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  1. Not sure who can but im requesting this be removed. Had 40 people in Barracuda std capped first flag but lost it around 13 minutes in due to the amount of enemy assets that spawn and push that flag and giving us no time to recap and so when the timer hit 15 the games tickets ran down softlocking everyone into not being able to play the full game. (You could hear the frustration from the lobby when it ended!) Even if the map is hard with 40 players we should be able to play through anything givin the right amount of time however we cant if the game does not let us.
  2. Seems this is not working for MG's played outpost and none were active or being spawned on same with a few vehicles in the first half of outpost not sure if related
  3. @=VG= Melon Muncher Could we get the server side settings back that made the AI stay on emplacements?
  4. =VG= Zeee


    Need to find all the weird ladders like the one on carentan
  5. Sorry i couldn't make it friend i woulda made all the boys join me too Had some trouble in paradise
  6. I don't remember Hill 488 crashing we played it not long ago
  7. Outpost once but with ticket change its probably not a thing
  8. For the next event if the map has quad guns like the masirah one did instead of telling us where they are on the over view you should put "Possible AA Locations" so we have to tread lightly not knowing if there is an AA or maybe an MG sitting somewhere. also yeah more sneaky MG's
  9. Anytime man sadly a good amount of our player base don't use our forum regularly but that doesnt stop me from shamelessly promoting the event ingame. @S_h_a_r_k_93 Btw when you get the time you should give our server a try we got a good community of solid players and if you do make sure to visit our Teamspeak were always chillin.
  10. My schedules fucked for the timing but im gonna be there this looks too cool to miss Who coming with
  11. The best kind The ramiel looks so cool i love the idea of restricting movement its gonna make for some real fun moments
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