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  1. As I am currently maintaining coop please report all the In-game bugs as detailed as possible (screenshots and layer). From spawnpoints that cause deadspawn to no endround bleeding flags, the more the better. As for coop ww2. Due to unresolved issues I was not able to upload these, I hope the issues can be resolved soon so that the maps can be added to an official update. for now you have to enjoy the nearly 50 fixed layers and new layers such as jabal 128 ( enjoy finding the forklift) Known fixed issues Koz alt bmp1 respawn times (pushed for next update) Saareema (ru-carrier broken) Beirut (ru carrier broken) Vadso (carrier broken)
  2. You probably used one or more accounts on both computers. An example: Computer A accounts: alpha, bravo Computer B accounts: bravo, charlie even if you now go online with accounts Alpha and Charlie the master server saw a shared account named bravo. This causes your accounts to be marked and this prevents you from playing together. Please contact R-DEV Mats (on realitymod.com) and he will remove the mark. please include your Hash (CD key), Accountnames (both accounts used) and IP in the message (to mats) to speed up the process Please remove your account from the other PC as this would cause you to be marked again.
  3. As I got tagged I guess I write a reply. According to the bug report ticket of PR (Redmine) the issue involves air units (cas/trans) exiting the map on the south side within coop gamemode. As this bug persists only on a very few coop servers the issue is not further investigated until after 1.6 while it may appear to nearly always crashes on VG one does have to take into account it is the most populated server and such can have a higher crash ratio than other servers, this as more tasks are been ran at the same time due to more pop.
  4. Well i played it quite a bit with tedf and once you figure out you can just use the wrench to get metal , fuel and basically all high value stuff its kinda a GG concept. We came to a point where simply building your base underground is the best option as you only need to cover the roof with concrete and they can wack at that the entire day. You also come to a pain where raiding/looting buildings is not really usefull as the yield is low. This adding to the fact an area has to be inactive for several (realtime) days for the loot to respawn. This made it that you HAD to use a minibike to get anywhere with new loot. As we expanded the map the LAG became horrendous. While i can understand its kinda a PVP game playing it coop style hugely lacks the getting shot at. I would have personally liked to see some AI patrolling the area that have a good skill and decent loot on them to seek some fighting confrontation. I used to play Dayz origins (arma 2 dayz with mods) cus it had this feature with patrolling AI that kept the game interesting. however the devs of this mod where .... (force pay for servers) and bohemia punished them as they deserved Ill see maybe i install the game again and join in.
  5. Desktop client has those settings dunno about wubsite
  6. Discord has some good feathers for settings
  7. Seems u like memes Anyway hi
  8. Thank you for your appeal please wait while the banning admin respond.
  9. After poking around and getting some useful console feedback the issue is resolved. (Some list was corrupted) The opfor event server can be started on request (PM me or ask on TS and I’ll boot it up if I can) Optional one can request some tiny settings changes; currently the following settings are setup: No humans in 1 man assets (blocked like jets) Fobs require digging 48 bots (max)
  10. I have backups of the custom python files but not all the opfor maps. I mainly modify the maps on the flight as we are picking the next map to play. Because I can convert a map layer to opfor in 5 min I never bothered keeping an reasonable backup. - for convention I remove all neutral flags and give them to bots - I change the flag importance making it that human main is most important, this to get the bots to spawn on the frontlines - I increase the cap times on the first flag to 2 min to allow more time for bots to setup - optional delay all human heavy assets by 5 min - outdated optional: remove all 1 man assets by adding 4 hour spawn delay. (All _sp (oneman) assets are not blocked by default like bot choppers and jets are) All above are done in 3 min ish+2 min actually grabbing the files) (All maps would be 114 maps * 3 layers = 6 hours work so I rather do it while I need them xD) Note that huge limitations are into affect when making these adjustments
  11. Don’t tell me you resetted it as I had nearly all maps converted for opfor
  12. @Jersans As I mentioned on TS running these events are a problem due to the personal reasons I mentioned to you. Unless these issues get resolved I see no reason investing time creating events and rather spend it on playing destiny 2or maybe the current broken maps. I have already invested more then 200 hours in bug fixing coop for the next PR update and this excludes any new map. NO I DO NOT KNOW WHEN THE NEW UPDATE COMES. However I have no issue running the occasional Opfor events however the Event server seems to be reluctant to start due to unknown reasons and I would have to figure out why. This means that again i would have to spend few hours figuring out why something isn't working while people ask me to come and play PR or destiny2.
  13. Double_13


    Some of the bms fokes also seem to hang around on the VG discord maybe it is also interessting to look their for people. Anyway nice to see you
  14. i love the part he says he worked at the gunstore
  15. You can nearly force a crash by map order. As mentioned before the game somehow does not like the fact when you switch between the USMC and the US army faction. As always this is not a 100% crash result but you are boosting it to nearly 70% crash chance. Try running muttrah and then fallujah and you shall see it mostly crashes. Muttrah runs USMC and MEC while fallujah runs US Army and INS. Based on a crashlog that I kept back in 2017 I found out that if you do any of below it has a significantly higher crash chance. USA-USMC 85% RU-Militia 40% MEC- any other Arabic speaking faction 60% Ger-NLD (causes kitless player) militia - NVA (causes kitless player) Faction swapping sides (bluefor to opfor and backwards) Russia Blue - Russia OPFOR 70% (used to be beirut and than any map we fight russia) additionally I researched the impact of speed(time) and terrain detail (number of objects on map) When we played Vadso (lots of objects) and then yamalia (also lots of objects) it tended to crash more but mainly during mid game if we played fast thought vadso. If vadso would take long it crashed on loading yamalia. however when I would run a lesser terrain map as boring sands it crashed less. With these results I did a few tests and I was repeatedly capable of keeping the server running for more then 16 hours without crashing (back then we had no south side crash). Maybe it is worth for people/admins to keep the factions in mind (think in therms of audio they speak in) if it potentially violate any of the rules written above and see if it results in lesser crashes. If it reduces the number of crashes it is not a bad thing. (Says the person who likes lowpop)
  16. I agree with spartanish on putting the difficulty too high resulting in unplayable situations. While I agree with it needs to be tweaked a bit 97/96 it would make it better for some maps. However I keep to the point that the player number is a larger issue. We cannot put more then 48 bots on opfor (reason below) but we can put 120+ on bluefor. However we run 40 and more important 40 vs 40. Any player noob or not is better than a bot so in therms of balance it is unfair, however we as =VG= balance this out by increasing the bot difficulty up and up to the point the bot overcomes the player. However this results in an always hit percentage that ruins the game in the way you peak you dead only way surviving is camp them. I would like to suggest again to drop the human limit to 32 and bots to 48 to give them a manpower advantage rather than a quick scope advantage. This should also result in more teamwork as you have a lesser manpower pool but still the same objective this should keep the fun in. Further we should start to kick people who deliberately camp / block the bots from moving out the main or flags without contributing. And yes this is will be a question when are you camping/ breaking the game. But to pose some situations we have now. And note that I keep cas out as some maps you can’t claim cas killing shit out main or else they die. Khami all tanks camp chemical rather then pushing in and help the cap, this only as they to scared getting shot and having to miss the next camp wave and speeding up cap to break the current camp. silent eagle. All assets rush past the first 3 neutral flags and await the armour wave, as result they skipping flags and could help transporting people from A to B. Bamyan. Tanks sit on the hill picking off targets and actually shooting in main to gain kills. This as if they move in they have a chance to get damaged and RTB for 10 min. Muttrah tow on the pier aiming on the ramp leaving out main I can name a dozen more maps but all these maps are either really easy or really hard simply because of the campers. Easy as nothing to kill or hard simply half the team (12 people) been on the hill rather than in cap. Ofcourse one can debate where if having this “nothing to do between flags “ is a design flaw or not. but the fact is we cannot (we actually can written in hidden) fix this and it will only fix it for some maps The game has a hard coded limit for the opfor team of 48 bots while I found the code (decompiled DLL code) that technically should remove this limit it is still the question if it will be as the developers I asked are reluctant to remove the hard coded limit.
  17. Aa the good old days where I played Gravepackers 24/7 INF only road to jalalalalalalalalabad with by bud OSS Riot And don’t forget 24/7 sharqi peninsula. The number of people I redlined out my chopper (fly the gunner but not pilot in dod to get the hoggers out) good old days (This was BF2) i never liked the free2play somehow
  18. if not mistaken the revivetime is 2 min meaning that once you killed a bot it takes2 min plus 10 sec respawn penalty to get back in the field. Also the pro players sit on all the camping spots to stack kills. Less humans (max 30) and more bots (48) would balance it a bit more. The test server runs with 40 sec respawn if I am correct and this gives a bit more wave affect. i personally like low populated moments as is the only moment people work together. (So crash= good xD) While I might have overplayed and analysed the game it is not hard to tell you the impact 2/3 good players have on the game. I have modded nearly 100 layers of maps for the next big update (dunno when) in the hope of fixes some fundamental problems. However I cannot do anything against people who camp or exploit the game unless I make every map like Shahadah. while difficulty and player numbers are just one side of the coin I think it is also up to the pros to think of how they are “breaking” the game with their tactics/ gameplay If you guys want to have impossible fights just poke me and I’ll launch the test server (opfor or bluefor) with an army of noscoping and noobtubing bots. And no oneman assets xD I am currently taking a break from PR to mass murder some aliens in Destiny 2
  19. About the legal work Technically it shouldn’t be an issue as they do the same as project reality. Aslong they do not sell it or make it a payed feature (and/or remove branding claim it’s theirs ect ect) they do not break any rules They only make a editor for the frostbite engine and that technically not an infraction as it can be seen as a program for anything that happens to be used for that. But will see.
  20. You probably mean this https://veniceunleashed.net/ and no it is not made by the PR crew
  21. To be fair yes jersans in theory this works perfectly but in reality it doesn’t always work as the admins might not see the report flashing by or are busy (flying or under fire). With all the rules should be flexible. If someone steals your HAT shoots the tank and then gives it back fine. But it is more and more that people just take the kit and run off. And then what? Your kit got stolen you gotta find the dudes name (we all know aiming at a dude long enough can show the name but rarely happens) you open the squad menu trying to find him and then you can’t find him cus he’s unassigned and GG you spend 2 min to report someone that the admins mostly won’t act against cus no proof. Shoot the guy to get him shouting cease fire is a much quicker way. With all we need to be flexible with the rules, I understand that teamkilling is not allowed but sometimes it is the only way to keep the game going.
  22. I have a huge suspicion that someone is deliberately teamkilling volod and or stealing his kits. I and others noticed that when he gets Tked 2/10 times the player leaves. And if this happens it is like 8 times in 1 night. I have yet been able to confirm this. Pending the original question. Kitstealing is simply the same as stealing an asset and should be kickable. Personally I see no issue when a person teamkills a person who is deliberately stealing a kit as it is impossible for an admin to keep track of this and kinda bullshit to wait to even see if they respond.
  23. Seems a bit much for me and these games are not really that good. Rollercoaster tycoon 2 was best but to pay 9.99 Euro for it per month
  24. Back Again First off these are still maps that are work in progress. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hpejfcialb5t1zi/Mappack 2.zip?dl=0 to install simply drag the files in your level folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Project Reality\Project Reality BF2\mods\pr\levels it should display D13_xxx For those who joined previous tests you might have to overwrite the previous version The server password is salt The event starts at 17:00 PRT (Note All posts below will be removed if new test pops up)
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