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  1. Check out how I survived a year on Mars in the Stationeers survival game! It's my first proper gaming video in almost ten years, and had a blast making it - hope you enjoy watching! Special thanks to @=VG= Sausag3 for buying this game for me way back, I could never wrap my head around it and just kept glazing over or dying in-game when I tried, but a few weeks ago it all just seemed to click when I picked it up again. Cheers ...hopefully this is me getting back into making gaming videos and playing instead of working on projects all the time...
  2. You can find it as part of a Falcon Collection on GOG including several old Falcon entries - you only need to install Falcon 4 for BMS to run https://www.gog.com/en/game/falcon_collection ...and also on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/429530/Falcon_40/
  3. Love you all!  Work around the house is winding down just in time, the rainy season has hit - we didn't quite get all the moss scraped off the roof, but at least we got all the gutters and downspouts cleared.  My legs and back are killing me, and usually it's just my arms - so with them on top of it all, I've been having some very rough mornings for a few weeks.  At least I've not had any headaches to deal with, I get those from my neck muscles, not your typical headache or migraine but like a big general thing that kinda reduces when I lay my head down (whether sleeping or not).

    I got all my old gear dusted off, including my X52 HOTAS, looking forward to setting up HELIOS (instead of YAME64) to get some BMS gauges onto my little touchscreen and just generally get myself set back up for Falcon BMS.  When I get back into it, gonna take it easy - just one or two flights in a session, then get up and take a break.  So worried I'll fuck my neck or arms, but I'm very antsy to get back into it regardless.

    At nights, I've been spending some time here and there learning Stationeers in an "easy" mode singleplayer world on Mars.  Had to start over twice, but third time I figured it out (pausing ANYTIME I was just thinking, checking the wiki, as well as when AFK).  My goal is to learn the basics enough so that I'm not as helpless and useless as the last time I hopped onto our last multiplayer Stationeers world on Europa.

    This has truly been the Year of Hell, and I'm glad it's nearly over.  Hoping to get back into a routine of casual multiplayer gaming with you all once again, and to stop hiding from the world to deal with my shit.


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      Force for you Sempler, take ur time.

  4. FTR, hollandhenkie and I had already chatted, and I was unable to locate these files in any of my archives. Long shot, but I'll tag @=VG= SavageCDN to see if maybe he's got some archives that never got lost or deleted for Loadout Editor for Arma 2 (LEA) by Major_Shepard. Can't believe Armaholic is down, but in the end, with A3 using the Steam Workshop primarily, I guess no one wanted to go to Armaholic to download a mod, and then click the DOWNLOAD button only to be taken to yet another (quite similar) description page for the same mod with no additional information, and then click the DOWNLOAD button (again) to finally download the mod(s).
  5. Apparently there is a means to use PCINT as INT pins - if I am not overreading into this too quickly and missing something. I'll admit I was just skimming around, rabbit hole led me to this page. I don't have the time to dedicate to finding a solution here, but maybe this will help you in your pursuit of a solution for yourself. Please do feel free to post up if you figure it out, not only for me but others who may come later with a similar goal. https://playground.arduino.cc/Main/PcInt/
  6. ↑ Regarding this statement: my code is good for a 2x Rotary Encoder setup. I want to be perfectly clear that I have NEVER tested a three encoder setup, I don't have any boards larger than an Arduino Uno, and that example sketch for what should work (code-wise) for a 3 rotary encoder setup contains very important notes about the fact that any board trying to use a 3-encoder setup would require a total of 6 "interrupt" pins, and that I have never owned one. Therefore, please don't just assume it will work eventually, and plan for the fact that it may not be possible given the requirement for 6 individual and separate interrupt pins. As I noted in my previous reply, it would seem that there are only INT0, INT1, INT2, INT3, and IN6 on your board... (5 total "interrupt" pins) ... even though there are other pins with "INT" labels, these match the previous pins "INT0" and "INT1", and as such may not be able to function as extra interrupt pins but to be used instead of the other "INT0" and "INT1" pins perhaps. Again, I am not familiar with this gear, only pulling from a mildly intermediate level of Arduino knowledge spanning less than a few years. Best knowledge and easiest way to get direct answers is on the Arduino Discord (link in my previous reply), and to a much lesser extent, the Arduino Forums.
  7. Wait... you didn't actually try the pins I had recommended... you used A0/A1 (as shown on your pinout, Digital pins 18 & 19. I had meant for you to try what is labeled above as "SCL" and "SDA" - see the image below. I may not have had enough coffee because these are clearly labeled as INT0 and INT1 (and there can only be one component using INT0 and INT1, either at those pins circled OR at those lower down at digital pins 2 & 3). Again, I don't own a Leonardo, not sure if different manufacturers have different pins and pinouts - all I know is that rotary encoders (in my sketch) require 2 interrupt pins as noted in my sketches: I am completely unsure how/why there are pins with the same number listed here -- see physical pins "18 & 19" circled above, and also lower down physical pins labeled 18 & 19 at (digital) pins 2 & 3. Paint me confused, maybe you should pop over to the Arduino Discord and just ask... https://discord.me/arduino
  8. Well, it would seem that truly the only Arduino capable of handling this sketch + 3x rotary encoders would be the Arduino Mega (on pins 2 & 3, 18, 19, 20, and 21). As noted in my sketches beyond the default 2x Rotary Encoders which this project was originally designed for, a board will need two INT (interrupt) pins per rotary encoder, at least as written. Wish I could help more! Best wishes and good luck!
  9. Can you try changing the pins for the 3rd rotary encoder from 9 & 10 to pins 18 & 19 for a test? Again, I don't have a Leonardo, so I'm taking shots in the dark that perhaps these need to be the same kind of interrupt pins as the rest... can't hurt to try. You'd need to adjust the code in your sketch as well as the pins, to correspond, of course - at line 31 and lines 41 & 42 Try that and let me know if that gets the 3rd encoder working correctly on Leonardo
  10. I would first need to review the code you are using. I realize you got it from *my* sources here, but there could be an earlier version floating around, and I'd need to eliminate such variables to troubleshoot your issue. Can you please link to the exact code you are using, or use a code block in a reply here to paste it that way? Once I can get eyes on what you're using, I can begin asking other important questions. I don't own a Leonardo, so there's only so much I can try to replicate. -Sem
  11. Roger that. I've pulled Muttrah 64 from the starter maps list and placed it into the disabled maps list. We'll wanna remember this after it gets patched, it's a manual file edit of the VG PR Maplist Randomizer system Thanks Zeee
  12. Thank you for the report! Known issue, lots of reports, and will be patched as early as this weekend (fingers crossed) according to notes from devs
  13. =VG= SemlerPDX

    PRBF2 (

    They all kinda look like they're sitting on the toilet
  14. Changed Severity / Status to Resolved (please download new profile version)
  15. WOW! That's some pro gear right there! Rally always makes my eyes bulge - that part near the end where the wheels seemed to dip down towards the creek running under that deep turn made me think the car would just flip if it was just a few hairs off
  16. v1.41 Update has been released for BMS 4.36.1 (U1) All new JTAC and other radio commands have been added for the latest update of BMS 4.36 (U1). This new BMS update changed the layouts of a few common radio menu pages, and so all users flying in 4.36.1 will need this update for AVCS4 BMS for old and new radio commands to function. User Save File will be carried over, including all user settings or custom QCC commands. changes. This update has added commands, all users will need to download this new version... a simple "live update" patch won't be enough this time: Public Release AVCS4 BMS v1.41 Changelog Aug-9-2022 This is a Major Profile Update, and requires downloading and importing the latest AVCS4 BMS Radios (v1.41) profile for VoiceAttack: New Commands: -JTAC Radio Menu Page command "JTAC Say Again" -Combat Management 1 Page commands "Weapons Free AA/AG" -Combat Management 2 Page commands added "Go Shooter/Cover" formerly on Combat Management 1 page Fixes/Improvements: -Minimum VoiceAttack program version requirement updated to 1.10.3 -New JTAC Radio Commands introduced in BMS 4.36.0 will now function properly for users of non-QWERTY style keyboards -Former "Weapons Free" command will function same as "Weapons Free AA" -Added two ways to call the new Weapons Free for AA/Ground: "Air Weapons Free" or "Weapons Free Air", format accepted for either -NOTE: New "Say Again" and "Check In/Out" commands under JTAC Menu must be preceeded by the word "JTAC" Download: (Click Here)
  17. shit happens, it's just a video game - don't worry about it. Read our PR COOP Server Rules and follow the link in Condrad's reply above to request Unban if you were banned for those actions. /locked
  18. First of all, afaik, that site you linked is known to be operated by asshats who do not respect mod users or developers. (your link to that mod on that site has been removed from this post) Just go somewhere more official and used by more people... CurseForge comes to mind. The way you evaluate safety and integrity of a file/download would be first done by the developer providing a checksum - and then you would use a tool after downloading the file to verify that it matches that checksum. These minecraft modders do not seem too concerned about safety for their users, and seems rare to see a published checksum. Damn kids. Find more info on the topic of checksums and file hashing here: https://security.stackexchange.com/questions/189000/how-to-verify-the-checksum-of-a-downloaded-file-pgp-sha-etc
  19. I got messed up a few times with TrackIR myself last time... forgot I had it on and I'd move all wonky instead of "forward" and my gun barrel would be like pointing at the constellation Orion or something
  20. It is being considered. I plan to discuss options with @=VG= SolarFlame1 this week, and we'll see what we can do as time permits. Last I had asked about COOP and running bots on one side and humans on the other, there was not a lot of information presented. We'll have to do our research. If anyone would like to help and assemble some helpful links to wiki's, downloads and their description, etc., it would be greatly appreciated and save us some time when we go to evaluate this idea and its feasibility of running on our dedi.
  21. I've just confirmed it was working perfectly by asking players in PRISM...
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