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Important Changes and New Features in BMS 4.36



From the BMS forums:

Required fixes!

Following the following the report of multiple issues:

  • Loss of flight performance in MP with some loadouts
  • Graphical bug on missile trail launch

Please apply the following lines on your “falcon BMS user.cfg” (User/config folder):


set g_sNonCompatibleChanges "all-DURANDAL-NC_CHANGE_DEAGGED_LOADOUT"
set g_sCompatibleChanges "all-C_CHANGE_DYNAMIC_SMART_SCALING"


There is also a setting to enable a click sound for the afterburner detent:


set g_bAfterburnerDetentClick 1


A-G Radar Changes (-34)

The basic A-G systems have been made more realistic. They need range information in order to work correctly. The system can calculate the information it needs by using altitude information, or it can rely on a ranging sensor (A-G radar lock, TGP) to get the information it needs. (2.4.6, 4.2.9, 4.2.18)

For visual modes (CCIP, DTOS), FCR slant range calculation uses either barometric altitude or the radar altimiter (BARO or RALT).

For CCRP it will be best to use either precision steerpoints, or a sensor (A-G radar lock, TGP).

The air to ground radar now has antenna elevation and azimuth control modeled. The A-G FCR will change the elevation automatically based on the cursor position and the plane's current altitude, but it is pilot adjustable if required. Antenna elevation can be calculated using either barometric altitude or the radar altimeter. (2.4.7)


CCRP Changes (-34, 4.2.2, 4.2.13)

Bomb lofting cues have been added.



Laser Mavericks (-34, 4.3.10)

The AGM-65L recreates the traditional Maverick MFD cues, despite not having an imaging sensor. The Maverick laser code must match the emitting laser, and the normal launch constraints of the AGM-65 still apply. The target must be lased for the entirety of the missiles flight.

To change the laser code:

  • Set the missile to BORE.
  • Unlock the laser code by slewing the gimbal indicator over the "L" and pressing TMS Up. The L will change to a U.
  • Using either TMS Left or OSB 7 (right side, second button), cycle through the polarity and after a few presses you will get to select the first number.
  • The number will cycle automatically, select the correct number by pressing TMS Left or OSB 7 at the correct time.
  • For each number you must cycle through the polarity again.

Afterwards, press TMS Up again to lock the laser code. The U will be replaced by an L.



HARM threat tables (-34, 4.4.1)

Threat Tables are now customizable through either the DED or the data cartridge.



HMCS RWR indicator (-34,

The HMCS now includes a directional RWR indicator. The gap in the circle represents your view, and the diamond represents the direction of the emitting radar.



HMCS Alignment, A/G Markpoints (-34, 2.11.2, 2.11.6)

The HMCS must now be aligned using the HMCS DED page (List->0->RCL->SEQ)

For coarse alignment, press M-Sel (0), then align the HMCS cross with the cross on the hud and press Cursor Enable (Insert). Press M-Sel again to exit.

For the other two alignments, press M-Sel to start, then slew the cross with the cursor until it is lined up, and then press M-Sel again to exit.




The exterior lighting panel is now fully implemented.

Anti-Collision now supports all settings. 1 through 4 are flashes in sequence, A through C are in Morse code.

Wing/Tail and Fuselage settings are now separate, and both bright and dim settings are supported.

Formation light brightness is implemented.

Covert settings are implemented. ALL sets all lights to covert, A-C sets the anti-collision light to covert, FORM sets the formation and Wing-Tail lights to covert.

The Aerial Refueling light will activate when the knob is turned up and the refueling door is open.


Gunsight Changes (-34, 2.4.5)



Drogue refuelling




Too long to cover here, see BMS-Training.pdf Mission 27.

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