bottom (with 'less' white lettering):


    lSzJa9j.png   RcNn7gS.png

  9. It's really thanks to the heavy lifting done by the new Nvidia gear - when GPU is forced to take the bulk of graphics and even simultaneous encoding, these heavy multitasking CPU's can really keep on chugging, probably not even passing 80% when live streaming a more demanding game than Project Reality (I assume?). Even between the lower core count CPU's, it's getting easier to find the bottlenecks in I/O, or even the optimization of the various programs running. Don't need to use an HEDT CPU for higher end PG gaming these days if you got good gear complimenting it ... just my 2 cents
  10. Welcome to the VG Army Xelah, Daryl0002, Yeetuss and Allie2! ... Just a reminder to new VG Army members - we typically assume most members play PR COOP, but if we all don't know you from the games as a long time regular, please post up to say Hello and let us know what you play here! We just started this new membership path, and it seems the best route so that we don't accidentally award Enlisted group/ribbon to a semi-automatic bot preparing to fire off spam rounds in the club forums. We are glad to have you all - a simple reply from standard website members including what you like to play here will be rewarded with the entry level Enlisted website group!
  11. Will be releasing an update soon. Have added system into PTT to properly listen for Joystick POV (4-way directional) buttons. A few more bugs to fix, but this has been passed testing and is confirmed to work very well. Another 3-4 weeks, max (falcon joke) coming soon...
  12. Changed Severity / Status to Resolved (for upcoming download version)
  13. To add to this statement, such tedious changes then need to be re-done after any PR patch/update. It becomes an unreasonable time sink. Regarding Dank's suggestion, sacrificing current layers of existing missions to be hard-set for OPFOR as Humans side is beyond the goals and plans of PR COOP R-DEV team members, afaik. Furthermore, creating specific maps (with unique names, i.e. op4_muttrah) would be possible, with its own full set of layers, yet this would add to the current list of levels (and only to COOP, at that) increasing the size of the PR download, which is also against the goals and plans of PR R-DEV team as a whole. It's sad, but true... OPFOR COOP is something that will be seen only in VG PR COOP Events from time to time, as they are created if/when folks design and host such events, but not as a regular (or occasional) event on the main VG PR COOP Server.
  14. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. @=VG= 22..12
  15. Is it just me, or does that look like Morse Code? ..eerie!!
  16. =VG= SemlerPDX

    You're all under arrest.. for looking TOO DAMN SEXY!
  17. No worries, but if whatever FPS counter you have that says you are getting 150FPS in PR without using console commands to unlock the FPS above 100, then this tool is misreporting FPS
  18. this is the sort of crap I make when I'm bored... not that I don't have better things to do, just farting around drinking my morning coffee :coffee:

  19. Not my mugshot, not from 2020, but had to share this cool pic... Uncle SemlerPDX back when he was in the Army stationed in Germany, about a year before I was born: Me in 2021 happy as shit playing with my robot crab:
  20. It's all about latency. WiFi doesn't have the speed you need to eliminate such visible delays It's not about ping, upload speed or download speed in this instance. Apologies, not at all sure what you mean by "5G" unless you mean 5GHz - most home WiFi is 2.4GHz, some have a 5GHz option for tablets... but unless your smartphone is your internet connection, "5G" is not quite applicable to gaming over WiFi As it was already stated, the best performance for PC gaming can only be had with a wired connection.
  21. The door has been opened for those who dare to step through...
  22. EDIT: We don't have an "Aussie server". We have a single dedicated server in Germany and we are hosting a single Mike Force SOG mission on it. (well, we have two at the moment, but that's not relevant). Didn't catch that last bit... first cup of coffee, woke up late... You'll want to contact the owners of the server you play on, but that being said, what I wrote below is likely what they will say to you: Rankings are gonna reset. It's just gonna happen. From bugs to server restarts, this is not something we can control or are willing to directly support. Best advice is to use the Arsenal system to save loadouts based on Rank - so you have an entry level kit(s) and some higher level stuff saved and ready for whatever rank you are currently. Also, IIRC, there is no restriction to available vehicles to pilot based on rank. Just join the Green Hornets squad while near the Duty Officer, and enjoy any aircraft at the airbase. Has this changed? I have not been online in awhile... You can even fly the choppers when not in Green Hornets if you get in the co-pilot seat, last time I played anyway. Best wishes and good luck! Hope to see you and others on the server soon, looking forward to some more free time for Arma in August!
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