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Join the VG Air Force! Casual Open Public Group for those who fly on the VG Falcon BMS Server!

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A place for those who fly on the VG Falcon BMS Server, and fly in the Falcon BMS simulator primarily, as well as other flight games and simulators on occasion.

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    A pretty decent video made by Krause over 11 years ago, still relevant today.
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    Most every Weekend, we will be meeting up for a mission or few at 11:00:00 ZULU on Sunday. (Minimum requirements: if you can ramp start, take off and land safely you're good). Our goal is to train and practice in Falcon BMS together online on the active VG server. Anyone is welcome, contact us if you have any questions prior to the event. Most all of our discussions about this server happen on VG Discord, in the BMS channel. If you're interested in A-A Combat a good place to start is by completing the BMS Training Missions - 17, 18 & 19. If A-G missions are your bag, its useful to have completed BMS Training Missions - 10,11,12,13,14,15 & 20.
  4. @Kavelenko Yep that was me. I'm "Snipe" on there.
  5. Welcome to VG @Gravy1 are you the same guy who posted on the BMS forums about finding other pilots in Australia?
  6. Just joined discord channel - unfortunately nobody is on the BMS voice channels. When are people usually online, is it casual timing generally and/or is there a period when people tend to play more, scheduled meets at regular times? Thanks Gravy
  7. Thanks for the welcome! Will check out the discord. Cheers
  8. Welcome! Discord's here: VG Discord We have a BMS channel, where folks organize flight and stuff. I'm not involved but its active, even during Oceania hours.
  9. Also... looking for a timezone that fits with Australian timezone roughly - I'm GMT+10 Sydney.
  10. Hello =VG= Air Force I'm Gravy1 from NSW Australia. I enjoy a variety of flight sims DCS, IL-2 BoX. I started playing BMS single player as I heard it was a "Big War" Dynamic campaign, I reckon that multi player is where its at though so found out about this group through a discord channel. I like a mix of A/A or A/G mishes. Enjoy the TGP and LGB CCRP runs. Can do a ramp start etc. I play field hockey on weekends, and enjoy martial arts; reading military history and general history and literature. Love flight sims since I got into them about two three years back. BTW is there a discord server for VG? Cheers, Gravy
  11. Hello =VG= Air Force, I'm Koga from St. Petersburg, FL. USA. I was in the Air National Guard in my 20s and had the pleasure to work on the F-16s Hydrologic system. Mainly replacing break assemblies. Our pilots at the time were training on the Vipers and well they were not well versed in the art of Aero Breaking. I overheard one of the pilots telling another about Falcon 4.0 coming out soon and that is how I learned about Falcon. I bought it that same day along with the cheapest joystick I could get (Student Budget) For a while I only did AA instant action. And some training missions following along on the manual. But progress was slow. Then some one introduced me to the Firebirds VFW and their well developed training silabus. I signed up for their next flight school and learned the fundamentals. Moved on to formation flying then BFM Training. They had a good balance of mission focus and "we are all here to have fun" attitude. I flew with them from 1998 - 2006. By then I had TrackIR 3 and the Original TM Cougar HOTAS and the plastic TM rudder pedals with no toe brks. Downloaded some plans off the forums and had a play wood "pit" made with some sofa cushions. Even competed on the Dogfighting Ladder for a few seasons. My son was born in 2000 and life priorities shifted away from Falcon... ... 2023 My son is grown with his own job freeing up some $$$$ for daddy to get his Sim on. I built a new gaming PC Hydro Cooled I-9 RTX 4090. And a 43" Dell 4k gaming monitor Slapped a TM Warthog + TPR, TrackIR 5 mounted on a Next Level racing Flights sim. chair and joined VG. Add a little bit of @=VG= Kavelenko's patience and good cheer. And some of @JudgeDredd 's determination for self improvement and always willing to jump on the pit and train. Mix it all up with a splash of everyone else that joins on TS. And here, I am back in the saddle shaking off the rust and ready willing and able to learn all that BMS 4.37.2 has to offer. Thank you all for giving and old man (50) a chance to stretch his wings and soar the skies once again.
  12. Introduction, Hello Virtual Pilots, I have read the posts above, and am very happy to have found this website and have met quite a few top notch pilots/trainers etc. I rein from the USMC (0311-Infantry) & Law Enforcement backgrounds. I have been gaming since around 1995, got into Janes F15 then Falcon 4.0 in 1998-99. Flew by the seat of my pants, then met a Pilot names Renegade (416th Ghostriders VFS), we flew and flew and got pretty accomplished, met another accomplished Pilot (Netraider) and the rest was history. Falcon 4.0, again all the patches (1.08 lol). We kept the squadron intact, steering the unit and developing wings in Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, USA with many, many awesome Virtual Pilots. We flew alot, and participated in the online Dogfight site, and did quite well. Then life got in the way, and a career kept me extremely busy and very little time, and no high speed internet living out in the country, flying stopped in 2005. Finally wanted to set back down and get back into it, and WOW.... reconnected with Netraider and started researching Falcon 4.0, and well learned about BMS and what had Falcon 4.0 turned into, amazing simply amazing what this SIM and what these very talented batch of developers have done to this beautiful simulation. Found Veterans Gaming, and since I was a veteran, thought id see what this organization was, and how impressed I am. Was having some issues with my HOTAS (potentiometer) and well it got fixed, and met a couple of your great VFS Pilots (Kavelenko/Mocum and away we went, I was flying daily, being trained in a "Crash Course" of training, techniques, reading the manual and practice, practice, practice. I am still learning and meeting other great VFS Pilots here, I think you for allowing me to hang my V-flight jacket here. The skies the limit and I plan on working hard here. Semper FI JudgeDredd
  13. Welcome! Thanks for posting up an intro! If PR is what you play, and not flight simulators like Falcon BMS, the VG Army is the club for you! See you around
  14. Hello everyone, I've been playing PR for a while, I love flying planes, I hope to learn from everyone's experience.
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    Operation Cobra VG Event - We had Logic running the SEAD package - the attack on Wonson Air Defense Battalion SA-2, he used a combination of Harms and JSOWs in his flight. Buttons, =VG= Stark were in the first TASMO package, Buttons took down two Oil Tankers, the third Tanker was an unconfirmed kill by his Wing-man. Stark confirmed a hit on the Sovremennyy and Carrier Task Force. I followed up with the last TASMO AV-8B Harrier flight based at Kangnung Airbase, I managed 4 direct hits on the Kuznetsov and my wing man finished off both the Kuznetsov and the Kirov. They were the final two ships left in the fleet, so overall this was a successful operation. Well done guys! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1437965793
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    VETERANS-GAMING FALCON 4.0 BMS EVENT TIME: 26th March 2022, 20:00:00 ZULU. Event details to be updated. Please register your interest by clicking on the RSVP button. Mission Objective Locate and destroy the Kuznetsov Carrier Task Force. Intel reports suggest that the Carrier is somewhere off the coast of North Korea, escorting 2-3 Oil tankers to the Port of Wonsan. Seoul Air base has been attacked by North Korean and Russian bombers, multiple North Korean Tank battalions have been spotted massing for an attack close to the South Korean border. The USS Carl Vinson Carrier Fleet and the USS Wasp are off the coast of the South Korean Air base near Kangnung. Your mission is to fly a coordinated multi-role operation to complete the following objectives: Suppress and destroy the SA-2 AA Battalions protecting Wonsan Port Locate and destroy the Kuznetsov Carrier fleet before it docks at Wonsan Port, destroy the 3 oil tankers if possible. Locate and destroy North Korean Tank Battalions approaching the South Korean Border. Squadrons: SEAD - Suppression of Enemy Air Defence Objective: Destroy enemy SA-2 Radar controlled vehicles, Fan Songs and Spoon Rests Air Base: Seosan - Squadron: 2109th 4 x F-16CM 52 - T/O: 07:20. TOT 07:53, PKG 2108 - Mudhen 6 Air Base: Kunsan - Squadron: 2160th 3 x F-16CM 40 - T/O: 07:20. TOT 07:44, PKG 2161 - Beast 7 (Escort) DEAD - Destruction of Enemy Air Defence Objective: Destroy enemy SA-2 missiles, and support vehicles Air Base: Seosan - Squadron: 2111st 4 x F-16CM 52 - T/O: 07:29. TOT 08:03, PKG 2108 - Hawkeye 5 Air Base: Kunsan - Squadron: 2160th 3 x F-16CM 40 - T/O: 07:25. TOT 07:55, PKG 2163 - Gamble 2 (Escort) TASMO - Tactical Air Support Maritime Operations Objective: Locate and destroy the Kuznetsov Carrier Task Force before it reaches Wonsan Port. Carrier: USS Carl Vinson CVN-70 CSG - Squadron: 2083rd 4 x F/A-18C Hornet RAAF - T/O 07:20, TOT 07:33, PKG 1980 - Diamond 4 Carrier: USS Wasp LDH-1 ARG - Squadron: 2082nd 4 x AV-8B+ Harrier RAF - T/O: 07:20. TOT 07:32, PKG 2090 - Jump 7 Air Base: Sokcho - Squadron: 2099th 4 x F-16D-52+ RSAF - T/O 07:20, TOT 07:35, PKG 2092 - Jackal 3 Air Base: Kangnung - Squadron: 2097th 4 x F-16D-52+ RSAF - T/O 07:20, TOT 07:35, PKG 2092 - Falcon 4 Air Base: Kangnung - Squadron: 2127th 4 x AV-8B+ Harrier RAF - T/O 07:29, TOT 07:47, PKG 2126 - Jump 6 PRE-PLAN CAS - Locate and Destroy North Korean Tank Battalions Objective: Destroy Enemy Tank Battalions heading towards the South Korean Border. Air Base: Sokcho - Squadron: 2104th 4 x F-16CM 52 - T/O 08:30, TOT 08:38, PKG 2103, Viper 4 Air Base: Kangnung - Squadron: 2106th 4 x F-16CM 52 - T/O 08:30, TOT 08:47, PKG 2103, Jaguar 3 AEW/ABCC - Command Control Communications Intelligence Objective: Provide Intelligence Reports over the combat zone. Air Base: Osan - Squadron: 2086th 1 x E-3 Sentry AWAC - T/O 06:56, TOT 07:32, PKG 2101, Chalice 1 (AI Controlled) Briefing We'll most likely use our Team Speak Channels for pre-flight & post-flight so we can coordinate who will be doing what. Feel free to stream this event on Twitch or other platforms. There are currently a total of 43 Jets available in this Operation but we can add more flights if necessary.
  17. Mission 1, Ground Ops - Ramp Starting the F-16. Falcon 4.0 BMS 4.35.3. Ramp Starting the AV-8B+ Harrier in Falcon BMS 4.35.3.
  18. Understand that you're busy but I was thinking we could develop one for VG pilots who wish to use an "Official" VG patch in their log books, someone could also develop variations on that patch for AV-8Bs, F-16's, FA-18, squadrons etc. They could even extend to tail art and squadron logos on skins at some point down the track.
  19. Sure - I was never sure if we'd have people belonging to more than one squadron here, like if squadrons were dedicated to a specific aircraft or type of target, or if just one VG Squadron was the idea - anything is cool I'd not be able to design anything for awhile, it's not easy to use the PC right now, but if anyone wants to submit some for review so we can all decide, that would be great. We can even get them in-game if we all get a copy of the squadron texture file, and use that aircraft in the sim (graphics are local, but if we all share them, we'd all see each other in them). great idea!
  20. Can we develop a squadron patch for Veterans-Gaming?
  21. Welcome back, always good to see another BMS pilot join the community. We have a BMS channel on our Discord server if you wish to find pilots to join you on the BMS server. https://discord.gg/MXGxmvT
  22. Hello all, its been a long, long time since I've been here. Glad and happy to be back. Anyways, hope everyone had a blessed holiday. Cheers!!
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    Buttons, ZaPanzer, Stark and myself tried out the practice event, Buttons and ZaPanzer were excellent in the Escort Flight, ahead of Stark and myself who flew the DEAD part of the package. A few losses here and there but overall pretty well done. Part 2 of this session Buttons, Stark58 and myself took on the Kuznetsov Carrier Task Force and wiped it out, well done! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1210966955

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