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  1. I write this so we have something to point new people to. This will be a quick how-to regarding keybindings for players new to BMS and unsure of what controls need to be bound. Also explained will be a vital control mechanic in BMS known as the Pinky Shift button, and how this will help you when you don't have $500 to blow on a new stick. Anybody used to a universal "do this" buttons as found in any normal video game needs to know that every in-game control mimics a control in the real F-16, and many of them serve multiple purposes. Attached in image format is a list of buttons on th
  2. The release of 4.35 brings updates to realism to the aircraft, weather and A-G combat. In this post I'll cover the basic things necessary to get people flying in the new release. All images are from BMS manuals. Part 1: Procedural changes Canopy update (-1, Canopy switch and yellow spider are now separate. The canopy switch is no longer a toggle, the canopy is now raised with a left click and lowered with a right click. Clicking on the yellow spider inflates the seal around the canopy to allow for cockpit pressurization, and also acts as a safeguard for the canop
  3. Gaming on Linux has largely turned to virtual machines. It is possible to hand a GPU over to a virtual machine to allow it to play games and use hardware acceleration for programs at native performance.
  4. I used both VirtualBox and VMWare when I still used Windows. VMWare came across as a more polished product, but either will work fine for what you need it to do.
  5. Here's my proficiency rating proposal, complete with appropriate manual references for future training purposes. It might be interesting to have an accompanying document reader that could interact with the list. The levels can be renamed or reworked. Please chime in if you see something missing or think something is in the wrong place. A-A Bronze Basic knowledge of FCR: Range-while-scan, Targeting, Antenna elevation (-34, 1.4.4) Basic employment of AIM-120 and AIM-9 with radar targeting (-34, 2.1) Basic missile defense, use of countermeasures (Chaff, Flares) (-34, 1.7) E
  6. I think a proficiency rating system for different combat roles and aircraft would be good. Something like a bronze, silver and gold for A-A, A-G and for various aircraft would help people track their progression in the game as well as help instructors with what topics to cover.
  7. Jeffu

    Server Down?

    Server restarted, still day 5. I'll let Semler make his campaign changes and reset it to day 1 whenever he has time.
  8. Jeffu

    Let's fly

    New version came out in April: https://www.benchmarksims.org/forum/showthread.php?35505-Falcon-BMS-4-34-Full-Installer
  9. Jeffu

    Let's fly

    What exactly do you guys need from a guide? I made a stripped down ramp start video in 4.33 a few years ago but never made it public. It covers the basics of starting the jet and powering up the systems as well as radio basics. It needs revision, doing the throttle movement part in 4.34 will lead to engine failure on startup. In 4.34 it needs to be kept stationary until the throttle detent is clicked.
  10. Jeffu

    Let's fly

    Hello, I've been flying in the FO event as well. I'll have to try and hop on with you guys.
  11. Click the Comm Plan button and read the briefing. Ground control is UHF 2, Tower is UHF 3, Approach/Departure is UHF 4, AWACS is UHF 6, AI flight members are on VHF 15.
  12. I think all controls from 4.33 are still present. The main issue is that there are older legacy callbacks pre-4.33 that have been removed in 4.34 and this could cause issues with the game.
  13. You can transfer the keyfile, but you will need to set almost everything else up from scratch.
  14. Airbases, Datalink changes, IFF and more. Airbase operations An expected update, airbases now have dedicated ground, tower, and arrival/departure frequencies and menus. Airbases now handle traffic differently, both on the ground and in the air. Airbase ground control will issue better taxi instructions, and will hand you off to the tower frequency when you reach the runway. This is all handled automatically through the briefing process, using the data cartridge to assign each frequency to a predetermined preset, which you can view in the briefing window in brackets. Fr
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