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  1. I'm down for an event! We'll get the server up and running on the new dedi. Please propose a date.
  2. If you can settle on a modpack, I'd be happy to create a server.
  3. Happy Birthday Rainbow GIF by Justin

    1. =VG= Fastjack

      =VG= Fastjack

      Happy Birthday and nice to see you're back.

  4. Updated, sorry for the delay. Please let me know if it is working alright.
  5. I'll set up another server on the weekend if I have time.
  6. Cubtheman LAN_WROTE ... Not Buying squad if they take out the Huey or if they added Physics to the Huey. (I want to do my Rolls and fly upside down ) Great input, thanks. /s
  7. Just make sure it can deliver 30A on the 12V rail. If you don't know how to check just post the model name. It should be super overkill though.
  8. Just returned my 970 for a 980. The 970 is still the best bang for buck card on the market for gaming at 1080p but the performance hit is pretty noticeable at higher resolutions once you breach 3.5 GB VRAM usage. It will still perform really well if you drop your texture quality but it doesn't scale as well as the 980 due to its architectural mutilation.
  9. Really? A bottleneck will be present in any system where nodes have different data throughput and other differing properties. And just because Intel can't make current transistors switch faster doesn't mean they can't make faster processors. Intel's architectural iterations are still showing a rise in instructions per cycle through the use of clever pipelining and other architecture improvements. Sure we may be straying away from Moore's Law and are reaching the physical limits of silicon based semiconductors but we can still make faster processors.
  10. WhiteWolf LAN_WROTE ... "bottleneck" ... that word is withering away, Lolz soon "bottleneck" will never be a thing, Most places (INTEL) shot them selfs in the foot, LOLz they cant make CPUs faster just use less power ... its funny really. Wut? None of those statements are true.
  11. Please use your original account name when playing on our server. It makes it very difficult to sort out unban requests when the ban list says a player has been banned by an admin that is not on the admin list. VG members are somewhat exempt from this because I know some of you have smurf accounts (that are pretty well known by now) for various reasons. If you see a non VG admin playing with a new account please point them to this thread. Some examples from my recent trip to the ban list: Fapuccino Dongle Jumbo.Hotdog Dortfingysmips Fapoleon Tutorial_Commander If you know who these guys are, please point them to this thread.
  12. We are having problems with some of the software that keeps the PR server up at the moment so it will be down until we get it fixed. Apologies to the community for the interruption in service and I hope you stick with us until we can resolve the issue.
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