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  1. I'd advise against doing it on full server. Some helis don't like to go upside down and will just crash. Rolling is definitely easier and wastes less time Lynx works good for backflips, huey is easiest to pull most stunts in. Chinook is surprisingly agile. Gain height, Do a dive and gain speed. Start pulling up halfway to ground and continue until flip is reached, Returning to level flight takes more time than going upside down and will drop more altitude, so make sure you have enough height to clear ground. Keyboard bind for the pull back works good so you get the most out of it
  2. I'm probably going to buff accuracy a bit. Smg especially never hits.
  3. definitely not intended. Smoke is good for reviving under fire and tactical, I die all the time, I could never hate it
  4. Unfortunately not, all bots get set to the same difficulty with changes based on their weapons. Sniper for example is very accurate and gets headshots often. SMG bot is shit at anything over 30m
  5. Yes, all weapons rearm. This way the bots don't run out. they take between 30-60 seconds to get another rocket. Bots are too dumb to rearm on a crate or a rifleman.
  6. Just too hard to reach the flag with bots attacking or to cap the flag? Should be okay now Give it a shot now. Bots also don't shoot so far Bots will stop spawning when you start capping now. Bots also don't shoot so far same as above not fixed atm Try it again, shouldn't be able to shoot into main anymore not fixing lol should suppress less from distance ??? not really able to do anything. Do you hold V arrow to drop ramp? Should be somewhat easier, shit map though Infantry layer? Try it again shit map. not much can be done Same as charlies. Bots also don't shoot so far
  7. So with AI changes slowing down I'm turning my attention to the hated maps of PR, the despised, the forests. I'm looking to improve these mapsplayability by improving the specific issues that cause us to alt+f4 midway through the round, or things that cause everyone to get annoyed fighting over a single flag for 20+ minutes. To do this, I need help from you, the playerbase to help compose this list of dramas. I need 3 things, map name & layer, flag name or location and the issue. Example, Fools road LRG, east valley and ridgeline. Spam fighting in forest. Lashkar Valley STD, North Objective, impossible to cap without APC spamming from hill.\ I know forest maps suck because bots can see through trees, but it is being worked on with variable view distances and other things
  8. Quad guns were not changed, just your imagination that they are better lol. LATS with single shot haven't fired at helis in a while, but I've changed it again. Only ins RPGs will target a chopper and their accuracy and range got nerfed more. Nerfed shotguns, iron sights and reflex sights accuracy. Slight buff to lmg, slight. Please remember bots are a little bit more realistic. They will hear your tank/apc and prep accordingly.
  9. Great feedback, thanks everyone. I've done some changes today based on feedback, will leave as is for about a week so everyone can get a feel for it. Keep up with feed back as it comes to you. Main changes are; Bots are more open to suppressing an area with an machine gun now. Will definitely suppress you when they have a good angle. Snipers are a bit more likely to shoot when they don't have a perfect shot. Bots should hopefully stay on target a bit longer, rather than forgetting about you as soo as you duck in cover. SMG bots spray and pray more than the john wick shit they were doing with scorpions before, expect a full mag dump in close quarters
  10. Please answer poll and provide feedback if any. Thanks xx
  11. I took out the difficult maps from the list so the server doesn't die on them when there is no admin so when a map is played that isn't in the list it will default to first map after which is usually jabal, muttrah or kashan I removed vadso from start rotation
  12. I've run the numbers from October 1st to December 31st to see how many times each map is played Alphabetical Adak 30 Al basrah 53 Asad 21 Grozny 42 Mestia 6 Bamyan 71 Ia Drang 16 Beirut 52 Bijar 63 Black gold 73 Brecourt 10 Burning Sands 65 Carentan 34 Charlies Point 12 Dovre 8 Dovre Winter 18 Dragon Fly 11 Fallujah 52 Fools Road 20 Gaza 23 Goose Green 16 Hades Peak 22 Hill 488 3 Iron Ridge 13 Jabal 149 Kafr Halab 60 Karbala 26 Kashan 161 Khamisiyah 92 Kokan 66 Korengal 14 Kozelsk 21 Lashkar 26 Masirah 28 Merville 10 Musa Qala 21 Muttrah 185 Nuijamaa 8 Omaha Beach 20 Op Barracuda 35 Op Bobcat 30 Op Falcon 18 Op Ghost Train 6 Op Marlin 40 Op Soul Rebel 14 Op Thunder 19 Outpost 22 Pavlovsk Bay 113 Qwai River 37 Ramiel 90 Reichswald 9 Route E-106 13 Saaremaa 23 Sahel 19 Sbeneh Outskirts 49 Shahadah 50 Shijia 18 Silent Eagle 33 Tad Sae 9 The Falklands 6 Ulyanovsk 10 Vadso City 53 Wanda Shan 15 Xiangshan 15 Yamalia 26 By number Muttrah 185 Kashan 161 Jabal 149 Pavlovsk Bay 113 Khamisiyah 92 Ramiel 90 Black gold 73 Bamyan 71 Kokan 66 Burning Sands 65 Bijar 63 Kafr Halab 60 Albasrah 53 Vadso City 53 Beirut 52 Fallujah 52 Shahadah 50 Sbeneh Outskirts 49 Grozny 42 Op Marlin 40 Qwai River 37 Op Barracuda 35 Carentan 34 Silent Eagle 33 Adak 30 Op Bobcat 30 Masirah 28 Karbala 26 Lashkar 26 Yamalia 26 Gaza 23 Saaremaa 23 Hades Peak 22 Outpost 22 Asad 21 Kozelsk 21 Musa Qala 21 Fools Road 20 Omaha Beach 20 Op Thunder 19 Sahel 19 Dovre Winter 18 Op Falcon 18 Shijia 18 Ia Drang 16 Goose Green 16 Wanda Shan 15 Xiangshan 15 Korengal 14 Op Soul Rebel 14 Iron Ridge 13 Route E-106 13 Charlies Point 12 Dragon Fly 11 Brecourt 10 Merville 10 Ulyanovsk 10 Reichswald 9 Tad Sae 9 Nuijamaa 8 Dovre 8 Mestia 6 The Falklands 6 Op Ghost Train 6 Hill 488 3 Some cools stats Top three maps are Muttrah (185), Kashan (161) and Jabal (149). This tells us that the admins have no taste Total Map count is 2399, the average of all the maps is 36.9 plays per map This puts 44 of 65 (or 68%) of maps below the average. The top 3 maps account for 20% of all plays. Almost one in every three games consists of one of the top six maps (32.9%) Muttrah City has been played more times than the bottom 18 maps combined. Lowest map is obviously Hill 488, with only 3 plays over 3 months. It's a shit map though so don't care. Beirut seems to have the most well rounded stats, with 10, 11,12 and 19 for inf, alt, std and lrg layers Ia Drang alt (night, infantry, forest map, and arguably the worst map in game for playing vs bots) has been played 7 times. This is more times than many other, much less cancerous maps like barracuda infanty (5), black gold infantry (4) or even Op Ghost Train (6) Yamalia. Despite crashing every time it has been played 26 times and it beats out more than half the list. Al Basrah infantry only had one play through in three months.
  13. I heard zeee was going to learn how to fix these things
  14. Worst comes to worst we just remove bleed server side
  15. Hey guys, quick poll on what sort of events you'd like to see next as well as thoughts from the last one I'd like to put some more time into the next one, last one was a bit rushed (I couldn't even get the timezone right) If anyone wants to add further feedback it's always good Also, if anyone in the community wants to organise an event I'm happy to help out where I can.
  16. Download added and OP updated. Due to time constraints there's going to be some minor things missing. There are no loading overviews. The littlebird has an ammo crate but no ammo counter
  17. Probably going to be done and uploaded a few hours before event. Will only be small 40 to 50mb download
  18. Dates is set. Sorry Aussie bros. Saturday the 6th 1500 UTC Al basrah was giving me issues, so has been removed. I'll have a 4th map, Gaza posted up soon.
  19. Saturday, 6th November. 1500 UTC Download here extract into to PR/LEVELS folder. Do not overwrite any files. Ask on TS or discord if unsure Hey guys, been a while since we had one so let's do it. There's not really a story behind the event other than it's main focus being some good old infantry fun. Each level will be run with 48 bots and 32 humans, there are no signups for squads but if somebody wants to organize themselves that's cool. There will be some maps to download and install soon. The event rules are as follows: Squad size is limited to 5 men (unless there is an odd man out in need of a squad); these are CQB maps with lots of objectives and are intended to be played in small squads. Pilots need to cycle between rounds, no one person piloting on every map, share the love. Other usual PR rules apply Death will not cause ticket bleed. losing will be caused by vehicle loss or bleed. Vehicles cost 20 tickets KITS All maps will be USA vs Insurgents There are no kit requests, select the kits wisely before spawning Because I don't want to put most of my time into making the game look pretty and missing important things the loadouts will be put here. In game they will look like normal PR kits until you spawn. Officer: Knife, Pistol, M4 eotech, Grenades, radio, smoke, med-patch Officer alt: Knife, Pistol, MP5, Grenades, radio, smoke, med-patch Grenadier: Knife, pistol, M4 UGL, med-patch Grenadier alt: Knife, pistol, MP5, M79, med-patch Rifleman: Knife, pistol, m4aimpoint, Grenades, ammo, med-patch Rifleman: Knife, pistol, MP5, Grenades, ammo, med-patch Support: Knife, m249, med-patch Support alt: Knife, HK417 marksman, med-patch Specialist: Knife, M4 eotech, mossberg590, c4, med-patch Specialist alt: Knife, mp5, mossberg590, c4, med-patch Medic: Knife, m4eotech, smoke, epipen, medkit, med-patch Medic alt: Knife, MP5, smoke, epipen, medkit, med-patch AT: Knife, psitol, M4 eotech, Grenades, m72, med-patch AT alt: Knife, pistol, MP5, Grenades, m72, med-patch MAPS Khamisiyah A raid on a chemical Facility has turned up empty, secure the nearby weapon bunkers and don't let the chemical plant fall into enemy hands 2x UH60 Ramiel In retaliation for seizing chemical plant a warlord has managed to bring down the two blackhawks. 6 survivors are able to spawn on each of the downed UH60's and hold the points while reinforcements prepare and arrive for the extraction. Neither UH60 (PURPLE) can fall. A small motorized convoy must make their way to each UH60 following the designated route (Yellow) and securing key points (Orange) on the way. Only vehicles can capture the Orange and extraction points Capture the airbase after the securing the extraction to evacuate. 2x MH6 littlebird transports (can fly through OOB) 3x 50cal humvees 1x repair humvee Masirah After tracking the warlord down to his fortified city it's time to take him out Assualt the Anti Air Emplacements (RED) Then move secure the four most likely hideouts (YELLOW) 4x MH6 Little bird 2x RHIB Gaza The starter map. defend the safe house and secure the perimeter flags. Ammo is only available at the safe house and by riflemen.
  20. Please send future bug reports here https://www.realitymod.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=26
  21. Sorry, it's not going to happen. It's way too much work for something most people get over after a few hours. You get a bunch of new maps with alternate factions this update and the plan is to add some more to give people a bit more freedom. At this stage most maps are designed with a stronger opposition to get coop a challenge, otherwise they are a ssteamroll
  22. Known issues Bamyan lrg enemy bleeds quick and round ends quickly Khamisiyah lrg, crashes, issue unknown Op Bobcat, medikits are deployment style.
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