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Join the VG Air Force! Casual Open Public Group for those who fly on the VG Falcon BMS Server!

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A place for those who fly on the VG Falcon BMS Server, and fly in the Falcon BMS simulator primarily, as well as other flight games and simulators on occasion.

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Pilots: Wheelman, JayB Targets: AAA, Tanks, Artillery, Vehicles/ Infantry Possible CAS to help the 2nd Mech. Battalion capture and defend Koksan (NE quadrand of the area of operations).
  3. Have people had crash to desktop issues? I've flown 4 or 5 times as a singleton with no issues.
  4. Welcome! If you're new to the VG Air Force, post up here to say hello and let us know a little bit about yourself like what jets you like to fly, and types of missions you enjoy here at the VG BMS Server. We don't immediately toss the Enlisted ribbon on someone we don't know (yet) just joining the VG Air Force, so first please reply and say hi! You don't need to write an essay - it's just good to get to know who flys what, and which missions we enjoy most in BMS.
  5. Welcome to the VG Air Force @Wheelman, @Role1337, and @Medic! Your member groups have been adjusted. Official VG Clubs Status Update The year has been going by too fast, and we haven't quite left the 'soft launch' of these clubs just yet, but we have plenty of plans for the near future, and these will be announced as they materialize. We're hoping to run regular training events for our Falcon BMS server, with specially designed missions or TE's when able, as well as some regular monthly events which will include a profile Campaign Ribbon for participants (with a mouse-hover 'na
  6. A nice little **RIPPLE SIX**
  7. Join the VG Air Force! Casual Open Public Group for those who fly on the VG Falcon BMS Server! Also a first step in the path to =VG= Clan Membership! (for our VG Falcon BMS Server) Please post up and introduce yourself! This group is open to everyone who flies, of any skill level, and progression within this club can be earned over time. Any pilot may join this club, even untrained pilots, just agree to the rules below: Can speak and understand English for common IVC Radio Communication Can follow VG Community Rules for civility and fair play: We have p
  8. until
    Hi Everyone, This a regular event on the =VG= Server every weekend, specifically 10:00:00 ZULU (GMT) on Saturdays, please check the clock on the home page of this site. Anyone is welcome to hook up with us and fly a few missions, we don't bite. We currently use Veterans-Gaming Team Speak for pre-flight communications; some of us also use the VG Discord voice channels. Falcon 4.0 BMS does take some time to learn so you need to be dedicated to get anywhere with this flight simulator, once you've configured your joystick or HOTAS the first thing to do is to start with Training engag
  9. Welcome VG Air Force Members! Please choose any/all days that you prefer to fly on, and any/all time periods that you prefer to fly. Use the ZULU Clock to translate your time into our universal time for common reference. Windows are marked in 2 hour increments, but we understand these can be approximate. So if the choice is: "02:00 - 04:00" or "04:00 - 06:00" ..but you only fly "03:00 to 05:00" ...just select both windows ("02:00 - 04:00" AND "04:00 - 06:00") As we get going and more pilots join, we will create a graphical guide to member times based on
  10. This is an open public topic area for members of the VG Air Force, and non-members who may want to join can see our posts and activities here. Discuss whatever you would like, plan group events using the Calendar, share important VG Air Force files or drop a screenshot from your latest flight on the VG BMS Server. Everyone can see this stuff here, so show off the fun of multiplayer Falcon BMS, and the VG Air Force!

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