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  1. Feel free to do it. Not everyone is fan of the Project Reality forums because of stupid limitations of their forum. Also, they are only ONE CLICK away.
  2. Not possible in PR because Pilot kit lacks on RPG.
  3. When you plan a zombie event, you need few humans on the botteam. It is possible to make a map in a Resident Evil style like pushing a button on the northeast corner of the map to open a door at the southwest corner. Triggerables is the magic word but i dont know how many you can have after patch BF2 1.5 and PR Binary changes. I remember it was at least 14 Triggerables but maybe you can do more ..... After Bf2 patch 1.5 we are able to have more than 300 destructable objects in a map. Before patch 1.5 it was 18 or so. It would make fun with random objectspawners and 30+ self made soldier kits. The kits spawn randomly on a map (like ammocaches - Insurgency) and the SURVIVORS have to find them. You would also be able to todo amazing stuff with the wrench (or better the gamemmechanic of it) in such zombie mods or the grappling hook would be really usefull. Someone ever played the old Bf2 Omnicide mod?
  4. Welcome back Cyanide. @ =VG= Cyanide is one of our oldest friends back from 2010. Amazing player and one of the few good Squadleads we had. @Cyanide: What happen to your old Dr. Cyanide account on this forum?
  5. Before you aproach, mortar the shit out of them.
  6. =VG= Fastjack

    PR game

    ^^ This. I'm also not sure what you mean with delay? I know, that you see some hit registartions like dusk puffs or blood clouds but you didnt hit the hitreg. Here a small hind. BF2 Hitbox is a little bit behind the soldier model and not like in CounterStrike in front of the soldier model. So when you play deployment and shoot someone and he is close to escape by the next corner .... Continoue shooting -- you will kill.
  7. Short Story: You BAKED the details on the texture, right?
  8. If we want it harder, we can give all botfaction bolt-action ai settings.
  9. The Devs are already aware about this. zpu4_atc are supposed to be indestructible because its a child object of the ATC.
  10. Would it be good for the community relationship between =VG= and Reality Devteam? NO, they already bitching enough about =VG= and would like to see our server license removed. Would it be good for the playerbase? No, people are to lazy to download custommaps etc. Splitting us few would end in playing only with few and you dont get in touch with new people. Actually we are in charge of a PR privet testserver with many modified stuff and custommaps and if i want we would have maps with cas huey's and MK19 doorguns. Problem is its not AAS4 coop. Capture the flag is B O R I N G. Doing every round the same thing, playing every round in the smae map area, etc. Creating a new powerhorse for =VG= was never a problem.
  11. Seriously, i will smoke the same shit you smoking. One hour earlier:
  12. Carentan Coop STD need a fix that humans can spawn on this map.
  13. Mööööp, Missing info about not be able to spawn on STD 64 So the Devs wasn't aware about this?
  14. Alt layer is fixed. Its only 64 that doesn't work. So, which layer you reported? And when i read correctly has Outlawz changed the bug in the ALt layer. Could it be that they forgot STD layer or wasn't aware of the STD problem?
  15. You talking about carrentan No human spawnpoints? or something different? And about serverside fixes. Who told you that? Or is it because you cant see the changes in the CHANGELOG?
  16. Exactly that's the reason why i'm posting here. But first another important thing: You shouldn't call them lazy next time I dont know you really but i appreciate your Adak work but you should listen a bit much more to advices. Its not that someone want to belittle you, its only about preparing you a bit better before you get a dissapointing result because of model design and lack of background knowledge. Its your personal freetime so why i should watching you how you waste your time. I'm not really a genius for 3D modelling so you should really read some tutorials from Rhino. He knows how to model stuff, knowing the dimensions of statics and tris count and optimation etc. If something isn't clear, shot him a pm or make a forumpost. About your modell. Why stryker? Why not something that is really missing like a Dingo for the german faction? That's the only one faction that doesnt have an armed jeep.
  17. Than your cake has only 3 armor materials against direct impact damage. But good that we talked about it. Its up to you.
  18. Nein, listen : before you start modelling and spending many time in your project, gather some information how refractor handles vehicles and damage. You have 2 different type of damagesources. Direct Hit Damage and Explosion damage. To calculate explosion damage (splashdamage/Radialdamage) for vehicles, refractor engine use the default material of the vehicle and not front-,rear or sidearmor materials. When calculating Direct Impact damage, Refractor use the Front-, side-, or rear armor material against the damaging material. If your model has everywhere the same material, it wouldn't matter if your TOW missile hits front or rear or sidearmor. Always same damage.
  19. Is this stryker body made as one piece? So no different materials for side armor and front / rear armor?
  20. Its about the quadgun itself System. The objectspawner spawning weapons and not enterable pco's. Mats391 explained me this: The zpu4_atc are weapons (childs = a part of the mainpart) that got added to the AirControlTower that actually has a pco. You can see it only on OSR and another map i dont remember. It works like this: You place the ATC on the map and add additional weapons to it based on map location by manipulating extremly the coordinates of the weapon childs. The main part is the enterable ATC building and you can switch between the child weapons = atc zpu's. These zpu4_atc are remote controlled by one operator in the ATC but arent enterable like the standard static defense quadguns we know. You could compare it that vthe spawner spawnig a tank turret but not the chassis.
  21. There are really 3 undestructible quadguns in the GPO. Only one of them is destroyable. The other ones are _atc versions and those are designed to defend mainbases or carriers. Good luck on Khami till sunday pilots. About Binaries error. R-Dev Mats391 said we can ignore this. Its DEBUG. Edit: The quadguns shouldn't be a threat. Its missing its main pco or can someone report different?
  22. You mean the incident where Mineral called you by your realname? @Binary Gib mir bitte eine passende Antword und ich werde den Devs diese dann mal vor den Füßen werfen und mal fragen was die sich anmassen den ich habe mir heute diese Frage anhören müssen.
  23. You will laugh, i had the same problems as i signed up. I bypassed this by pm'ing a Dev if he could give the requirements because i told him why they forcing me to make stupid posts only to post a good one.
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