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  1. Hello everyone. As a non mic player I respect all your rules or comments. I completely understand that because, using mic is easier, faster and point of this game but its still COOP (I cant play DEPLOYMENT at all). So I respect it, even when you kick me from squad, sometimes I am asking if I can stay. If name of squad is MIC INF i just dont join it even i know SL is good or squad is full of good players which know what to do. I dont have problem join NO MIC INF squads but when i see SL is not leading squads or squadmates doing shit I just leave. But problem is not in mic, I just leave eve
  2. Hi! I need help with mumble. Even i dont have mic many servers wants from players join on mumble. So i tried it but i dont know if its working. How i can try it? If im connected or something. Thanks for advices.
  3. When i want test new map i need password, right? So can me someone send me pm please?
  4. Woohoo i can't wait for this anymore i want it now, i want it all :D
  5. Again, many thanks people and i know about ebay's cheap mics but im good in speed writting XD so maybe in future ill buy it....maybe.
  6. Eclipse002 LAN_WROTE ... Hola que pasa amigo...muy bien? hehehehehehe bueno bueno amigo !smoke [WCC LAN_WROTE ... sparky] HOMBRE'S IN THE HOUSE! sparkyyyyyyyyyyy Ingo LAN_WROTE ... about damn time mate. now all you got to do is get a mic and join us on TS :P you know mate...there are 2 types of ppl which cant have mic ... 10 years old child and me !trin
  7. This is true story... i survived it !huh
  8. ..just one thing what can i write here.. I LOVE YOU ALL ... so im glad i can play with you guys... see you in PR.
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